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  1. Every ascertainable breach of divine law was punished with rigour.

  2. It is not ascertainable that he had ever seen rocky scenery of the finely colored kind, aided by the Alpine mosses: I do not know the fall at Forli (Inferno, xvi.

  3. Those laws are perfectly ascertainable by labor, and ascertainable no other way.

  4. Nevertheless, Fitzgibbonism did succeed, as it was to succeed in Canada, in making pessimism at least plausible and in achieving an immense amount of direct ascertainable mischief.

  5. All these form the body of ascertainable facts which constitute the status quo of the living creature.

  6. Such was the gens in its final form, after the paternity of children became ascertainable through the rise of monogamy.

  7. Descent would necessarily be traced through females, because the paternity of children was not ascertainable with certainty.

  8. It would serve no purpose except that of satisfying idle curiosity to draw up a list of all the master's ascertainable pupils.

  9. Having done my duty in placing before the reader the ascertainable evidence, I leave him at liberty to decide on it according to his wisdom and charity.

  10. Cannot Englishmen reckon up the Home Rule agitation from such facts as these, the accuracy of which is easily ascertainable by anybody?

  11. Hence, once more, the value of philosophy must not depend upon any supposed body of definitely ascertainable knowledge to be acquired by those who study it.

  12. Thus, in the old forts round Verdun, about a dozen permanent works absolutely fixed and ascertainable upon the map, and covering altogether but a few acres, constituted the defence of the town.

  13. Each species has an ascertainable range of distribution, and within this range we may be reasonably certain to find it in any suitable waters.

  14. For this reason, all the ascertainable facts bearing on such influences should be added to the record of the mental examination, and should be given due weight in reaching a final conclusion as to the level of intelligence.

  15. New hypotheses can then be framed for further trial, and thus gradually we shall be led to a conception of intelligence which will be meaningful and in harmony with all the ascertainable facts.

  16. The labor itself has not a predetermined, ascertainable value, but only a resultant, derived value.

  17. To be economically sound, insurance must have to do with real productive agents, and with somewhat regular, ascertainable events beyond the control of the insured.

  18. The central problem of logic which results from this fact is not how a knowledge of real implications is then possible, but what are the ascertainable types of real implications.

  19. Benjamin Rush saw a man of forty-five who, twelve years before, became blind without ascertainable cause, and recovered his sight equally without reason.

  20. Crocker quotes a case reported by Morison of Baltimore, in which transverse bars of white, alternating with the normal color, appeared without ascertainable cause on the finger-nails of a young lady and remained unchanged.

  21. The domestic mineral industries learned that market requirements are based on ascertainable factors and that they do not just happen.

  22. Suddenly, without, so far as known, tapping any new sources of supply on the ancient land areas, and without any yet ascertainable change in topographic or climatic conditions, they deposited enormous masses of iron ore.

  23. At the short distance of even fifty yards beyond it, though there was no ascertainable difference in the soil or other circumstances, you look in vain for a single plant.

  24. These are to be seen on bare rocks, without any ascertainable source of nutriment.

  25. The community that speaks a language has learnt it, and modified it by processes almost all of which are not deliberate, but the results of causes operating according to more or less ascertainable laws.

  26. Yet they must be made to know, those of them who were left, that the game was up for the cheerful schoolboy with no ascertainable ideas.

  27. The popular conception with regard to Miss Nightingale's work during this episode in her life is not untrue so far as it goes, but it is amazingly short of the whole truth as now ascertainable from her Papers.

  28. The laws of God were the laws of life, and these were ascertainable by careful, and especially by statistical, inquiry.

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