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Example sentences for "bootlace"

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  1. With the hairpin one could easily make a fair fish-hook--and with a bootlace or a good hemp cord one could make a rabbit snare.

  2. The "Young Woodsman" told exactly how to manage in the woods if one were lost there and had nothing in the world but a bootlace and a wire hairpin.

  3. I rigged up a sort of jurymast of a bootlace with a bit of old string, and wandered off to look up the girls, conscious of a jar and a discordance in the scheme of things.

  4. I rigged up a sort of jury-mast of a bootlace with a bit of old string, and wandered off to look up the girls, conscious of a jar and a discordance in the scheme of things.

  5. The action of "The Bootlace Man" in locking her in took a more sinister meaning by the light of what she had heard, and at the same time made her more than ever anxious to escape.

  6. You may be very sure that 'the bootlace man,' as you call him, has not been admitted to the inner precincts of the mystery.

  7. So she leaned against the mouldy wall and watched the laborious task with growing impatience, and in momentary dread lest the door should be flung open by the "bootlace man" or his employer.

  8. Can't Reggie and I capture The Bootlace Man and stick red-hot needles into him till he confesses?

  9. It was not for him to know that Tuke, with whose raffish appearance he was not favourably impressed, had been dubbed by Enid "The Bootlace Man.

  10. When at length they stood on the pebbles of the shore the figure which emerged from a nook in the cliff was not Leslie Chermside, but Bill Tuke, "The Bootlace Man.

  11. Stop a minute--my bootlace is undone again.

  12. Phyllis did up her bootlace and went on in silence, but her shoulders shook, and presently a fat tear fell off her nose and splashed on the metal of the railway line.

  13. Cyril stooped again, busying himself with the other bootlace and listened for the Psammead's further instructions.

  14. Even if your story were true, your daughter wouldn't be wearing a bootlace or even the mark of it round her arm now.

  15. He had tied a bootlace round her arm, rather because it was the conventional thing to do, than with any intention of reclaiming her.

  16. It helps because the child wearing that bootlace was received by the same old ladies who allowed you a few months afterward to adopt her--that's how.

  17. He took a train for Barracas, and in the train he tied an old bootlace about his daughter's arm.

  18. For her father's voice rose again: "I tied a bootlace round the child's arm.

  19. The proceeding favoured a little idea of his own, which was to revisit the spot where he had tied his bootlace the evening before, and see if an examination of that fatal spot would throw any fresh light on his investigation.

  20. Jonah had tied a bit of his bootlace on the hedge just under the spot, and could find it again within a foot.

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