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Example sentences for "authorise"

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authore; authoress; authoresses; authorial; authorisation; authorised; authorises; authorising; authoritarian; authoritate
  1. Certain it is, that the number of our forces would hardly authorise any desperate attempt; yet had the attempt been made, I have very little doubt that it would have been made successfully.

  2. Besides which, I humbly conceive that a second attempt might be hazarded upon New Orleans, because the importance of the conquest would authorise almost any sacrifice for its attainment; and once gained, it could easily be defended.

  3. All I ask of you is that you will keep the secret until I authorise you to speak.

  4. Then will you authorise me to give the necessary orders so your carriage and servants will be ready at that hour?

  5. Mr Bingham too complains of me for refusing some of his drafts, as very hurtful to his credit, though he owns he had no orders from Congress to authorise those drafts.

  6. The Ambassador from Sweden to this Court applied to me lately to know, if I had powers that would authorise my making a treaty with his master in behalf of the United States.

  7. An act of Parliament was considered necessary to authorise the exchange of the American prisoners, as they were committed for high treason.

  8. I authorise you to threaten these tradesmen with paying nothing if they, do not reduce their enormous charges.

  9. There is no act, no dissent, no demand of the Dutch nation that can authorise the pretended union.

  10. The repeated insolence of the natives, had induced me to order the musquets of the sentries, to be loaded with small shot, and to authorise them to fire on particular occasions.

  11. I send you the inclosed proceedings of the citizens of Albany," wrote Van Buren to the governor of Georgia, "and I authorise you to say that I concur fully in the sentiments they advance.

  12. Others cried out, that the very fact of having reigned, was in itself a crime notorious enough to dispense with further investigation, and authorise instant punishment.

  13. Indeed, the condition of the royal family, which became every day more precarious, seemed to both powers to indicate and authorise hostile measures, and they were at no pains to conceal their sentiments.

  14. By these arrangements, the Duke of Valentinois was bound to hand over to His Holiness, within the space of forty days, the fortresses of Cesena and Bertinoro, and authorise the surrender of Forli.

  15. We therefore authorise you to deduct at the next Indiction what shall seem the right proportion for these losses from the amount due to us[227].

  16. You have the power, after making due enquiry into the circumstances, to authorise the sale of such a property.

  17. I beg the Princess to authorise you to add the sum of 200 florins.

  18. There are to be three signatures of Ministers, that is, of Privy Councillors, to authorise the stamper, who is to be nominated by the King to affix the royal stamp to instruments in the King's presence.

  19. The experience we have had as to the truth of the smaller, does it authorise us to consider the larger as unquestionable?

  20. They therefore begged the doctor to proclaim himself provisional gobernador, and to authorise the enrolment of special constables to keep order until matters developed.

  21. Still, as a special act of grace, in consideration of your zeal, I may authorise your reappointment.

  22. The utmost that we can do is to send a deputation to the Mollendist leader, and ask him to authorise measures for the protection of the life and property of the civil population.

  23. Kamran was told that he must either provide money for the payment of the soldiery, or authorise the Committee to set about their work after their own manner.

  24. Having themselves no power to lend, they authorise the Librarian to lend if he chooses.

  25. A committee of the Commons sat upon the subject, and a bill was introduced by Mr. Horton himself, to authorise the parishes to mortgage their poor rates.

  26. The act of parliament (1828) set aside the interpretation of the judge; but when it took away the common law right, it gave power to the crown to authorise the institution of juries, at the discretion of colonial legislatures.

  27. The assumption of magisterial powers was not compatible with the office of the governor; but to authorise the flagellation of free men without trial, for a perhaps innocent trespass, was both dangerous and unjust.

  28. Nor was unanimity required: yet five in seven were necessary in capital cases, to authorise an immediate execution.

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