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Example sentences for "frosts"

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  1. Most of the species which abound in the early part of the month are the August forms, which live until they are killed by the frosts late in the month.

  2. The early frosts warn these delicate creatures of approaching cold.

  3. Frosts have been unusually backward this fall.

  4. When winter frosts constrain the fields with cold.

  5. Wheat, rye, oats and barley flourish, but frosts too frequent for corn.

  6. The plantation home was abandoned very carelessly, and with light hearts the family drove away, expecting nothing but to return with the frosts of winter.

  7. In the Punjab hoar-frosts form daily; and in the milder United Provinces the temperature often falls sufficiently to allow of the formation of thin sheets of ice.

  8. From early October, through heavy frosts and until long after November snows I found this species at Mt.

  9. They especially love open woods and appear during the summer and fall months, some being found until sharp frosts occur.

  10. Our Weather Bureau gives much attention to the prediction of frosts and to the prompt and widespread distribution of frost warnings.

  11. Frosts are usually classified as light or heavy.

  12. A Rosebush said: These frosts are wearisome, My sap will never stir for sun or rain.

  13. Though winter frosts are done, And birds pair every one, And leaves peep out, for springtide is begun.

  14. She is a tender flower, and one that might be suddenly cut off by the frosts of St Bernard.

  15. The winter is gathering among the upper Alps, and in a month in which the frosts are flying about like uneasy birds that do not know where to alight, one can hardly say whether he hath need of his cloak or not.

  16. Even we Italians, though less used to the frosts than you of the mountains, are not so much disturbed by the change, as thou, a trained guide of St. Bernard!

  17. This is the spirit, Gaetano, which sustains our mountaineers, and renders them more happy amid their frosts and rocks, than thy Genoese on his warm and glowing bay.

  18. The weather now so cold, that greater frosts were not always seen in the midst of winter; this succeeded much wet, and set harvest extremely back.

  19. The temperature of the country is equable; neither frosts nor burning heats destroy the vegetation.

  20. They will keep till the frosts come, but will soon rot when frozen.

  21. We have no peaches this season, the bloom being all cut off by the severe frosts in the spring.

  22. Some healthy-looking apple trees in the valleys, but with little fruit on them, owing to the spring frosts being later than usual.

  23. Most people are busy getting in their Indian corn; the crop much slighter than last year, as the dry weather injured the early, and the early frosts the late corn.

  24. By the middle of May this precaution is not so necessary, although keen frosts and winds are experienced that would injure foliage developed under glass.

  25. Birds do not molest the berries, and unless caught by severe frosts (which turn them grey) they lighten the garden wonderfully up to, and sometimes after, the New Year.

  26. They are purple or white, and sometimes have both colours in one flower, and the plants continue to produce them from July or August till the frosts come.

  27. It is grown in several gardens, and if cut down by sharp frosts breaks strongly again in the spring.

  28. It is classed as deciduous in botanical dictionaries, but is rarely bare of leaves, except after severe frosts in the early months of the year.

  29. They unite in herds in the month of December, and when the frosts are severe, they endeavour to find shelter by the side of a hill or in a thicket, where they lie close, and keep themselves warm by means of their breath.

  30. The proper time for grafting the chestnut is in early spring, just as the buds begin to swell, but not until all danger of freezing weather is past, although light frosts will not seriously injure newly set cions.

  31. If spring frosts have been heretofore inimical to the cultivation of the almond, then the production of late-blooming varieties would be a remedy.

  32. The tree is rather tender for latitudes north of Philadelphia, but succeeds southward, and westward to the Pacific, if late frosts do not come to destroy the flowers or embryo nuts.

  33. The tree buds and blooms late, therefore especially valuable in localities where late spring frosts are likely to occur.

  34. Hence we find that in these places, though the opening of spring was retarded a month, the approach of winter and autumnal frosts is warded off for two months, making the season really one month longer than in the same latitude inland.

  35. June is an uncertain month, as everybody knows, and there were frosts in many parts of New England in the June of 1859.

  36. She looked wonderfully lively and rosy, for the weather was getting keen and the frosts had begun to bite.

  37. The Pentstemons are worthy of greatly increased culture, for they often continue to flower until the frosts of November.

  38. The very early species should be grown in a warm and sheltered position, where the winds and frosts of January will not be able to destroy their beauty.

  39. We are still at the tender mercies of hot winds, hail, and frosts late and early.

  40. The brilliancy of the foliage has passed its acme; and indeed it has not been so magnificent this season as in some others, owing to the gradual approaches of cooler weather, and there having been slight frosts instead of severe ones.

  41. I was surprised to observe that some weeds (especially a plant that stains the fingers with its yellow juice) had lived, and retained their freshness and sap as perfectly as in summer, through all the frosts and snows of last winter.

  42. In countries with a well defined winter the winged males appear as soon as white frosts are no more usual, and copulate with the unwieldy limbless female, that looks more like a gall or morbid excrescence, than a living animal.

  43. The seed in northern localities should be sown before July 12; otherwise early frosts may catch the crops.

  44. Frosts had already stripped the trees of foliage, and winter would presently lock all avenues of retreat in six months' ice.

  45. September frosts had painted the maples in flame.

  46. In the air was the nutty odor of dried grasses, the clear tang of coming frosts crystal to the taste as water; and if one listened, almost listened to the silence, one could hear above the lapping of the tide the far echo of the cataract.

  47. When the frosts began I was presented in the same way in my absence with a soft knitted scarf brought by the soldier.

  48. Snow was falling, and there were still frosts in the mornings, but the roads were already dark-coloured and rooks hovered over them, cawing.

  49. To which, besides their own demean, The late-past frosts tributes of pleasure bring.

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