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  1. The Red Cross section including myself, were in the lead, followed by the ambulances and motor-buses containing the ladies of the Red Cross and the doctors.

  2. We carried them to the motor-buses and the ambulances, which transported them to the village, where they received first aid.

  3. In other instances tramways and buses have been of advantage to the railways by relieving {503}them of an amount of suburban traffic for which it might have been difficult for them fully to provide.

  4. The big man was sitting with an unread paper on his knee and his eyes were brooding as he gazed out through the Fifth-avenue window on the twilight tide of motors and 'buses and hansoms that passed in an endless and unresting flow.

  5. The 'buses were not running close together at this hour and the lamps of the nearest were still two blocks away.

  6. Were I in the Commons, I'd strive More than one Bill a Session to carry; Nor abreast all my 'buses to drive, Till all in a block have to tarry.

  7. A few of the taxi- cabs have come back; but all the auto-buses without exception are away behind the front.

  8. The auto-buses kept appearing out of the sun-shot dust- cloud at the end of the town, and disappearing round the curve by the Town Hall.

  9. The auto- buses were painted the colour of battleships, and were absolutely uniform except that some had permanent and some only temporary roofs, and some had mica windows and some only holes in the sides.

  10. Outside in the street the bells of the motor 'buses tinkled noisily, and there was an incessant roar of the traffic that rumbled heavily over the wooden pavements.

  11. And then he thought of the noisy bustle of Piccadilly at night, the carriages and 'buses that streamed to and fro, the crowded pavements, the gaiety of the lights.

  12. Two or three of the school-buses were up, circling the aerodrome, including an unwieldy one that always reminded us of poor Cody's "cathedral.

  13. She changed buses at Oxford Circus, and after waiting a long time on the corner, she gave up trying to force her way into the overcrowded buses (for she hadn't the gift of crowds) and walked home.

  14. No wonder most of those male creatures on the tops of the 'buses are watery-nebbit or red-nosed.

  15. The 'buses were objects of curiosity for our heroes.

  16. Although heavily laden 'buses were constantly passing, she made no pretence of stopping one; not because she had no money: she had forgotten for the time being that she was penniless.

  17. Buses jogged past her, loaded with people who all had somewhere to go, and probably someone who looked for their coming.

  18. With longing eyes we gazed from the buses which hours of bumping and rolling on poor roads had made to us torture-chambers.

  19. But it is not the business of soldiers to sleep, and suddenly came the awakening with the sound of the hundreds of motor-buses that were to carry us into the noise and devastation of hell!

  20. Through Amiens the buses carried us within a few miles of Albert, which was within range of the German artillery.

  21. From the street, the intermittent noise of vehicles reached me; the buses rolled heavily, the closed carriages passed by lightly and rapidly.

  22. Buses were again rolling on the street, hawkers were screaming out their morning yells; I heard the scratching of a broom sweeping against my door in the hallway where people were passing.

  23. It afforded us wide streets most of the way, because of the buses that were in the motorcade.

  24. You must have room to maneuver, alternative routes to turn off from, room for buses and so forth, and particularly room to keep the public out of the street.

  25. What I arsk is, why shouldn't the 'Buses be kept a bit reglar, like Cabs, In the matter of fares and of distances?

  26. The demand for 'Buses is immensely stimulated by their presence, and when they are no longer there, the people who thought them indispensable get on very well indeed without them.

  27. The road was blocked by French transport coming in the opposite direction, by 'buses drawn up at the side of the road, and by cavalry that, trekking from the Aisne, crossed our front continuously to take up their position away on the left.

  28. He left the other buses and swung along rapidly by himself.

  29. At last the old dark-green buses rolled up, and about three in the morning we pounded off at a good fifteen miles an hour along the Cassel road.

  30. The square was full of motor-buses and staff-officers.

  31. They were the first of our own motor-buses we had seen out in Flanders.

  32. I managed to get a bus to Deccan Gymkhana (there are several buses which take you there) and from Simbla office I took a rickshaw and after going round in circles for sometime, I managed to find Sujit's house.

  33. Ashok Pillar to Panagal where I had to change buses and get on one going to New College.

  34. How I wished I had my trusty bicycle instead of having to depend on buses and rickshaws!

  35. In London motor buses are being placed on the roads by scores, and the day cannot be far distant when the horse will disappear from the bus as it is already fast vanishing from the front of the tram.

  36. So the motor buses are crowded, while the horsed rivals on the same route trundle along half empty.

  37. When you are a marchioness you may make penny buses a feature of the distinguished insouciance of your character if you like.

  38. Sometimes she had previously gone in buses to some remote place in the City to buy a special tea of which there had been rumours.

  39. The crowd, sweeping along the pavements, the gay ’buses and the carriages, were bathed in opulent splendour.

  40. The pavements were thronged, the roadway noisy with the rumble of ’buses and the clatter of tradesmen’s carts; the shops were gay with all their crowded wares.

  41. General Harran, the Australian, was beside him, also waiting for a break in the crawling string of motor-buses and taxi-cabs.

  42. The tubes and buses are that crowded it's no catch to take a child about with you.

  43. After our confidence grew we started doing things like flying real low down the straight section of the highway trying to chase the Greyhound buses off the road.

  44. We worked different shifts so when we worked the noon to 8 pm shift we couldn't go downtown after work as the buses didn't run after 10 pm so we couldn't see any movies.

  45. She thought of Portland Place and the park and the Round Church and the little shops and Oxford Circus and the buses tumbling down Regent Street into Piccadilly and then tumbling down again into Pall Mall.

  46. Up Regent Street the cabs and buses were straining, the flower women with their baskets were bunched in splashes of colour against the distant outline of the Round Church.

  47. One of those old red buses that vied with the white Putney buses as being the best horsed on the London routes took her there.

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