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Example sentences for "heaves"

Lexicographically close words:
heavens; heavenward; heavenwards; heaver; heavers; heavie; heavier; heavies; heaviest; heavily
  1. But now the wind whines more powerfully than before; something heaves a deep groan.

  2. Haggart heaves a deep sigh and with some amazement, like a man just awakened from sleep, looks around on all sides.

  3. He didn't want her to probe further, so he hastily made an appointment with her for an evening later that week.

  4. Moreover, she was large and she glittered like a dwarf star.

  5. Next day Adoniram heaves alongside with the dishes in a truck wagon, and they was strung out on the tables in the parlor.

  6. Anyway we was there, and I was propping up the stove with my feet and holding down a chair with the rest of me, when Jonadab heaves alongside flying distress signals.

  7. The pallium heaves above his leaping heart; The beating pulse, the cheek's rekindled flame, Those quivering lips, the secret all proclaim.

  8. Five children on the long low mattress lie-- A nest of little souls, it heaves with dreams; In the high chimney the last embers die, And redden the dark room with crimson gleams.

  9. Feel, for Earth's bosom pants, and heaves her scarfing sea; And round and round in bacchanal rout reel the swift spheres intemperably!

  10. The whole living mass heaves against those stout partitions till they bend and crack.

  11. While balmy breathes the starry southern night, While languid heaves the lazy southern tide; The rising tide, O Sina, and the setting moon!

  12. Her bosom heaves with pride, her eyes beam on rough old Joe.

  13. Her bosom heaves within its rich silks, under its priceless laces.

  14. He opens the door to go out, then stands again irresolute in the darkness and heaves a heavy sigh.

  15. He listens, thinks himself the lover, Heaves from his stomach wheezy sighs; He likes to feel his heart's a-breaking.

  16. He lies; And waits; and once in timeless sick surmise Through the dead air heaves up an unknown hand, Like a dry branch.

  17. Her tresses are dark as the tangle that lies In the calm blue deep at the red sunrise, And they never have rest on her beautiful breast, That heaves and falls as the melody sighs.

  18. With that he heaves a cannon-ball Full crash the cutler through, And saves the ship and crew.

  19. And such is life, whose ebb and flow Heaves the deep sea of human mind; True happiness they only know, Whose every wish's to Heaven resigned.

  20. No jewels lend the blinding sheen That meaner beauty needs, But on her bosom heaves unseen A string of golden beads.

  21. My breast palpitates unusually; and my breath heaves oppressedly from my fevered jaws: examine me, pray!

  22. Each sparkling wave, as it receives thy rays, Seems quivering and thrilling at thy gaze; And gently murmurs, whilst the God below Feels through his frame the universal glow, And heaves his breast majestical for thee!

  23. I shall keep just out of range of a bullet, and that is all; merely hang about or follow her when she catches the wind, until some other vessel heaves in sight.

  24. This is our stronghold till some ship heaves in sight, and you and your gang are put in irons to await your fate.

  25. As troubled Ocean heaves and raves When Doom’s wild tempest sweeps the waves, Thus all Ayodhyá reeled and bent When Ráma to the forest went.

  26. This is placed near enough so that the steersman can hear the man who "heaves the lead" when he calls out the number of fathoms of water.

  27. There is an undefinable feeling of relief, almost of joy, when the regular throbbing of the engines begins and the ship rolls and heaves to the swell.

  28. I was not reared where heaves the swell Of surf on coasts remote and drear, But grew with roses, in a dell, And waked with bird-notes in my ear.

  29. The tearing of flesh and the rending of sinews are but pastime compared with the mental agony that heaves my frame.

  30. Esther's little face seems to catch some of the deep fire-glow--her breast heaves up and down in angry, quick pants.

  31. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "heaves" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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