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  1. For a list of the Hondius Atlases of various dates see Phillips, P.

  2. More than one hundred and twenty-five maps of Gerhard and Leonhard Valk are listed by Phillips in his excellent work on Atlases in the Library of Congress.

  3. Of the two, Gerhard seems to have been the more prominent, his name very frequently appearing as the engraver or maker of many of the maps one finds in the collective atlases of the early eighteenth century.

  4. List of Geographical Atlases in the Library of Congress, with bibliographical notes.

  5. The inclusion of most elevations in mountain chains and arcs is one of the most obvious facts to any one who has examined world atlases with this subject in mind.

  6. Various volumes and atlases of maps covering the Dutch East Indies and fully cited in the following reference (p.

  7. Cassiopeia is pictured in all star atlases that show the mythological figures, with her face toward the north pole.

  8. Only the head and forequarters of the bull are shown in the star-atlases that give the mythological groups, for, according to one legend, he is swimming through the sea and the rest of his body is submerged.

  9. They are as superior to all School Atlases within our knowledge, as were the larger works of the same Author in advance of those that preceded them.

  10. Of the many noble atlases prepared by Mr Johnston and published by Messrs Blackwood & Sons, this Royal Atlas will be the most useful to the public, and will deserve to be the most popular.

  11. Decidedly the best School Atlases we have ever seen.

  12. Undated maps from atlases or other works take the date of the work in which they appear.

  13. Atlases will exist in the reference library as a matter of course, but maps of the United Kingdom suitable for tourists, cyclists, anglers, climbers, etc.

  14. The latest and one of the best of the classical atlases is Murray's Small Classical Atlas, edited by G.

  15. Useful atlases of outline maps are also to be had of the McKinley Publishing Co.

  16. Indeed the ample illustration of recent discovery, and of the great groups of dependencies on the British Crown, renders Dr Johnston's the best of all Atlases for English use.

  17. A Series of Movable Atlases showing the relative position of the several parts of the Human Body by means of superposed coloured plates, from the designs of Prof.

  18. Human Anatomy and Physiology+, illustrated by a series of Movable Atlases of the Human Body, showing the relative positions of the several parts, by means of Superposed Coloured Plates, from the designs of Prof.

  19. Lee Phillips, to whom I am indebted for references to atlases of the time, also supplies the following: Lafreri, 1575 (?

  20. The Sixpenny and Shilling Atlases are marvels of cheapness, and the Home and Portable Atlases, each containing thirty maps, with indexes to upwards of 4,000 places, are very complete for ordinary use.

  21. The series of Atlases issued by the Messrs Marcus Ward & Co.

  22. Mercator's projection is often used in atlases for maps of the world.

  23. The titles of these atlases survive, though the authors of the original editions are long dead, and the maps have been repeatedly superseded by others bringing the information up to the date of publication.

  24. The general atlases are treated in the next preceding pages.

  25. Other atlases have the name of Frederic de Witt, who, as we have seen, got possession of some of Blaeu’s plates.

  26. Atlases and Charts of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries.

  27. It is not easy to discriminate among various composite atlases of this period, the chief cartographers being made to contribute to various imprints.

  28. The student of our early cartography must revert often to the rival maps and atlases of Blaeu and Jansson.

  29. Muller, Books on America, 1877, shows how copies of all these atlases are often extended by additional plates.

  30. Various atlases of Homem are preserved in Europe.

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