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Example sentences for "bulks"

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bulked; bulkhead; bulkheads; bulkier; bulking; bulky; bull; bulla; bullace; bullae
  1. While it bulks hugely in the higher mountains, running to enormous rounded masses below the level of the glaciers, and to jagged spires and pinnacled walls upon the loftiest peaks, it is found also in many regions of hill and plain.

  2. On its bosom lay the ponderous bulks of a number of Japanese warships; for their fleet had arrived unexpectedly at Shanhaikwan the night before.

  3. They drove along under the elms which here stood somewhat at random about the wide, grassless street, between the high, windowy bulks of the shoe shops and hat shops.

  4. Strange monster bulks are there, That yawn Or roll huge eyes that glare And then are gone; Weird foliage passing fair Where clings the spawn: Strange monster bulks are there, That yawn.

  5. We can put eight or ten similar bulks of other substances into a glass of water without greatly increasing its bulk, some actually diminishing it.

  6. It can take into its substance several similar bulks of other substances without greatly increasing its own, some actually diminishing it.

  7. In the great apartments and hotels the golden window squares appear, and the looming procession of blue shadow bulks might be a fleet of giant liners going by you in the night.

  8. The dim bulks of the buildings change to blue.

  9. We have traced the inter-relations of North and South, of Sumerians and Semites, and have watched their varying fortunes in the racial conflict which bulks so largely in the history of the two countries.

  10. Vast bulks of black, wind-shattered rack went down High casement squares of heaven, a crystal crown Of bubbled moonlight on each monstrous head, Like as great ghosts of giant kings long dead.

  11. Above on one side were the agreeable bulks of architecture, in the buff and gray of Carlsbad; and far beyond on the other were the upland slopes, with villas and long curves of country roads, belted in with miles of wall.

  12. Some people now interrupted their leave-taking; but the arriving passengers only arrived more rapidly at the gang-ways; the bulks of baggage swung more swiftly into the air.

  13. Turning the corner by the butchers' bulks into the High Street, the cart came to an abrupt stop.

  14. As his eyes became more accustomed to the darkness he made out vague black bulks to the right and to the left.

  15. When one of these black bulks let out a low grunt and vanished into the night, he stopped short.

  16. The silk fibers were seen to be wires, threads of silver gossamer that interconnected the five emerging bulks in a maze of ordered complexity.

  17. As this light increased, a row of five shadowy bulks the size of footballs began to take form between what looked, from where the men sat, like a forest of fibers of silk.

  18. Dovercourt bulks large in the history of superstition, its church having possessed a peculiarly holy rood, to which pilgrimages used to be made.

  19. Pinwell's work bulks so largely in the sixties that a bare list of these must suffice; but this period, before he developed the curiously immobile manner of his later years, is perhaps the most interesting.

  20. But after that he was afraid no more of the looming bulks of the tepees.

  21. With the exception of the huge bulks of the skin-lodges, little could be seen save the flames of the fire, broken by the movements of intervening bodies, and the smoke rising slowly on the quiet air.

  22. He was suspicious of the looming bulks of the trees and of the dark shadows that might conceal all manner of perilous things.

  23. Two long bulks of lead, with a simple letter F.

  24. They are harnessed to the carcasses, and the dead bulks of the victims are hauled bravely off at a gallop, furrowing the dirt.

  25. Five bulks of stone, rising to a perpendicular height of forty or fifty feet, are stretched across the channel.

  26. Trunks of trees, gray bulks of cabins, green clusters of ferns take shape and then, with a sudden burst of light, day arrives.

  27. Once his eyes had become accustomed to the feeble light, Johnny was able to distinguish some of the black bulks about him.

  28. The synthetic process that is going on in the case of many of the larger of the businesses of the world, that formation of Trusts that bulks so large in American discussion, is of the utmost significance in this connection.

  29. It is highly probable that many will restrict the space devoted to news and sham news; that forged and inflated stuff made in offices, that bulks out the foreign intelligence of so many English papers, for example.

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