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  1. Barbers are not allowed to go up; and a barber's son having passed brilliantly in Hupeh province a few years ago, his degree was taken from him because of his father's business.

  2. On this all the barbers of the principal cities of Hupeh struck work--a terrible position, for no Chinaman can endure life without frequent resort to a barber to shave afresh the front part of his head, and comb and plait his long queue.

  3. The Commercial Bribery and Tipping Review, a new American publication, offers a prize of four pounds for the best article on "Why I believe barbers should not be tipped.

  4. The barbers claim that what they receive is not a tip, but the Price of Silence.

  5. It is well known that the barbers in England, about three centuries ago, generally had some musical instruments in their shops for the amusement of their customers.

  6. In former times the barbers were also surgeons and physicians to some extent.

  7. The Fishmongers unto the Dolphin, The Barbers to the Cheat Loafe,[21] The Turners unto the Ladle will goe, Where they may merrylie quaffe.

  8. Well might the barbers give the peruke the honour of this signboard, for the profits on that article must have been enormous.

  9. I counted forty-seven Japanese barbers in Panama and eight in Colón.

  10. Since there were so many barbers in Panama, the need for an occasional gathering without attracting too much attention became apparent.

  11. On both these streets rents are high and, with the exception of Saturdays when the natives come for haircuts, the amount of business the barbers do does not warrant the three to five men in each shop.

  12. The Association will not accept barbers of other nationalities but will allow Japanese fishermen to attend meetings.

  13. The Potuvans or Kani Kuruppus are the barbers of the Kaniyans, and have the privilege of being in attendance during marriages and funerals.

  14. The same high-priest is also the final court of appeal from the decisions of the village council of the barbers in matters relating to caste and religion.

  15. Mappilla barbers are employed only by the Muhammadans.

  16. They are barbers who serve the Tiyans and lower castes; they are also sometimes given the title Kurup.

  17. In like manner, the Canarese barbers of Bellary and Dharwar call themselves Kashta Madovaru, or those who perform the difficult task.

  18. Barbers residing in towns hold no land to fall back upon, but their average monthly earnings range from five to seven rupees.

  19. They have barbers of their own, of whom the Mannan shaves the men, and the Mannathi the women.

  20. The barbers of South Canara are of different castes or sub-castes according to the language they speak, or the people for whom they operate.

  21. But they are not allowed to enter Hindu temples, they worship devils, and they have separate washermen and barbers of their own, all of which are signs of inferiority.

  22. There is a sub-caste called Kuruppu, who are their barbers and priests.

  23. But whether all these should be regarded as offshoots of one main barber caste, or as degraded sections of the castes which they serve, the Kavuthiyans proper being only barbers to the Tiyans, it is difficult to determine.

  24. Vilkuruppu or Vilkollakkuruppu, who used formerly to supply bows and arrows for the Malabar army, are the recognised priests and barbers of the Kammalans.

  25. The full import of this ceremony is not clear, but the barbers look upon the act as purificatory.

  26. The Billava barbers are called Parel Madiali or Parel Madivala.

  27. Several projects I made tryal of, but none suited my purpose so well, as a Barbers pair of Curling irons.

  28. The negro barbers in this department had been refusing to shave and to cut the hair of negro soldiers in common with the whites.

  29. His name seemed to fizz in the air like the last sputtering of a firework; the barbers stopped shaving and clipping; lathered men turned their prostrate heads to stare, and there was a moment of amazing silence in the shop.

  30. He made this brief survey after wondering if one of the barbers had died suddenly, that day, or the night before; but there was no vacancy in either line.

  31. In England barbers first received incorporation from Edward IV.

  32. And in course of time the expounding barbers are sent abroad to operate on the minds and chins of the community.

  33. Two Barbers were ordered to be prosecuted for practising Surgery contrary to the By-Laws.

  34. Two of these concerning the Barbers of Norwich and of Lincoln are so highly interesting that I have preserved them in Appendix A.

  35. Are there no more barbers in Stambul that you make such a fuss over this particular one?

  36. Know, then, that among this people there is great reverence for the growing of hair, and he that is hairiest is honoured most, wherefore are barbers creatures of especial abhorrence, and of a surety flourish not.

  37. From the time of Brunus, who practiced in Padua in 1250, the barbers had done the scarifying and bleeding.

  38. In teaching anatomy, while the learned teachers explained the parts as exposed, the dissections were left to barbers as being unworthy of an educated medical gentleman.

  39. When we had resumed our seats in the coach, the advocate made some remark upon the impudence of barbers in general.

  40. In this last-mentioned place 'tis the barbers enslave 'em, For once they turn Christians no barber will shave 'em.

  41. These are the delights of Lucera: to sit under those old walls and watch the gracious cloud-shadows dappling the plain, oblivious of yonder assemblage of barbers and politicians.

  42. The houses are low but not undignified; the streets regular and clean; there is electric light and somewhat indifferent accommodation for travellers; an infinity of barbers and chemists.

  43. Only the barbers seem to have preserved something of the old traditions: grandiloquent and terrible talkers, like the cooks in Athenasus.

  44. But the barbers came in consequence of being sent for by a man in authority.

  45. Probably at the time in which Avenzoar wrote, that is, in the first half of the twelfth century, doctors in general did not occupy themselves with the curing of teeth at all, this being abandoned entirely to barbers and other persons.

  46. The barbers considered themselves members of the medical class, as practitioners of decorative medicine and in a certain degree also of surgery.

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