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Example sentences for "angrier"

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anglicization; anglicized; angling; angre; angrie; angriest; angrily; angry; angrye; anguille
  1. He forgot everything except his disappointment, and the more he thought of this, the angrier he grew.

  2. But what made him still angrier was to see Sammy Jay help himself to a few grains of corn from between the cracks in the walls of the corn-crib.

  3. The Conference failed and Greeley returned from Canada angrier with the President than ever for making a fool of him.

  4. However, he still denied it, and grew angrier and angrier, as people do when they know they are in the wrong.

  5. And on neither Tuesday nor Wednesday nor Thursday nor Friday could the King succeed in pleasing the Lad; the better his shoes the angrier grew his young master that they were not good enough.

  6. But Joscelyn only looked angrier still, and went without answering to set Gillian's bread by the Well-House; where she found nothing whatever but a little crust of yesterday's loaf.

  7. She was even all the angrier with the young doctor for being so clever, so kind, so skilful, so handsome, and so pleasant, that everybody wanted him.

  8. Would she be sure to recognize any equivocation, and be angrier at that?

  9. She will be more vexed and angrier than your father.

  10. Pelle sat there getting angrier and angrier at his finicking tone.

  11. To the raging play of so many fire-mouths he opposes nothing angrier than light-beams, self-possession and fatherly smiles.

  12. Though he had preserved his politeness towards Cecilia, he was in truth angry, and grew angrier every minute.

  13. I could see that Viney was angry, and growing angrier still.

  14. But the angrier the better, for just so much sooner will follow the calm.

  15. You would not believe how angry they make me--the angrier because I have a strain of your blood in my own veins.

  16. He cannot be any angrier than he has been ever since I gave him your message; but I accept the situation.

  17. The Captain is a wise man and has surrendered; Valentin, I want to make General Yozarro angrier than before," added Martella with a grin.

  18. And here we begin to get a little excited and breathless; this is Avery in a tantrum, getting angrier and angrier every moment.

  19. In and out among the bushes along the edge of the Green Meadows they dodged, and the more he had to run, the angrier Reddy Fox grew.

  20. Of course, Peter just did the same thing over again, all the time laugh-ing in his sleeve, for Shadow the Weasel was growing angrier and angrier.

  21. I was angrier than ever when the knowledge of my own emotion forced itself upon me, angry with myself for being so silly, angry with Dicky for having brought such provocation upon me!

  22. He read it through, his face growing angrier at every line.

  23. I feel as though mother would get angrier and angrier the longer we stayed away.

  24. Two policemen held off the angrier spirits among the shareholders.

  25. The longer he talked, however, the hotter and angrier he became by degrees.

  26. He was getting angrier and angrier at the robot's unceasing sales pitch.

  27. Then old Brushtail was angrier than before.

  28. Christopher had thus put upon her; and she felt angrier with him than she had ever felt with anybody in her life before.

  29. And Elisabeth walked away in high dudgeon, leaving Christopher very angry with himself for having been disagreeable, and still angrier with Tremaine for having been the reverse.

  30. Christopher certainly has the knack of making me angrier than anybody else I ever met," said Elisabeth thoughtfully.

  31. Skinner had most likely got angrier and angrier with thinking on the assault.

  32. Misugung siyag kasukù pagsugsúg námù, He got angrier when we teased him.

  33. Of course this made Little Joe angrier than ever.

  34. Nearer and nearer came Buster Bear, and deeper and angrier sounded his voice.

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