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  1. Any of your readers fond of genealogy might find himself repaid in seeking further information regarding the particular coat of arms above referred to, and might throw still more light on the subject.

  2. Bolton, Archbishop of Cashel--Genealogy of the Talbots, &c.

  3. So far the genealogy of the prophet is supported by authentic history--that he was descended from the princes of his people cannot be denied.

  4. This descent from Ishmael, Gibbon, after Sale, thus disproves: "Abulfeda and Gagnier describe the popular and approved genealogy of the prophet.

  5. Gothic nation, sets forth the genealogy of the Amal kings, and describes the inroads of the Goths into the Roman Empire in the 3rd century, with the foundation and the overthrow of the great but somewhat shadowy kingdom of Hermanric.

  6. In conformity with ancient methods of genealogy (q.

  7. He is represented as a descendant of the house of David, and his genealogy appears in two divergent forms in Matt.

  8. Then we have the genealogy of Wit and Learning, and of Satire, the Son of Wit and Malice, and an account of their various quarrels, and the decision of Jupiter.

  9. I am content, however, to notice the literary genealogy as illustrative of the fact that Fielding was the ancestor of one great race of novelists.

  10. The worthlessness of such derivation is well shown in a case which has often been paraded as an illustration of evolution--the supposed genealogy of the horse.

  11. In tracing the genealogy of man he constantly employs this kind of sleight-of-hand in the most adroit manner.

  12. He's got genealogy at present," I explained.

  13. And, besides, a fellow that goes so much into genealogy should take some interest in posterity.

  14. The genealogy has three fourteens being multiples of seven.

  15. The genealogy shows the royal descent of Jesus.

  16. The genealogy is traced to Abraham by three great Jewish events of history.

  17. It is also especially important because it shows the lineage of David through the whole history of Israel and thereby is a link in the genealogy of Christ.

  18. He omits the genealogy of Jesus which could have no value to a Roman.

  19. The genealogy traces Christ's lineage back to Adam (2:38) and thus connects him not with Abraham as a representative of humanity.

  20. If Jesus was begotten by the Holy Ghost, it was not consistent or necessary to notice the genealogy of Joseph, and there is nothing more bungling than the genealogies of Mary and Joseph as given in Matthew and Luke.

  21. Hence the genealogy with which the Gospel begins dwells with emphasis on His royal descent from David.

  22. So, then, whoever drew up this genealogy knew that Jesus was not Joseph's son.

  23. The purpose of Matthew's genealogy is further brought out by its symmetrical arrangement into three groups of fourteen generations each--an arrangement not arrived at without some free manipulating of the links.

  24. To begin a Gospel with a genealogy strikes us modern Westerns as singular, to say the least of it.

  25. The ruling idea of the genealogy is clearly though unostentatiously shown by the employment of the names 'Jesus Christ' and 'Christ,' while throughout the rest of this Gospel the name used habitually is Jesus.

  26. Sir,--Can you or any of your correspondents tell me of one or two of the best works on the "Genealogy of European Sovereigns?

  27. At the northern end of the Main Reading Room is the room devoted to Local History and Genealogy (No.

  28. Altogether, it was a highly satisfactory genealogy and it had Betty's entire faith.

  29. One's faith in the credibility of his narrative is, however, a little shaken by finding that in the second book of his favourite author, Rabelais, the genealogy of the giant Pantagruel is carried up to a period far beyond the Flood.

  30. Some have thought that Sir Thomas believed devoutly in the genealogy himself, and was the dupe of his own imagination.

  31. The high-spirited character of the most remarkable scion of the family who drew up the genealogy forbids us to think that, with the lapse of time, they had suffered any diminution of courage.

  32. The editor of the 1774 edition of the Tracts of Sir Thomas Urquhart says that he had compared the genealogy with the records kept by the Lord Lyon of Scotland, which go back as far as the reign of Alexander II.

  33. These shadowy persons appear again, "with the moonlight streaming through them," and play their parts in the genealogy of the Urquharts.

  34. Every Priest and Bishop can trace his genealogy to the first disciples of Christ with as much facility as the most remote branch of a vine can be traced to the main stem.

  35. Like the Evangelist Luke, who traces the genealogy of our Savior back to Adam and to God, we can trace the pedigree of Pius IX.

  36. We may note the importance attached at all epochs to a man’s genealogy as distinguishing his individuality.

  37. In both cases a genealogy is given extending over many generations.

  38. And the genealogy of this hypothesis is as high as that of the other is low.

  39. But the same genealogy can not always be admitted for political lying; I shall therefore desire to refine upon it, by adding some circumstances of its birth and parents.

  40. The following is the genealogy of this third family.

  41. I have broadly declared this relationship, but, as a matter of fact, almost every inscription and literary work in the country differs as to the genealogy of the sovereigns who reigned from this time forward.

  42. According to the spiritual genealogy of the Hindu Text-book, she may hope to be born next in an Indian child, and become a jogi possessed of saving knowledge of the identity of self with Deity.

  43. Such is the genealogy of certain of the Hindu gods and their avatars, and the object of setting it forth is to enable us to see how Jesus Christ has presented Himself or been presented to the Hindu people.

  44. The former is illustrated by the genealogy of Greek families; the latter, by the Roman worship of emperors, which itself but represented an imitation of an Oriental custom that was once very common.

  45. The prerogatives of the priestly order were denied them until one would arise with power to declare their genealogy through Urim and Thummim.

  46. Genealogy of the reigning dynasty of Morocco.

  47. Ali; in 970, (excluded from the genealogy published by Ali Bey, but noted by several good authorities).

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