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Example sentences for "holsters"

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  1. Dangling by straps from his right hip were five holsters containing as many German automatic pistols of the Lueger make, worth about $35 apiece.

  2. The only difference was that their hips seemed bulkier from the heavy sacks, field glasses, map cases, canteens, pistol holsters and cartridge clips.

  3. Clanton took the precaution to ease the guns in their holsters in order to make sure of a swift draw.

  4. From each hip hung a heavy revolver, the lower ends of the holsters tied down in order not to interfere with lightning rapidity of action.

  5. His face was delightful to see when I lugged out of one of my holsters a pint bottle of "Bass" which I had stowed in it according to my invariable practice, and knocked off its head by sliding my sword against it.

  6. To add to their disgrace and humiliation, their big pistols hung in the holsters on their thighs.

  7. The man crossed the room, and stood where a belt with holsters hung upon the wall.

  8. Like the other, he was provided with holsters and portmanteau, a heavy blue cavalry cloak being strapped over the unstuffed saddle-tree.

  9. I had a pair of great pistols in the holsters of my saddle which I could scarce forbear to flourish in either hand, and the sword at my belt delighted me no less, it being the first I had yet worn.

  10. In Taunton we dined, and there too I hired a beast for the scholar because (to speak the truth) I could not bear to be parted any longer from my holsters with the new pistols in.

  11. And as for pistols--well--the holsters were empty; doubtless he had them about him.

  12. Then I searched his holsters and his sabre-tasche.

  13. The silly boy had taken his pistols from his holsters when he had camped for the night.

  14. We dug the hole, and placing the papers in one of my pistol holsters to screen them from the damp, we laid them at the bottom and covered them up.

  15. You two can take those men you've tied up," the Lone Ranger told Sawtell and Lombard, as he drew their guns from the holsters and tossed them aside.

  16. His clothing had no flapping superfluities; he wore no jingling spurs; his guns were tied down so that the holsters could not slap his legs.

  17. Dropping their pistols, they drew others from holsters and fought on.

  18. It glanced dully from holsters and brightly from guns and buckles.

  19. Still Harlan did not speak; and his guns were in their holsters when Morgan walked close to him, grinning wanly.

  20. We must keep our rifles in the holsters and at our hands night and day in this country.

  21. The elephant guns and ammunition were stored away for future reference, but the 30-30s were to be slung in holsters at their saddles for the present.

  22. He looked at the holsters with the air of a connoisseur and said, without hesitation: "Somewhat heavy, monsieur.

  23. He turned to King Kankad, who was wearing a pair of automatics in shoulder-holsters for his upper hands and another pair in cross-body belt holsters for his lower.

  24. So each man rode with his piece slung carbine-fashion, and if he had such weapon, his pistols in the holsters of the period.

  25. Dreading the monotony and languor of the camp, Shaw and I saddled our horses, buckled our holsters in their places, and set out with Henry Chatillon in search of the game.

  26. He hung the holsters at his saddle bow; and now, as we passed along, a band of bulls left their grazing in the meadow and galloped in a long file across the trail in front.

  27. He walked over and reached into the leather holsters at their hips, drawing out their revolvers.

  28. As for the pistols, there is no doubt about them, as being in the holsters they don't show.

  29. He unfolded the paper, presented it to the sergeant with one hand and with the other took a pistol from his holsters and cocked it.

  30. Mr. Cumshaw, with the amazing simplicity of a conjurer, produced a pair of ugly-looking revolvers from apparent nothingness, while his companion slipped his holsters round so that his weapons were within easy and immediate reach.

  31. Abel Cumshaw threw the reins to his companion, slid his revolver holsters round to the front within easy reach, should he need the weapons they contained, and slipped through the trees with the silence of a marauding tom-cat.

  32. I've also got it hooked to these holsters at my belt so we can charge the pistols while we carry them.

  33. Arcot had noticed that the military officers all wore holsters for their pneumatic pistols, but they were conspicuously empty.

  34. He leaned forward, extending the belt and holsters to the defendant.

  35. He wore a pair of small pistols in cross-body holsters under his coat, and he always kept one hand or the other close to his abdomen.

  36. I greeted the sight and the meaning of the old holsters with joy: they weren't the State Department Special Services type.

  37. Maybe I was supposed to give the belt and the holsters to Hoddy Ringo.

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