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  1. Then from somewhere up in the timbered hills came the crash of a heavy-calibre rifle.

  2. At the word "three" two heavy-calibre Colts clattered on the dirt floor before the entrance and lay not a foot apart, proving that there was a recognized code of honour among the Poison Oakers.

  3. For murderer and his victim to have pistols of the same calibre argues a rather remarkable coincidence, I grant you.

  4. In fish, the large intestine is the least important part of the digestive tube, being little wider in calibre than the small intestine.

  5. In some mammals, the large intestine is a simple prolongation of the small intestine, similar in calibre and in structure.

  6. For, one of the persons intimately connected with this case purchased not long ago a silencer for a thirty-two-calibre revolver, and I presume that that person carried the gun and the silencer at the time of the murder of Kerr Parker.

  7. Holding a thirty-two-calibre pistol in his right hand and aiming it at the target, Kennedy picked up a large piece of coarse homespun from the table and held it loosely over the muzzle of the gun.

  8. Yet here on my desk is a thirty-two calibre bullet.

  9. I place it over the muzzle of the thirty-two-calibre revolver I have so far been using--so.

  10. The normal human mind is a reservoir, which fills at a rate of speed regulated by the number and calibre of its feed pipes.

  11. The lieutenant had strolled in, and was contemplatively turning over in his hand the heavy forty-five-calibre Colt.

  12. He came to his office, and if I understood correctly, Mr. Gregory gave Lee Harvey Oswald a test to evaluate the calibre of his knowledge of the Russian language.

  13. Oswald was at that time in possession of a small calibre pistol which he was not authorized to possess.

  14. The Boers brought into position on the neighbouring hills guns of far greater calibre than any of those possessed by the garrison and its defences, and kept up a heavy bombardment out of range of their guns.

  15. Excellent help, too, was lent by ten Batteries of medium calibre of the British Army and by the guns of the Italian Navy.

  16. Closely attached to the Alpini are the Mountain Artillery, armed with light guns of about the same calibre as our own twelve-pounders.

  17. The whole Third Army was retreating, and three British Batteries, ourselves, the Battery in Pec village and the Battery at Rupa, would be the last three Batteries of Medium or Heavy Calibre left on this part of the Front.

  18. Some enemy guns of big calibre were still shelling the crossings and causing casualties among a Battalion of the Northumberland Fusiliers, who were in reserve, waiting on the bank for the order to cross.

  19. No other poet of his calibre is so unequal in the quality of his output.

  20. Further on is a large infantry entrenchment, with a shelter on the dike for the searchlight, and an emplacement on either side for machine-guns or small calibre artillery.

  21. Sidney however was this time in earnest, and was a man of very different calibre from Sussex, in whom Shane had previously found so easy an antagonist.

  22. Fitzwilliam was a man of very inferior calibre to Perrot.

  23. The larger the calibre and the heavier the charge the more promptly the wear is manifested on the interior and exterior.

  24. The calibre and class of guns for which the cartridges are intended must be distinctly marked near the top of the lid end of the tanks.

  25. If, however, there are any guns of the same calibre on spar-decks requiring lighter charges, the lower half of the box shall be painted white.

  26. Guns of the same calibre and class, when it can be conveniently done, are to be stowed in the same tier or range, and those of each class belonging to or selected for any particular vessel kept together.

  27. Their tops must be distinctly lettered, in letters one inch and a half long, with the calibre and class of gun they are intended to serve, and made to slide on the beckets.

  28. Each tier or range of guns of a particular calibre or class is to be marked accordingly with paint on a sign-board, and the first gun of each class belonging to a vessel is to be marked with the name of the vessel.

  29. The color is white, and the calibre of the gun and the weight of the charge must be stencilled on the bag in figures two and a half (2-1/2) inches long.

  30. This is a hollow cylinder of iron, turned to the least allowed diameter of the bore, and one calibre in length.

  31. In single-deck vessels carrying only sixteen guns, or less, all of the same calibre and class, or having like charges, one scuttle at the magazine will suffice.

  32. Should any single-deck vessel be of such great length, or so remarkable in her armament of guns, although all of the same calibre and class, as to render additional scuttles advisable, they are to be cut.

  33. The guns will be the new 50-calibre type.

  34. The idea was good, and flourished apace; so much so, that you not unfrequently find in the British Institution no small proportion of works of a calibre hardly below the average of the Great Exhibition; while the A.

  35. Certain diseases affect the lumen or calibre of the blood vessels, gradually diminishing and finally arresting the stream of blood carried through them.

  36. In doing so, the force and frequency of the heart beat, the calibre of the vessels and the chemistry and composition of the blood are all altered.

  37. It may be mentioned here that the infiltration of the walls leads to a narrowing of the calibre of blood-vessels, and thus a diminution in the supply of blood to the part or organ.

  38. The change appears primarily in the vessel wall or outside the same, and there results a diminution in the calibre of the vessels, with a lessened quantity of blood in the organ.

  39. In fact, Tom estimated the calibre to be less than twelve inches, but the cannon was very long--much longer in proportion than guns of greater muzzle diameter.

  40. In some places officers and firing squads were testing small-calibre machine guns, which shot off a round with a noise like a string of firecrackers on the Chinese New Year's.

  41. A 45-pounder on Grobler's Kloof, another of the same calibre on Red Hill, and several smaller guns fired steadily at them, and the two field batteries seemed unable to effect much against these weapons.

  42. He could draw guns of the heaviest calibre if he wanted them.

  43. It can hardly be said that men of the mental calibre of Strauss, Baur, Volkmar, and Wellhausen continue to arise among the specialists in their studies.

  44. Evanson's ultra-orthodox acceptance of the Apocalypse is significant of his limitations; and Priestley's calibre is indicated by his life-long refusal to accept the true scientific inference from his own discovery of oxygen.

  45. Whose calibre may be gathered from his egregious doctoral thesis, Concio ad clerum de dæmonum malorum existentia et natura (1700).

  46. He discoursed fluently on the calibre and the accumulation of modern instruments of warfare he had beheld in Pretoria with his own eyes.

  47. The searchlight was of powerful calibre and shed a brilliant radiance which, revolving, illuminated the surrounding country.

  48. Artillery of heavy calibre was utilised to enliven the process--with what result the world knows.

  49. It is difficult to see how such a contrivance could carry guns of any calibre unless they fired from the rear in the line of flight.

  50. It has been seen that hitherto all theologians of the highest calibre who had taken part in the Trinitarian controversy would come under the denomination of Trinitarians, if we give that term a fairly wide latitude.

  51. This is partly owing to the nature of the topic discussed, but partly also to the difference between the mental calibre of the disputants in this and the other controversies.

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