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Example sentences for "heavenward"

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  1. The leaves look up for light, For heat of helpful air; The trees of oldest height And thin storm-shaken hair Seek with gaunt hands up heavenward if the sun be there.

  2. My soul was raised heavenward with the Play.

  3. This martyrdom of Sisyphus, who daily raises his love heavenward only to see it fall back with all its weight upon his heart, inspires me with horror, and I prefer death a thousand times over, to such torture.

  4. I felt as if a little winged soul sprang from each one of our embraces and flew heavenward with cries of jubilation and joy.

  5. What robs Death of his glory is sickness; the pinions of the soul when it rises on its heavenward flight are heavy, and stained with blood, and tears, and mire.

  6. After a pause, the old man raised a finger heavenward and said:-- "The infinite is.

  7. Jean Valjean felt himself caught, as in a net, which was slowly contracting; he gazed heavenward in despair.

  8. The soft wind touched his cheek and bore heavenward the prayer he breathed:-- "Forbid it, Almighty God.

  9. A choral song for sacrifice Will mount as fire, and heavenward own The green-leaved earth, through joys and sighs A satellite round Mercy's throne.

  10. She saw in a dream a lovely phoenix perched upon a lofty tree, which, after sitting there for thirty-six days, winged its flight heavenward until it touched the sun, and then disappeared in flames.

  11. Nisus with mighty whirr through heaven pursues; Where Nisus heavenward soareth, there her wings Clutch as she flies, the light air winnowing still.

  12. We grow in grace if day by day We keep in mind to watch and pray, Thus walking in the Heavenward way.

  13. And soon my ravished heart seemed heavenward flying, When her soft whisper o'er my senses came.

  14. Would'st thou soar heavenward on its joyous wing?

  15. The leaflet flutters, a fair sight to view, By the fresh matin breezes heavenward borne, The faded poppy falls, the fields anew To fertilize, which grateful thanks return.

  16. The moment a man is assured that God's personality is present and that His ear is opened earthward, speech heavenward is a power and a joy, and only then.

  17. This thought, beautiful and true as it is, would be too intangible and too great a tax upon faith, unless man had some more or less definite and immediate recognition of his heavenward appeals.

  18. Among those reaching so far heavenward are the slender spire of the Cathedral of Peter and Paul, nearly four hundred feet in height, and the lofty pinnacle of the Admiralty Building.

  19. Where Jesus Christ has entered, There let our hopes be centred, Our course still heavenward bound!

  20. Word of God the Spirit's might, Who our heavenward course doth light, Prompteth good, and by his breath What He prompts accomplisheth.

  21. Thee we cry, Filled our hearts to overflowing; Heavenward take the burdened sigh, Blessings on the babe bestowing: Write the name we now have given, Write it in the Book of Heaven.

  22. Heavenward still my spirit wends, That fair land by faith exploring; Heavenward still my heart ascends, Sun and moon and stars out-soaring; Their faint rays in vain would try Once with light of heaven to vie.

  23. Joys of heaven my heart shall fill, Chasing joys that filled it never: Heavenward still my thoughts shall run, Till the gate of heaven is won.

  24. Yet, as ye leave us, let our strains remind you That we, not empty-handed, Heavenward go.

  25. They may attain a higher sphere, Where flows the penitential tear, And point the wanderers they find Upon the paths that heavenward wind.

  26. They tell me she is dead, that we no more Upon her quiet face can rest our eyes, Yet long we for it, as a weary bird Longs all in vain to rest upon a cloud That heavenward floats.

  27. Sancho will invent a Journey heavenward as well as anybody.

  28. How heavenward thou soundest, Live Temple of sweet noise, And Discord unconfoundest, Giving Delight new joys, And Pleasure nobler pinions!

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