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Example sentences for "foundered"

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foundations; founde; founded; founden; founder; founderies; foundering; founders; foundery; foundest
  1. And that was all; He just keeled over and foundered there.

  2. On December 30 the Monitor foundered in a gale off Hatteras.

  3. He weren't no horse-doctor, but he could fix up a foundered horse in a night as good as new.

  4. It could be seen from her signals that the ship was living throughout the night, but at dawn she foundered before the Sally's boats could be put in the water; one of them was ground to pieces on the falls.

  5. The crew mutinied, and took possession of one of the ships, and the other probably foundered at sea, for it was never again heard from.

  6. Seven years ago, the vessel in which he was sailing from Darien to Hispaniola foundered in a gale.

  7. The man looked dumb-foundered but Nancy found her tongue.

  8. The ship had foundered quite near to the other side of the island, and including a little excursion to see if the first boat were still above water, he expected to be back very shortly.

  9. She foundered on her homeward voyage, and went down into the great waters, whilst Ida slept through the stormy night, with the Captain's letter beneath her pillow.

  10. The night was the blackest you can imagine; from the moment the ship foundered I saw nothing either of the boat's crew or of the men who had been left with me.

  11. The heart throbs wildly, then stops dead like a foundered horse.

  12. The most stupendous courage and endurance foundered then in a despair for which there seemed henceforth to be no possible alleviation.

  13. This, My Lord, was my unhappiness in my late expedition in the Roebuck, which foundered through perfect age near the island of Ascension.

  14. A craft of sorts has foundered right on top of us, sir," continued the chief officer.

  15. The bottom of the sea here is strewn with the remains of the French and Spanish vessels that were either sunk in action or foundered in the storm that arose after the fight was over.

  16. There had been disastrous storms at sea, and it was known that four vessels had foundered in the roads.

  17. The schooner “Starling” had foundered in the fair way of the harbour between the piers, and thus blocked the navigation.

  18. The “Everette” had foundered at her anchors in the Roads.

  19. Because that continent foundered so long ago that it is doubtful if any evidence would have withstood the ravages of time," Professor Stevens explained, "whereas Antillia went down no earlier than 200 B.

  20. But the Sargasso, an area almost equal to Europe, covers other land as well--land of far more recent submergence than Atlantis, which foundered in 9564 B.

  21. All the rest were cast away about the Azores islands, or foundered at sea, whereby may be judged what loss was incurred; as the loss was esteemed greater by many, than had been sustained in the great armada that went against England.

  22. The fate of all these vessels had been identical; they had struck upon the reef, rebounded or slid off, and foundered in deep water.

  23. Moreover, it will be supposed either that I have foundered or made some port along the coast.

  24. It had been their custom every night and morning, since parting from the foundered ship, and during all their long-protracted perils in the pinnace.

  25. It starts off with a group of people in a ship's boat, the ship itself having foundered in a typhoon in the Celebes sea.

  26. If you have only one foundered horse, how do you expect to cultivate your fields?

  27. But one of my horses was foundered with too heavy a load and too long a stretch for the abbey.

  28. It seems as if the ship had rather foundered than blown up.

  29. My friends," resumed Harding, "you remember that before she foundered the brig rose on the summit of a regular waterspout?

  30. When one remembers the long commercial tyranny that followed the Napoleonic wars, the tyranny under which money-making became the chief duty of man, under which Art foundered and middle-class morality flourished, one grows uneasy.

  31. Artists will be artists; and so far as I can see the spirit has never foundered in the wreck of material things.

  32. She foundered with all hands, and this escape made Creagh more serious than ever.

  33. The Surveillante frigate was wrecked, and a transport foundered in the bay; and a third frigate, l'Impatiente, was driven on shore near Crookhaven.

  34. The fishing lugger “Flying Fish” fouled the sunken wreck of the barque “Lord Clyde,” and foundered in the Roadstead.

  35. Hewitt’s smack “Henry and Polly” foundered on the Shipwash Sand, and on Feb.

  36. The Gorleston Storm Company’s lifeboatmen gallantly rescued the crew of the brig “Fuschia,” which foundered on Scroby Sands.

  37. A crew of 13 hands gallantly rescued by the Yarmouth lifeboat from the Austrian brig “Zornizza,” which foundered on Scroby Sands.

  38. Smack “Baron Campbell,” belonging to Mr. Yaxley, foundered in a heavy gale.

  39. The brig “William and Richard” foundered off the Monument.

  40. Tremendous gale—a great number of vessels foundered in the Roadstead, and also many came ashore near Yarmouth.

  41. The schooner “Blyliam” foundered in the North Sea.

  42. The boat foundered and there was an end of it.

  43. There was a gathering about the foundered boat, and then Geoffrey turned his eyes away, ashamed to witness the emotion caused by what they regarded as his untimely death.

  44. For although Martin had gone apart with the men who had come from the foundered ship, the fellow's head, which was larger than most heads, could never keep three ideas in flourish at the same time.

  45. And but for the mercy of God, which laid Philip Marsham on his back with a fever in the spring of his nineteenth year, he had gone down with his father in the ketch Sarah, the night she foundered off the North Foreland.

  46. Julian knew not how long the mad gallop lasted; three legionaries fell with their foundered horses.

  47. Out of a relay of ten horses you will hardly find one who is not foundered by the bishops.

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