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Example sentences for "heavenwards"

Lexicographically close words:
heavenlier; heavenliness; heavenly; heavens; heavenward; heaver; heavers; heaves; heavie; heavier
  1. Presently he turned the right-hand pin, whereupon the horse flew heavenwards with increased speed.

  2. Then the Prince raised his eyes heavenwards and cried, "O Thou who answerest the necessitous when he calleth upon Thee and dispellest his distress; O my God!

  3. Then raising his eyes heavenwards he said, "O my God!

  4. With her father and attendants and some of the Court officials, she proceeded to the bank of the roaring torrent and raising up her heart to Heaven, she read the poem she had composed, aloud, lifting it heavenwards in her two hands.

  5. I am in no mind to go heavenwards yet awhile.

  6. Flames were leaping heavenwards from the houses, wiping out the mild faces of the stars with their ruthless hands.

  7. Smoke, in eddying and gilded clouds, rolled heavenwards to be silvered into snow by the light of the moon.

  8. A long while she stood in silence as in a kind of torpor, gazing at this red pyre of the Past, where memories leapt heavenwards in a golden haze of smoke.

  9. In its stead she saw a tower flaming amid naked trees, a white face staring heavenwards with the marble tranquillity of death.

  10. She halted, hesitated, went suddenly near the man with her face turned heavenwards like a new-spread flower.

  11. Her head was thrown back, her slim throat showing, her face turned heavenwards like the face of a woman who is kissed upon the lips.

  12. When the King had gone, Modred returned to carry his lord heavenwards to the meadows.

  13. Far away the snow-capped Pyrenees rose heavenwards like a celestial vision.

  14. Above all, crowning the heights, stretching heavenwards like mighty monsters, uprose the towers of the cathedral and other churches.

  15. I clambered down on this comforting bit of green terra firma and looked heavenwards at the tail end of the departing cloud in which we had spent that agonizing eternity of unrest.

  16. At Hamburg the Jews were borne heavenwards on a wave of exultation; they snapped their fingers at the Christian tormentor, refused any longer to come to the compulsory Christian services.

  17. But I was caught up in a mighty wave of organ-music that surged from this low earth heavenwards to break against the footstool of God in the crystal firmament.

  18. Then the Prince raised his eyes heavenwards and cried, "O Thou who answerest the necessitous when he calleth upon Thee and dispellest his distress; O my God !

  19. The voice of his martyrs rose heavenwards with a mighty cry during those three hundred years.

  20. The Jew, a dreadful scoffer, pointed heavenwards with one finger.

  21. Not a soul," laughs Johannes, complacently twirling his budding cavalry moustache which points heavenwards in two smart ends.

  22. They swell heavenwards as though impelled by waves of passion, they die down as though the bourne of life were stagnant through intensity of hidden woe.

  23. A hundred inarticulate pleadings surged heavenwards from his heart.

  24. A heron rose from the shallows, and laboured heavenwards with legs trailing.

  25. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "heavenwards" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.