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Example sentences for "brats"

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brasswork; brassy; brast; brat; brate; braucht; braue; brauely; brauerie; brauery
  1. Go and turn those squalling brats off the door-step, they send me mad with their noise.

  2. Fools that we are to stand like helpless brats when there is liquor enough and to spare in yon cellars.

  3. For it is impossible for monsieur le marquis to go to school with all the young brats in the village.

  4. If you only had three or four little brats like this, we should be mighty well off, I tell you!

  5. The little brats are two infernal monkeys, who ought to be kept in the big cage at the Jardin des Plantes.

  6. I have got to stay here till night, between the aunt and the niece, with the accompaniment of two little brats who keep wiping their hands on my trousers, I shall pay dear for my dinner!

  7. I am kind enough to pay her compliments and to call her two little brats pretty!

  8. See he is packed off before I come; and see I get no more impertinence from those brats of yours, unless you wish trouble to their father.

  9. Doctor said he was to be kept perfectly quiet and have nussin', but how he's going to get either with them brats rampaging and howling, and me the only one to look after them, is more than I know.

  10. Besides, the lass may be destined for the doing of big things; those witchy brats often are.

  11. Her hand and fortune would have enabled the doctor to throw physic to the dogs, and all the nasty little brats whom he idolised after it.

  12. Susan, take Oliver and them two brats up stairs, and wash 'em directly.

  13. I got the pump and hose, collecting at the same time an audience of brats who assisted me by shouting, "What ya goin a do, mister?

  14. I have given fifty thousand pounds to set up nurseryschools right here in London--" "So the mothers of the little brats will be free to work in your factories.

  15. It's bad to see the poor little squalling brats in the filth and smoke down yonder, and worse still in this damned London.

  16. The brats have come into existence, and must make the best of it.

  17. Why, I have to pay for half a score of young brats who can't father themselves upon any one else.

  18. The captain could not contain his vexation, 'That's the way those brats serve him every night!

  19. When he passed through a village, the ragged brats ran joyously after him, and surrounded him like a swarm of gnats.

  20. Moreover, Gavroche had no suspicion of the fact that when he had offered the hospitality of his elephant to two brats on that villainously rainy night, it was to his own brothers that he had played the part of Providence.

  21. Gavroche replied with great simplicity:-- "They are some brats that a wig-maker made me a present of.

  22. He sent the two brats back to their mother, promising to pay eighty francs a month for their maintenance, on the condition that the said mother would not do so any more.

  23. Ah, come now, are you brats from the Pope's establishment?

  24. And all this awkward batch of brats has political opinions, if you please.

  25. The petrified air of the two brats rendered some shock necessary.

  26. As he passed the hair-dresser's shop Gavroche, who had the two brats still in his mind, had not been able to resist the impulse to say good day to him, and had flung a stone through his panes.

  27. It's too late for you brats to go through the gates, and it's against orders," he said.

  28. I want one I can trust, and these Paris brats are as sly as their fathers.

  29. So send these brats away, and the woman I have downstairs will take them to Hoshiaribi.

  30. What mean ye by this insolence, you beggars' brats picked up on the heath?

  31. I told cousin Giles that he took to his heels, and he must needs call them beggars' brats picked up on the heath.

  32. Let the brats go," she said, and cut short Mr. Mason's expostulations.

  33. And she, when she heard the summons, abandoned a turkey on the spit, pitched her brats out of the door, seized the mare, and dashing through the gates at a gallop left me to make my way back afoot.

  34. We also got away from those murderous little brats of Reserves, who guarded us at Andersonville, and shot men down as they would stone apples out of a tree.

  35. They say he had a hand in the escape of the ci-devant Due de Sermeuse and all his brats from the very tumbril which was taking them to execution.

  36. The other two brats will go to a House of Correction, there to be detained during the pleasure of the Committee of Public Safety.

  37. The following are extracts from the letters: "Don't let the brats worry you but you had better not let anything happen to them.

  38. You know I am looking after these brats entirely on your account.

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