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Example sentences for "administering"

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admeasurements; admerall; admettre; administer; administered; administers; administracion; administrador; administrating; administration
  1. And I have often thought, when I saw him sitting at the dinner-table, with so reverent and pious a countenance, that the old gentleman fancied himself in church, administering the sacrament as a priest.

  2. The royal favorites are covering it with flowers and garlands; the royal Rosicrucians are administering elixirs and wonder-working potions, to obscure the eye and shut out the fearful vision.

  3. We use the word to designate service for the Church of Christ; service that more particularly concerns itself with administering the charities of the Church and performing its duties of compassion and mercy.

  4. He gained the confidence of the regent Orleans, administering his fortune and living with his son till 1737.

  5. Use as a gentle stomachic and tonic, and as a vehicle for administering tonic powders.

  6. Some, while administering the ordinary municipal law, have or had jurisdiction exclusive of their superior courts; such were the common pleas of Durham and Lancaster.

  7. Hitherto all these statistics have been of doubtful comparative value, owing to the great divergence in the methods of computation adopted, and the methods of administering the library have a definite effect upon the resultant figures.

  8. The next day the Prince of Orange, after administering to him a severe rebuke for his ill-timed exhibition of pedantry, released him from confinement, and had him conveyed out of the city.

  9. He, however, failed in administering much consolation, or in suggesting any remedy.

  10. He ought to recognize his official kinship with the potentates who draw large salaries for administering the affairs of the Indians, the Egyptians, and other barbarous peoples.

  11. When you see me there administering the law you'll be sorry for what you're after saying.

  12. Arrived at the tribunal, where the judge, according to the eastern custom, was publicly administering justice, they found that two trials were about to go on, and would of course take precedence of theirs.

  13. And because [of the difficulty of administering such sums wisely from England], wee humbly desire that a good proporcion thereof may bee whollie att the disposall of the governer, Counsell, and generall Assembly in Virginia.

  14. Forms of procedure in collecting levies and administering estates.

  15. It will be seen that even in the reign of the second emperor a considerable approximation is made to that condition of the law and that mode of administering it with which we are all familiar.

  16. It is unnecessary to describe with any minuteness the mode of administering criminal justice under the Roman Empire, but it is to be noted that both its theory and practice have had powerful effect on modern society.

  17. It was therefore a regular criminal judicature, administering a true criminal jurisprudence.

  18. Four physicians have quarrelled in consultation over the nature of their patient's malady, and the proper mode of administering to his relief.

  19. Temporary arrangements were made for administering the State by putting in charge a Burman, Bo Saing, who had held office under the King's Government and was acceptable to the people, and the force turned its face towards Hopong.

  20. Moreover, a mass of information regarding the Shan country, its main features and products, and the character and politics of the people, was collected, invaluable to those engaged in administering this wide country.

  21. At the time of the annexation the Sawbwa of Kale was an old man, by name Maung Ket, incapable of administering his country.

  22. San Ton Hon remained in Mongyai making arrangements for administering the district.

  23. At present, the Sawbwa is administering the State satisfactorily.

  24. The growth of wheat and other crops occupied the minds of other Sawbwas, while the Chief Commissioner was devising a procedure code to guide the Shan rulers in administering the law.

  25. This, too, did Achilles lament, in the case of the daughter of Brises, when taken away from him, that she was administering to the pleasures of the couch of the son of Plisthenes.

  26. I, who just now was hastening to dispel maladies at their birth, am now tardy in administering aid to you at a later moment.

  27. She said no more; it was the sharpest rebuke she was in the custom of administering to her husband's cynical and odious observations.

  28. I refuse the proffered paternity; but so far as administering a little wholesome castigation now and then, I have no objection to join in the discharge of a father's duty.

  29. Another wished to obtain the affections of a girl by administering to her a dose of medicine.

  30. Employed as yesterday in administering the medicines.

  31. Essnousee) was himself exhausted by administering the brutal flogging.

  32. Our Consul is frequently employed in administering medicine to the poor slaves, who arrive at Mourzuk from the interior, with their health broken down, and often at death's door.

  33. Case of administering Justice by the Sultan.

  34. An affair came off to-day, which admirably and most characteristically illustrates the mode of administering justice in Ghat.

  35. Occupied two or three hours this morning in administering medicine and visiting the sick.

  36. Although administering medicines these eight days to some fifty persons or more, not one of them has offered me anything in turn.

  37. Each of the four sections is commanded by superintendents or officers: those superintending the boys are Elders, who are employed in administering justice to the boys, and in teaching them what justice is.

  38. The unfortunate wretch was bound to one of the posts, seated on an iron chair, with the effigy opposite to him, two friars administering to him the consolations of religion.

  39. Attached to your belt will probably be a knife for administering a coup de grĂ¢ce, and for skinning.

  40. While the crowd of Spaniards were yet on the beach administering to the recovery of their commander, they beheld steering into the harbour, a squadron of ships, which they soon recognised as that of Nicuesa.

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