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Example sentences for "brat"

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  1. He had a last look at Capet just before my wife locked the brat up in the inner room.

  2. And if I do we'll only prolong this situation indefinitely; and in the meanwhile how do we know that the brat is not being spirited away out of the country?

  3. I had seen Capet safely installed in the room, and gave orders to the woman Simon to let citizen Cochefer have a look at him, too, and then to lock up the brat in the inner room and install Cochefer in the antechamber on guard.

  4. Cochefer has been in charge, but I like to cast an eye over the brat every day myself.

  5. The teachings of old Simon will not tend to make a leader or a king out of the puny brat whom you chose to drag out of our keeping.

  6. I told you if you tampered with the brat I would make you cry in mercy to me for death.

  7. I tell you that I do not sleep night or day thinking of that brat and the means to keep him safely under my hand.

  8. This brat is none of mine; It is the issue of Polixenes: Hence with it!

  9. She demanded to know how another mouth was to be fed, and clothes washed and mended; where the brat was to sleep, and what good he was anyway.

  10. I hate the blind brat like I do the girl, but he's goin' to stay just the same.

  11. A man of my ordinary acuteness should have seen that the brat was the only unspoiled member of all the flock.

  12. But if the peasant's whole passivity lies in this saying, the whole of the free-thinking anarchy of the brat of the faubourgs is, assuredly, contained in this other saying.

  13. The Paris brat ain't made of straw," added Brujon.

  14. Let her not bother me," he exclaimed, "or I'll fire her brat right into the middle of her secrets.

  15. The brat had been accepted and sheltered by the colossus.

  16. There's a brat as big as my fist who tells lies as big as the house," exclaimed the pedler.

  17. It was that brat of a sister of mine who was so stupid.

  18. He gazed at the brat with the amiable smile of a good man who is flattered by the calumny, and said in an aside: "Well, what now?

  19. Well, I'd like to know what sort of a beggar's brat this is?

  20. It's that dirty little foreigner who was coddling the brat when I came in this afternoon.

  21. I'm not going to let a British brat stick his teeth in me with impunity.

  22. I Avaunt, acerbid Brat of Death, that sours The Milk of Life and blasts the nascent Flowers!

  23. Did the new housewife talk of a halter because he showed his teeth when her ill-nurtured brat wanted to ride on him?

  24. Would I had dranke the water cleare, When I did drinke the wine, Rather than any shepherds brat 75 Shold bee a ladye of mine!

  25. A shepherds brat even as I was, You mote have let me bee, I never had come othe kings faire courte, To crave any love of thee.

  26. Would I had drank the puddle foule, When I did drink the ale, Rather than ever a shepherds brat Shold tell me such a tale!

  27. Dodd ran to the helm and looked down; the brat was right: the blows which had so endangered the ship, had broken the rudder, and the sea had washed away more than half of it.

  28. Julia; and caught up the nearest brat and kissed it impetuously: for Wifehood and Maternity had not un-Julia'd her.

  29. Send that squalling little brat about his business, and do what I bid ye, sir,” says the doctor.

  30. She was spoiling her brat of a boy, and she would end by marrying her chaplain.

  31. That which being left undone, Your life lyes at the stake: let 'em be breathlesse, Both brat and mother.

  32. Iris, on thee I do impose this taske To crosse proud Venus and her purblind Lad Vntill the mother and her brat be mad; And with each other set them so at ods Till to their teeth they curse and ban the Gods.

  33. No, the obstinate brat will tell me nothing on that subject; instead of answering my questions she asks questions of me--an endless rush of questions, and all about Ballingall.

  34. Hey, there, brat senior--see that ladder?

  35. Well, this Catherine had a child by Galgenstein; and somewhere here hard by the woman lived to whom we carried the brat to nurse.

  36. Does that brat I took into my office out of charity dare to say that he did.

  37. But there wos a brat all rags and dirty face and sauce as I was when you saw me fust.

  38. What a scrubby little brat you were, Bart!

  39. He winked again, and looked as wicked a brat as ever walked.

  40. I wish you would tell this brat to let me enter.

  41. For now again the danger that the wretched purchased base–born brat they called Antonio, might become the successor to all the honours, wealth, and greatness of the extinct Medici, became imminent.

  42. And that," added Lilias, "would be best done by turning him out the same beggar's brat that your ladyship took him in.

  43. And during an hour he did not cease to grumble; the brat was not his; he did not know why he allowed him to be in the place; he would end by turning him out into the street.

  44. There was a brat for you who laughed at words she ought not to understand!

  45. You may take the brat with you if you like, mamma.

  46. It could not have done that little brat any harm, if they had thought I tumbled down because he ran after me.

  47. That stupid little brat Robby ran after me, and Fanny would not come home.

  48. My missus says,' went on the first speaker, 'as she seed a gypsy gal with just such a brat as this on her arm.

  49. I repent now, that ones left unkild, My brat at nurse.

  50. Away, away; Now to my brat at nurse, my suckling begger.

  51. He had calculated all the pounds of bread, all the pints of cider, that this brat would consume up to his fourteenth year; and a mad anger broke loose from him against Césaire who had not bestowed a thought on all this.

  52. He is dead," declared the brat with superb dignity, "he is in the cemetery, is my papa.

  53. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "brat" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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