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  1. Metaphysical idealists pursue this line of argument in a different way.

  2. Mechanical determinism was characteristic of much nineteenth-century thought in Europe, not only amongst materialists, but also, in certain cases, amongst idealists as well.

  3. Among the most notable of English idealists was T.

  4. In this last case, of course, the idealists who thus forced the speakeasy upon the country had an easy task, for all of the prevailing assumptions and prejudices of the mob were in their favour.

  5. The most eloquent and impassioned of American idealists are candidates for public office; on the lower levels idealism is no more than a hand-maiden of business, like advertising or belonging to the Men and Religion Forward Movement.

  6. Many of the characteristics of these idealists seemed to the German more German than French.

  7. In Germany our hypocrisy consists in always talking about idealism while we think of nothing but our interests, and we even believe that we are idealists while we think of nothing but ourselves.

  8. The mistake made too often by religious idealists is to believe that this sense of worship can only be satisfied by religious and, even more narrowly, by ecclesiastical observance.

  9. For there are many idealists to whom religion with its scientific creeds and definite dogmas seems only a dreary sort of metaphysic, an attempt to define what is beyond definition.

  10. But there are some idealists who find the sense of worship and the consciousness of an immortal power in the high passions and affections of life.

  11. Those who, will fellowship and those who will power is a short way of putting it, the idealists and the practical is another.

  12. The familiar companionship of the great Idealists is one of the greatest resources against the paralysis of this faith and the decay of this faculty.

  13. They are Idealists in the breadth of their vision and the nobility of the interpretation of events which they offer us.

  14. They are the idealists who spin endless proofs that nothing is real outside of the mind.

  15. The idealists and relativists are not mentally sick.

  16. He does not stand sovereign above the old painters, like Boecklin and those other idealists of the present.

  17. Idealists slew happiness on the altar of dreams that a future happiness might result from it.

  18. With idealists like the Major, yourself and Varensky, human relations don't count.

  19. Those who are not uncompromising idealists readily admit this independence of the objects with regard to our consciousness, but the converse is not true.

  20. It is not only idealists who subscribe to this opinion, however, and we have seen, when dealing with the definition of matter, that it is widely spread.

  21. Few elements in the war were more perplexing than the failure of our idealists to make their thinking worthy of the sudden and immense crisis which challenged them.

  22. But our idealists have not spoken from this initiation.

  23. But not all Americans are idealists even of this commonplace sort.

  24. And half the idealists are mad, no doubt, and have plenty of pig and snake in them, too.

  25. I want all the comfort I can get; and I could get far more in a world of clear-seeing, secular egotists than I can in this mixed mess of superstitious, sentimental idealists which we choose to call civilized society!

  26. The original split of the Independent idealists with the Majoritarian real-politikers had been over foreign policy--first in the prosecution of the war, then in the preparation for peace.

  27. But a section of idealists at each extreme has decided that they are bound to die for their ideals as Spartans or Spartacists.

  28. Idealists admit that some things really exist of which they are not aware: there are some things, they hold, which are not inseparable aspects of their experience, even if they be inseparable aspects of some experience.

  29. I believe that Idealists all hold this important falsehood.

  30. But I am well aware that there are many Idealists who would repel it as an utterly unfounded charge that they fail to distinguish between a sensation or idea and what I will call its object.

  31. In that case it is fair to suppose that modern Idealists have been influenced by the view that certain truths can be proved by the law of contradiction alone.

  32. Indeed I take it that modern Idealists are chiefly distinguished by certain arguments which they have in common.

  33. These other arguments may, for all I shall say, be eminently ingenious and true; they are very many and various, and different Idealists use the most different arguments to prove the same most important conclusions.

  34. That Berkeley and Mill committed this error will, perhaps, be granted: that modern Idealists make it will, I hope, appear more probable later.

  35. They are therefore extreme idealists in the region of hope, but not at all, as poets and artists are, in the region of perception and memory.

  36. For this reason genuine idealists can speak so glibly of the mind of a nation or an age.

  37. The ├Žsthetic idealists said that it had been fatal to the element of the human.

  38. To this group of ├Žsthetic idealists belong, not to mention lesser names, Lessing and Hamann and Winckelmann, but above all Herder and Goethe.

  39. They are not such idealists in Italy as to be ready to commit national suicide for the good of humanity as a whole, or even for the good of humanity as a class, as a working class.

  40. The idealists of England and America want to eradicate the jealousies and hatreds and run the same new Europe on principles of pure love.

  41. But the idealists never agreed to it, and do not do so now.

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