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Example sentences for "calibration"

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  1. Apply the necessary calibration corrections to the volumes of the solutions used, and correct for temperature if necessary.

  2. Pipettes are usually already graduated when purchased, but they require calibration for accurate work.

  3. A calibration procedure is described in a paper by T.

  4. From the records of calibration already obtained, correct the burette readings and make corrections for temperature, if necessary.

  5. If air bubbles escape during subsequent calibration or titration, an error is introduced which vitiates the results.

  6. Although the scales have practically uniform divisions, it is not assumed in the calibration that they are uniform, and the scales are not printed or engraved.

  7. The method of calibration consists in laying out each large division of the scale by comparing the instrument with a standard, and then inking in the division lines so found.

  8. For calibration of instruments, see Code, Vol.

  9. A precisely similar method, employing a pair of microscopes at a fixed distance apart as a standard of length, is applicable to the calibration of a divided scale.

  10. Calibration by Comparison with a Standard.

  11. This may be termed calibration of the scale, and does not necessarily involve the comparison of the instrument with any independent standard, but merely the verification of the accuracy of the relative values of its indications.

  12. Guillaume a "Complete Calibration," is to use threads of all possible lengths which are integral multiples of the calibration step.

  13. The calibration of an electrical slide-wire into parts of equal resistance is precisely analogous to that of a capillary tube into parts of equal volume.

  14. A very neat use of the calibration curve has been made by Professor W.

  15. The ruling of the straight line across the curve to express the corrections in terms of the fundamental interval, corresponds to the first part of the process of calibration mentioned above under the term "Standardization.

  16. The same method in a more elaborate form is employed in the calibration of a series of multiples or submultiples of any unit.

  17. The method adopted for dividing up the fundamental interval of any thermometer into sections and steps for calibration may be widely varied, and is necessarily modified in cases where auxiliary bulbs or "ampoules" are employed.

  18. These do not admit of the independent calibration of each group by substitution.

  19. When, however, a pipette or burette has to be calibrated to deliver a certain volume of water, the final calibration must be made with this liquid.

  20. The temperature of the calorimeter as recorded by the physical observer is usually expressed in the arbitrary scale of the Wheatstone bridge and must be transposed into the centigrade scale by means of a calibration table.

  21. It should not be understood from the above, however, that the salt-bath calibration cannot be made without plotting a curve; in actual practice at least a hundred tests are made without plotting any curve to one in which it is done.

  22. The resistance of the platinum wire at the heat to be measured is thus determined on the "Bridge," and the temperature read off on a calibration chart, which shows the resistance at various temperatures.

  23. The master pyrometer, after calibrating against the melting points of various substances, will have a calibration chart which should be used in the checking operation.

  24. The temperature corresponding to the current is then read from a calibration curve supplied with the instrument.

  25. Special calibration is necessary in order to use a single phase instrument on a three phase circuit unless the voltage coil be connected from one line to the neutral.

  26. The scale on the calibration tube reads direct and shows various values of current at which the relay may be set to operate.

  27. If the strength of the permanent magnets change from any cause, the retarding torque will be changed and the calibration of the meter rendered inaccurate.

  28. The volume of current required to trip the circuit breaker is determined by the position of the armature, which is subject to ready adjustment, and is indicated on the calibration plate P.

  29. The meter of course must be correct or calibrated and the readings corrected by the calibration coefficient.

  30. The calibration of a portable wattmeter is accomplished with direct current of constant value which is passed through the series winding by connecting the source thereof with the current terminals.

  31. The amount of power as ascertained from the calibration curve of the motor for the voltage and current used therein when driving the generator as just explained, is a measure of these two losses.

  32. Salient features presented themselves for registration and calibration of the guns, and during these shoots the accuracy and drill of the gun detachments could be fully and carefully noted.

  33. The policy adopted by the batteries on their return into action now was to remain quiet, only registration and calibration being carried out.

  34. Alignment to major concentrations of potential sources, selection of a 'first phase' work site, calibration of instrumentation and activating its spunnel channels and monitors required still more.

  35. Access to the calibration cavity," Brad said as he stooped, shed his outer glove, and felt around the mating edge.

  36. The calibration of ammeters is best conducted by means of a series of standard low resistances and of a potentiometer (q.

  37. These definitions provide a basis on which the calibration of amperemeters can be conducted.

  38. They have no meaning without the calibration of the model.

  39. If the program is stable (logical) and if it passed the calibration tests, then its predictions will be compared with the external reality.

  40. In most cases, the calibration implies a larger effort than building the model.

  41. We can go on with calibration studying the interaction among humans.

  42. Again, the model can be calibration based on known types of human society, including those existing in the past, and extrapolating to various formulas for ET.

  43. In the early days of August the calibration range of the Australian Corps was a scene of feverish activity.

  44. The calibration hut, in which this mechanism was housed, became one of the show spots to which visitors to the Corps area were taken to be overawed by the scientific methods of our gunners.

  45. The principal aim in the design of these indicators has been to obtain instruments which will not alter their calibration in consequence of external disturbing forces.

  46. One jump (conceding that the calibration was correct) would have landed them at the end of the Wisconsin glacial period; two jumps, at its beginning.

  47. The time machine was not something that could be tested for calibration or performance.

  48. No calibration for the boresighting machine?

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