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  1. From primal assays alone, coupled with the development of the mine and public confidence in the continuance of effort, the stock had reared itself to eight hundred dollars market value.

  2. On the authority of such assays its newspaper correspondents were frothing about rock worth four and seven thousand dollars a ton!

  3. Of course the fire-assay would demonstrate that a ton of such rock would yield hundreds of dollars--and on such assays many an utterly worthless mine was sold.

  4. He assays his most thrilling strains, but the guards, insensible as the granite effigies that frown upon him from the lofty turrets, remain unmoved.

  5. Cohr Eddin, my first-born, already assays to bend the bow of his father, and his infant brother nestling in my bosom, just lisps the name of his warlike sire.

  6. I burned and crushed bones to make my bone-dust for cupelling, and thus provided made nearly forty assays, some of which were afterwards checked in Adelaide, in each instance coming as close as check assays generally do.

  7. Assays of auriferous lode material should always be checked by the results of trials on large quantities.

  8. So when it is reported that a sample of rock from the Golden Mint Mine, Golconda, assays at the rate of 2,546 oz.

  9. It is not a novelty to have assays run into the thousands.

  10. Assays of auriferous lode material are almost invariably worthless as a guide in the real value of the stone in quantity.

  11. Oro and Gildenstein, the celebrated assayers, have found that a sample of rock from the Golden Mint Mine, Golconda, assays at the rate of 2,546 oz.

  12. They had waited long enough to have their assays made and had completed their first shipment to the smelter.

  13. Son, that stuff assays within a gram, almost, of the ore they 're taking out of the Silver Queen!

  14. And just like Squint--so some one informed Fairchild--he had kept it a secret until the assays all had been made and the first shipments started to Denver.

  15. Assays by Oxford Copper Company of New York give 51 per cent of copper and 27 ounces of silver per ton.

  16. Assays by Oxford Copper Company of New York give 12-1/2 per cent of copper.

  17. But how about the assays for gold and silver?

  18. Sometimes, when searching for drifts and runs of the metal we may need a dozen assays in a single week.

  19. Now, then, let us try to make up our minds just where we would want to stake off this claim if the gold assays as well as it looks.

  20. Which done, ‭ Assays for hurling of the stone ‭ The youths make with the stranger-king.

  21. Almost invariably these showed that the assays had been made from samples that would have paid to work, but this alone gave them no hope.

  22. And now I'll go to have two or three assays more of this rock.

  23. It seemed to him that there must be a mistake somewhere about the rock, for these assays gave even a higher percentage than those shown him by the miners.

  24. After exchanging salutations with them, Clarence asked: "Have you had any assays made?

  25. The average of two hundred assays taken twice a week, twenty-five assays each time, gives twenty-five dollars a ton for the month of May.

  26. We have been over it thoroughly in the last few days, we have examined the figures relating to its assays and the gross value of the claims.

  27. The assays were all finished and tabulated.

  28. With a large number of bullion assays systematically worked and checked a simple plan would be to always use the quantity of lead required by the alloy containing most copper which turns up for assay.

  29. These assays are for ores containing the lead chiefly as sulphide.

  30. In addition, separate assays of each portion will show to what extent the metal lacks uniformity in composition For example, samples taken at the beginning, middle, and end of a run gave the following results in ozs.

  31. Rods are used in dry assays as a desulphurising agent.

  32. The student may now apply these titrations to actual assays of minerals.

  33. The dilute ammonia is always used; but in assays for copper a stronger solution (1 of strong ammonia to 1 of water) is required.

  34. The results of the assays are expressed in cwts.

  35. A rod of iron placed in the crucible with the assays will decompose any regulus that may be formed.

  36. Two assays of an ore of this kind with these quantities of nitre gave 26.

  37. These standard bottles, however, can only be economically used where a large number of assays are being made daily.

  38. And even with the larger amounts present in bullion assays their influence is so small that an uncorrected result is still fairly accurate; the resultant error would not be more than one part in two or three thousand.

  39. Hence they are altogether without effect on the accuracy of the assays of ores when the total gold is reckoned in milligrams.

  40. Mizzou, "an' any quartz in this kentry that assays twenty-four dollars ain't no ways cheap.

  41. I shows you them assays of McPherson's, don't I?

  42. If his suspicions were correct, these assays would represent the richest samples.

  43. These assays were, however, very old, and made by the old process.

  44. Several preliminary assays were made in reaching this method.

  45. The only assays of coca that could be found conveniently were those of Dr.

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