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Example sentences for "hairpins"

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hairiness; hairless; hairlike; hairline; hairpin; hairs; hairsbreadth; hairspring; hairst; hairt
  1. Olivetta, pushing into place a few of the inconstant hairpins that threatened to bestrew the floor.

  2. I'll put in a thousand hairpins next time," she said angrily, as she fastened the coils to the best of her ability, and straightened the rakish hat.

  3. Whoever named you Lilly was right," she said upon one of these midnight confabs so immemoriably dear to women, when hairpins can be removed and the dig of skirt bands unhooked.

  4. Six inches more of skirt and a few hairpins did it.

  5. All I want is to take my hairpins out and go to bed.

  6. Usually, after that, she would sit up, haggardly, and take the hairpins out of her short thick hair, and announce her intention of going to bed.

  7. Three feet behind the seat, in the midst of the trodden grass, I came upon two hairpins lying close together.

  8. I dare say there are hundreds of hairpins about here in the grass if we choose to search for them.

  9. I showed the hairpins to Frayne who was busy taking a measurement of the distance from the seat to where the body had been found.

  10. Margaret Hulme had disposed of all her hairpins by this time, and was closely watching a door on the other side of the gallery.

  11. As the rootstocks of both these are somewhat frail, I would advise you to peg them down with hairpins and cover well with earth.

  12. The Christmas fern, with its glistening leaves of holly green, has a stout, creeping rootstock, which must be firmly secured, a few stones being added temporarily to the hairpins to give weight.

  13. By the way, I always use wire hairpins to hold down creeping rootstocks of every kind; it keeps them from springing up and drying before the rootlets have a chance to grasp the soil.

  14. There was a scattering of pins on the bureau, two gilt hairpins and a black net veil, crumpled into a bunch.

  15. O'Malley studied the bureau closely, ran the light of his torch back and forth across it, shook out the veil, sniffed it, and put it and the two hairpins carefully into his wallet.

  16. She says Lucy is that kind as takes one of her hairpins an' goes down on her knees an' scratches out the last bit of dirt as the Lord hath mercifully seen fit to allow to settle in His cracks.

  17. Twist the ends of the copper wire about the ends of the hairpins (Fig.

  18. The hairpins at the right-hand side of the Fig.

  19. A thermopile in the form of a circle with several pairs of metals, can easily be made by fastening the hairpins to a piece of cardboard (Fig.

  20. Straighten the hairpins and scrape the coating off with sandpaper or a file.

  21. Then Lydia brings a bunch of hairpins and starts to be a burglar.

  22. The keys had gone back, hairpins was proved to be no good, and scientific analysis had fell down flat.

  23. He got back that night to find that Lydia had used up another pack of hairpins and a number of the tools from my sewing machine.

  24. In militant moments, this knot seemed to rise and the protruding ends of the wire hairpins to bristle into formidable weapons of offence.

  25. She was almost twenty-two, but she still clung to the childish fashion of dressing her hair, because the heavy braids and the hairpins made her head ache.

  26. Sidenote: Proper Care] The knot of hair on the back of Miss Mattie's head seemed to rise, and her protruding wire hairpins bristled.

  27. She pinned up the now carded mass with two long, silver hairpins as she had done every night for twenty years, then went into her especial dressing-closet to fetch her night-gown.

  28. There was more than her usual almost insolent cock-sureness in the way that she twisted up her ruddy mane again, holding the amber hairpins between her strong, glistening teeth as she did so, and looking down in that veiled, secretive way.

  29. One of the men advanced into the room and ostentatiously gathered in a couple of hairpins and a bit of torn lace, while Farquaharson crossed and stood face to face with the irate husband.

  30. Here you are in a house that sits in full view from the road: doors and windows open: you with your hair streaming and your gown disordered; hairpins strewn about: the telephone dead.

  31. She had lost most of her hairpins when it had tumbled down, and Miss Eliza had provided but the one set.

  32. Her feeling about that heavy, unbecomingly arranged roll, and the hairpins which held it in place, was an indescribable mixture of pride and elation and satisfaction.

  33. And such things as buttonhooks and hairpins had a way of disappearing just when she was in the greatest hurry.

  34. X Than Basilisk or Nenuphar more fair, Your Locks with countless glistening Pendants glare, Then as the Fountain patters to the brim A hundred Hairpins tumble from your Hair.

  35. What reckons Love of Hairpins more or less?

  36. Guard well your Heart and let the Hairpins go - To lose your Heart were arrant Carelessness.

  37. I am going to get that talk on 'Hairpins and Haricots' by that extremely funny newspaper man--what is his name?

  38. It certainly is interference," admitted Jessie, trying to tune the set so as to get back upon the wave that had brought the funny talk about 'Hairpins and Haricots.

  39. Use hairpins that have no waves or angles in them, so that the bend of the pin makes the right bend for the leg.

  40. Gone are the hairpins of sambur bone--an inestimable treasure in the eyes of the true hill Khond.

  41. The hairpins referred to above are made from sambur (deer: Cervus unicolor) bones, and stuck in the hair of male Kondhs.

  42. Brenda, while Doda picked up her battered Trouville hat and Sissi retrieved hairpins scattered over the Club carpet.

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