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Example sentences for "foreshortened"

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  1. For both alike, the true history of the Babylonian Empire has been overclouded and foreshortened by the lapse of time.

  2. Footnote 18: Leonardo here says nothing as to how the image foreshortened by perspective and thus produced on the vertical plane is to be transferred to the wall; but from what is said in Nos.

  3. Let us say then, that the square a b c d figured above is foreshortened being seen by the eye situated in the centre of the side which is in front.

  4. The upper part is the extreme [top] of this ramification and the middle portion is more foreshortened than any other of those which are turned with their tips towards you.

  5. His figures are not cast in the supernatural mould of those of Michael Angelo at the Sistine, they are not shaped in his sculptural way, or foreshortened in his preternatural manner.

  6. The drawing of the tiger's whiskers--always difficult things to manage--is admirable in its rendering of foreshortened curves.

  7. He has a withered arm which dangles abortively, foreshortened out of its proper length.

  8. He saw all these foreshortened ships rolling considerably and fighting their guns over a sea of huge low waves and under the cold, explicit light of dawn.

  9. He saw little men on the deck of the Theodore Roosevelt below, men foreshortened in plan into mere heads and feet, running out preparing to shoot at the others.

  10. St. Sixtus is seen on the right in profile, his head is raised towards the Infant Jesus, his left hand is placed devoutly on his breast while his right is foreshortened and points towards the spectator.

  11. The horse of the Marquis, represented almost foreshortened from the rear and with its head turned, is a skilful invention to tone down military symmetry, so unfavourable to painting.

  12. At about 1000 feet above Punkabaree, the vegetation is very rich, and appears all the more so from the many turnings of the road, affording glorious prospects of the foreshortened tropical forests.

  13. It discovered also one of the oil panels let into the moldings of the roof, a goddess in lemon and lilac draperies, foreshortened over a great green peacock.

  14. Where had I seen that goddess in lilac and lemon draperies foreshortened over a big, green peacock?

  15. Her face, foreshortened by her downward regard, seemed infantile.

  16. The happenings of the last few months, foreshortened in perspective, seemed to have almost a pantomimic rapidity.

  17. Not even in the most violently shaded Flemish glass would it be easy to find a figure more successfully foreshortened than the kneeling money-changer, scooping up his money into a bag.

  18. Life of the Virgin there is a most aggressively foreshortened figure, which may have been effective in the cartoon, but is absurd in the glass.

  19. The figures usually stand upon a chequered mosaic pavement in black and white, or white and stain, not very convincingly foreshortened (page 185).

  20. The standing position is also much better suited to the foreshortened view which one necessarily gets of clerestory windows.

  21. Foreshortened foundations are then withdrawn; each component part of the whole vast structure takes its proper place and is seen to fulfil its own function.

  22. He does not mistake foreshortened ridges for needle-pointed peaks.

  23. If you raise your eyes up the slope, you see it in its least impressive form, foreshortened into a mere belt.

  24. The protean shape, seen in profile and foreshortened from the north or south, appears a block bristling with "Pins" and points, horns and beaks.

  25. The foreshortened view, from the south as well as the north, shows a compact prism-formed mass which has been compared with an iceberg.

  26. In vain did our artist assure us that a foreshortened position would defy every attempt at ease, energy, or elegance; we felt bound to insist on sacrificing the effect of the picture to its utility as an illustration.

  27. All this difficulty of sight applies only to the batsman; to him the ball is advancing and foreshortened in proportion as it is straight.

  28. The figures being foreshortened as seen by the bowler, the artist unwillingly sacrifices effect to show the correct position of the feet.

  29. She laid her head back on Jane's knee, so that Jane saw her face foreshortened and, as it were, distorted.

  30. It was a sombre face, broadened and foreshortened by the heavy, leaning brows.

  31. The fugitive changed its course from north to north-easterly about this time, and the swelling clouds of vapour left behind presently cut off its foreshortened length entirely from my view.

  32. Ivo of Brittany, representing him within a niche, in order that the feet might appear foreshortened to the eye below; which device, not having been used so well by others, acquired for him no small praise.

  33. In both cases the facts are automatically foreshortened and made to cluster, as it were providentially, about a chosen interest.

  34. Between the estuary of the Ribble and the south-eastern boundary of Lancaster Bay is the fertile Fylde district, the conformation of which is, roughly speaking, that of a foreshortened peninsula.

  35. Since no artist had been able to draw a foreshortened foot, it had been the fashion in art to paint people standing upon their tiptoes, to make it possible for an artist to paint the foot.

  36. Critics spoke specially of the tiger's whiskers as "admirable in the rendering of foreshortened curves.

  37. They stood on the outside steps of the vast edifice beetling like a granite crag above them, with the stone groups of an allegory of life-insurance foreshortened in the bas-relief overhead.

  38. The arrows represent a number of approximately parallel meteor-streaks foreshortened from a common vanishing-point.

  39. For up to that time it had been supposed that such grouping in occasional pairs or triplets was chance coincidence, the two being optically foreshortened together, but having no real connection or proximity.

  40. When we look at Mercury we see nothing of the non-illuminated side, and the crescent is due to the foreshortened view which we obtain of the illuminated part.

  41. Sometimes a meteor appeared to come almost directly towards us, and then its path was so foreshortened that it had hardly any appreciable length, and looked like an ordinary fixed star swelling into brilliancy and then as rapidly vanishing.

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