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Example sentences for "foaled"

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  1. If the best nag ever foaled were to throw me in this unlucky spot, I'd blow his brains out.

  2. Since he was foaled no hand has touched him except mine; no other has ridden him, groomed him, fed him.

  3. From that month of April when he was foaled he has been a trial and a burden; yes, if even a cloud blows over the moon he comes to my window and calls me.

  4. There was never a colt foaled in the valley which Abraham had not been able to call away from its mother; he can read the souls of them all with a touch of his withered hands.

  5. The worst in my household is Tabari, the daughter of Numan, and she was foaled lame in the left foreleg.

  6. One of the mares is reported to have foaled a fine filly.

  7. Among the rest of these prodigies, an account was received from Reate, that a three-footed mule had been foaled there.

  8. And he is set to carts, chariots, and cars, and to travel and bearing of horsemen in chivalry: and so the silly horse colt is foaled to divers hap of fortune.

  9. In his forehead when he is foaled is found Iconemor, a black skin of the quantity of a sedge, that hight also Amor's Veneficium; and the mother licketh it off with her tongue, and taketh it away and hideth it or eateth it.

  10. Which I reckons I was foaled with a copper on me,' says this Rainbow Sam to Enright one day.

  11. Horse of wood, foaled of an acorn," a form of punishment.

  12. And in the beginning of the night, the mare foaled a large and beautiful colt.

  13. I might venture to guess," said Dacre, as they cantered across the bailey toward the gate, "that that black of yours was never foaled in England.

  14. But no horse nor pair of horses ever foaled could go the length of England at a gallop, and there were none worth the having to be obtained along the way: the army had swept the country clean of them as it marched Southward.

  15. Whatever he did must be done quickly--no horse ever foaled could carry its rider down that declivity at such a speed.

  16. My steed is black as a night without moon or stars; He was foaled in vast solitudes; He is an air-drinker, son of an air-drinker.

  17. The foal which eats the oats is that which was foaled in the morning; the foal which eats the wheat is that which was foaled at noon; and the foal which eats the barley is that which was foaled at night.

  18. You must bring here the mare of Juan Sedeno which foaled on board a short time ago, and fasten her here where I am now standing.

  19. Juan Sedeno, of the Havannah, had a fine chesnut mare, which foaled on board.

  20. Another of Haj Ibrahim's camels foaled to-day.

  21. One of these foaled a little before we left Ghat, and he carried the young camel the half of a day's journey on his back.

  22. He is believed to have been foaled in Barbary about 1724, and to have been imported during the reign of George II.

  23. There is not the least doubt that many of the animals named in the Stud-Book were foaled much earlier than the above dates, but we have no particulars as to time; and after all it is not of much consequence.

  24. Among the leading families came to be the Hambletonian, of which the modern head was Rysdyk's Hambletonian, a bay horse foaled in 1849, got by Abdallah (traced to imp.

  25. A horse called Bully Rock by the Darley Arabian out of a mare by the Byerly Turk, granddam by the Lister Turk, great-granddam a royal mare, foaled 1718, is the first recorded importation of a thoroughbred horse into America.

  26. He was foaled in 1805, in Virginia, and became celebrated as a sire.

  27. Mares are never broken, but run wild on the range from the time they are foaled until they are driven to the saldero at the age of twelve or fifteen years.

  28. Singularly enough, every animal placed on the island since that fire has died of a mysterious disease, and no colt has been foaled there for one hundred and fifty years.

  29. The animals were perhaps foaled in the same stable, of the same progenitors.

  30. He was foaled on this range, and he's never been ridden anywhere else, has he?

  31. When the mare has foaled witnesses are again called, and another attestation is drawn up, which contains a description of the foal, with the day of its birth.

  32. Well she may, Charles," the merchant replied, "for she was foaled the same day I was born.

  33. The next horse that he rode upon, He as the milk was white; Fair fall the mare that foaled that foal Took him to Janet's sight!

  34. The next steed that he rode on, He was as milk so white; Fair fall the mare that foaled the foal Took him to Janet's lyke!

  35. I have four an twenty milk-white steeds, All foaled in one year; You'll have them, and as much red gold As all their backs can bear.

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