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Example sentences for "generalising"

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generalis; generalisation; generalisations; generalise; generalised; generalissimo; generalities; generality; generalization; generalizations
  1. They might have been got by generalising from actual comparison and measurement; only, that it was found practicable to deduce them from a few obviously true general laws, viz.

  2. Mill ascribes to Comte the first clear statement of the method; and it is highly scientific, and important in generalising the connections of historical events.

  3. These three modes of explanation (analysis, interpolation, subsumption) all consist in generalising or assimilating the phenomena.

  4. His is a synthetic and generalising mind, which can only begin its active course after slow meditation, and conceives no isolated thing; spontaneous and at the same time prudent.

  5. The generalising spirit of Rodin has imposed solitude upon him.

  6. From these fragments of conversation the reader will conceive how Rodin's generalising spirit leads him from the realism of his daily work to the synthesis of a sort of ideo-realistic metaphysical system.

  7. They are addressed to generalising minds.

  8. My uncle was simply generalising about his class.

  9. They never seem quite to have their heads, and never seem quite to lose 'em," said Cothope, generalising about the sex.

  10. Pansy was as ready for a dance as ever; she was not of a generalising turn and had not extended to other pleasures the interdict she had seen placed on those of love.

  11. Most women always are," said Henrietta, with conscientious evasiveness and generalising less hopefully than usual.

  12. Paul is generalising his own experience when he speaks of the condemnation of an intrusive alien force that holds unregenerate human nature in bondage.

  13. We love our nation by generalising and losing sight of the individuals.

  14. Another inherited capacity was "the synthetic tendency," the power of generalising or of working out unifying formulae.

  15. He has come to Ormuz and Ahriman little by little; as his power of generalising progresses, he drops the smaller gods.

  16. There is one God--that is an instinct, arising from our generalising power; there must be at least two Gods to explain the Atonement, and so we have the Father and the Son.

  17. While the painters of the Continent in such pictures almost invariably fell into a rounded, generalising ideal of beauty, Newton had the scene played by actors and painted them realistically.

  18. His generalising views take things only in masses, while in his rapid emotions he interrogates, and doubts, and is caustic; in a word, he thinks he converses while he is at his studies.

  19. There is, however, no universal theory that holds good from New York to California; and hence the generalising foreigner is apt to see nothing but practical as well as theoretical equality.

  20. The far-seeing, generalising power of the one was supplied with data and checked in conclusions by the vast detailed knowledge of the other.

  21. There is not in the paper the least hint that the author ever thought of generalising the remarkable sentence quoted above.

  22. Sharon Turner, alluding to our modern doctrines on abstract ideas, on which there is still a doubt whether they are anything more than generalising terms.

  23. Is there the slightest doubt that the generalising jurisprudence of the thirteenth century went much too far in one direction, the generalising scribes of the eleventh century having gone too far in the other?

  24. This rather crude attempt at generalising out some particular modern features and sanctioning them by the past is of historical interest, because it corresponds to the general problem propounded to history by the Romantic school: viz.

  25. Generalising this idea, Diderot proceeds to consider man as distributed into as many distinct and separate beings as he has senses.

  26. Certainly if his theology was but the generalising of his experience, he had ample material in his daily life for knowing the fellowship of Christ's sufferings.

  27. He was not concerned primarily with the analysis of the steps of an inquirer generalising from Nature.

  28. Their results would have been more obviously useful if they had seen their way to generalising them.

  29. It is the same old difficulty of generalising about a nation or drawing up an indictment against a whole people.

  30. On the other hand there is a great tendency to over fondness for generalising without sufficient data; there is a delight in reasoning and logic which often leads to false conclusions owing to a want of real knowledge.

  31. Generalising on such a topic is hedged about with pitfalls, and the wary are disinclined to enter such debatable ground.

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