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Example sentences for "benighted"

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  1. It was only that morning I had heard a whisper that our affair was known, and that they of the rancheria were not as benighted as we supposed them.

  2. The soul, benighted with love, has neither eye nor ear for aught beyond the object of its passion.

  3. Then the people asked him where he had spent the night and he said that he was benighted while looking for his calf and as he heard tigers roaring near the jahir than he was frightened and had stayed in the jungle.

  4. So the Raja's son set out, and after travelling for some days he found himself benighted in a dense jungle.

  5. On the way they were benighted in the midst of a great jungle twelve kos wide, and the palki bearers declined to go any further in the dark, so they had all to camp where they were.

  6. Once upon a time a cowherd lost a calf and while looking for it he was benighted in the jungle; for he was afraid to go home lest he should be scolded for losing the calf.

  7. They were benighted on the way; so they tied their horses to a tree and prepared to camp under it.

  8. Night came on and the girl stayed in the tree: it so happened that that day the six brothers were returning home and being benighted stopped to sleep under that very tree.

  9. None of them showed the slightest signs of adopting the British Columbia method, none of them showed even any signs of adopting my suggestion that they should go and teach those benighted brothers of theirs the theory of insisa.

  10. According to Mr. Fraser, in that benighted Nass River district those native American doctors hold it possible that a doctor may swallow a patient's soul by mistake.

  11. The poor, benighted innocent had never seen such a man.

  12. But Miss Mills, mistrusting the acceptability of her presence to the higher powers, had not yet gone; and we were all benighted in the Desert of Sahara.

  13. Now, in that benighted age, kings had a way of gratifying personal grudges by declaring war on their fellow sovereigns.

  14. This kind of talk passed as complimentary in those benighted days.

  15. These benighted creatures refused the marshal's baton and preferred their "wallets of flesh!

  16. He spent a considerable time in the examination of its structure, and became benighted on its eastern face in consequence.

  17. It would not have been a pleasant prospect even to a native inured to forest travel; the negroes indeed are careful not to be benighted far from their villages.

  18. He evidently isn't comfortable at the idea of being benighted in these regions.

  19. The evil is for those benighted ones who will have none of it; seeing the light the true believers worship, as the fishes see the stars, but dimly.

  20. After this we gained the rocky natural stair without much further trouble, and in due course found ourselves back in the little chamber where the benighted Noot had lived and died.

  21. The sound of her voice gave me strength; I walked straight towards it, as one benighted on a dreary moor, suddenly perceiving the small steady light which tells of human dwellings, takes heart, and steers straight onward.

  22. When I consulted him as to whether I ought to make myself known to my host and hostess as a benighted traveller, instead of the guest whom they had taken me for, he exclaimed, "By no means!

  23. In consideration of my own and my excellent mother's loyalty, my brother's benighted conduct should be forgiven.

  24. His mission was to enlighten the whole benighted people of the Church, and from the East to the West to trumpet the truth and bid slumbering sinners awaken.

  25. The Bishop said, said he, "I'll see what I can do To Christianize and make you wise, You poor benighted Jew.

  26. The highest evolution of our race has been, and ever must be, through that Christian altruism which will not rest until the noblest truth and the fullest life are brought to all the benighted souls of our race.

  27. And the first band of missionaries which that, now venerable, Board sent forth into the harvest went, with eager anticipation and earnest prayer, to that ancient and benighted people.

  28. This means that he must decide as to his missionary motive,—what motive power shall impel him to leave his native land and go to live among a benighted people surrounded by a thousand disadvantages.

  29. We of the West have been imbued with too much of an intellectual arrogance and a spirit of contempt for “the benighted Hindu.

  30. And yet the preacher reaches and offers light and gracious opportunity to the more benighted and the more neglected members of the community.

  31. Deacon Hopkins had no very clear ideas as to the moral or physical condition of Hottentots, or where they lived, but had a general notion that they were in a benighted state, and the comparison seemed to him a good one.

  32. I am afraid, Samuel, you are in a very benighted condition.

  33. Nobody could have expressed this more effectively than Mrs. Cosimo Pratt herself, had it entered the mind of Mrs. Pratt to conceive that any human soul could be so benighted as the soul of Lady Tasker was.

  34. In order that it might not be, Amory had made use of Dorothy's name; not that she really wanted him to marry Dorothy, but that even to marry Dorothy would be better than to marry somebody more benighted still.

  35. Benighted Dorothy Lennard, on the other hand, fluked into her wretched success by sheer luck.

  36. Though the benighted masses looked up with much reverence to the pontiff, the princes and the nobles regarded him only as a power, wielding, in addition to the military arm, the potent energies of superstition.

  37. We find ourselves lonely and benighted now; but here is a bright path of glory pointed out, and strength offered us to pursue it.

  38. In the darkest ages and most benighted regions, it has been found impossible utterly to extinguish the light of reason.

  39. So far as those living in secluded and remote localities are regarded, this was the most benighted period of our history.

  40. Its fortunate possessors were enabled to secure the confidence, obedience, and even reverence, of the benighted and deceived people.

  41. It is the cant of your party, that the world was benighted till now, and is at present emerging into day, from the obscurity of ignorance and barbarism.

  42. Huge branches shot across the narrow road, and the benighted stranger groped his way in what seemed an interminable and inky cave with a rugged floor, on which he stumbled and stumbled as he went.

  43. I was benighted for want of ghostly counsel like thine, good father.

  44. Yet, although he lived by this benighted declaration, he was known as a Christian gentleman--of the kind whose hands were never so tightly clasped in prayer that they could not reach his pocket.

  45. There is no accounting for the benighted mind.

  46. She knew how each artery leading from the virgin heart of those mountains, carrying to the world its stream of warmth, would return twofold riches to the benighted denizens of their antiquity.

  47. I have no hesitation in believing that it is the grand design of Providence that they shall be thus fitted (the far greater portion of them) for position in Africa as the source of civilization to that long-benighted continent.

  48. It is destined to become the asylum of the Africans of America, and the centre of civilization to the long-benighted continent of Africa.

  49. Providence has wisely forecast this result, and is rapidly building up a free government on the coast of Africa, as their future home, and the centre of civilization and Christianity to that long-benighted continent.

  50. Surely, surely you have,' said the killer, looking sceptically at the benighted females.

  51. He was, in fact, the only person that I did thoroughly understand during the whole period of my residence in this benighted island.

  52. The lantern is in front, and enables the benighted wanderer to see in the most profound obscurity.

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