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Example sentences for "glossary"

  • We have a glossary of Lancashire words and phrases, contained in the humorous works of Tim Bobbin.

  • The notes are not amiss, and the glossary is valuable; but the verses printed by Mason are his least interesting productions.

  • The accelerated intercourse of the people has long passed beyond the diurnal folio and the evanescent stage-coach, and in a century of railroads and national schools the provincial glossary will finally vanish away.

  • We have received, with something like a sense of neglected duty, this notice of The Ormulum, now first edited from the Original Manuscript in the Bodleian; with Notes and a Glossary by Robert Meadows White, D.

  • With over 90 Illustrations and Diagrams, and a voluminous Glossary of Technical Terms.

  • With a Glossary and Notes to each volume.

  • With many Diagrams, a Glossary of Technical Terms, and an Index.

  • The further technical terms may be found in the Glossary (p.

  • We venture to think that this happy idea will attract to the study of Chaucer not a few children of a larger growth, who have found Chaucer to be very hard reading, even with the help of a glossary and copious notes.

  • An occasional reference to a glossary is all that is requisite; and, with a little attention to a very simple general rule, anybody with moderate intelligence and an ear for musical rhythm can enjoy the lines.

  • I conceive force is gained, and I have added a running glossary of such words as are not immediately clear, on a level with the line, to disperse any lingering difficulty.

  • When you find any very hard word in Chaucer's verses which you cannot understand, look in the glossary and the modern version beside them; and you will see what is the word for it nowadays.

  • Wise appends to his volume a tentative 'glossary of words still used in Warwickshire to be found in Shakspere.

  • A Glossary of Berkshire Words and Phrases.

  • A Glossary of Hampshire Words and Phrases.

  • A Glossary of Dialect & Archaic Words used in the County of Gloucester.

  • A Glossary of Provincial Words and Phrases in use in Wiltshire.

  • It contains over two hundred and fifty illustrations made especially for this work, and includes also a complete glossary of the technical terms used in the art.

  • It contains a glossary which comprises a new system of cross references, a feature that will prove a welcome departure in explaining subjects.

  • It has a complete glossary of terms, and is illustrated with two hundred original drawings.

  • Glossary of Spanish and Indian Words Apache (Uh-PATCH-ee) Indian Nomadic and warlike Indians of the American Southwest.

  • The translation was designed to be used together with the glossary as a part of the apparatus for interpreting the poem.

  • He formed the design of editing and translating the entire body of Old English poetry and appending to it a complete glossary which should not only give the meanings of the words, but instance every occurrence of the word.

  • Finally, it may be added that the specimens of Mr. Wyatt’s translation printed in the glossary and notes of his book bear no resemblance to the work of Morris.

  • But it remained for the 1837 volume to present a complete glossary of the poem, containing also important poetic words not in Beowulf.

  • Edited together with a glossary of the more difficult words, and an historical preface, by John M.

  • The Heyne-Socin text and glossary have been closely followed.

  • Kemble’s translation was not yet out of date, and with Thorpe’s new glossary the student had a sufficient apparatus for the interpretation of the poem.

  • A glossary of technicalities is introduced for readers not familiar with the terms.

  • For the specific names refer to Appendix which is a glossary of special and unfamiliar terms.

  • These shields are figured in the Glossary of Heraldry, pp.

  • The following Glossary includes the whole of Somerset, East of the River Parret, as well as adjoining parts of Wiltshire and Gloucestershire.

  • The story of the church writ in stone should be traced by the various styles of architecture, with the help of Rickman's Gothic Architecture or Parker's Glossary of Gothic Architecture.

  • Footnote A: For definitions of military and aeronautical terms, as well as certain slang peculiar to army life, see glossary at the back of the book.

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