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  1. The Hertz Collection contained a well-formed octahedral diamond, about a carat in weight, set open in a Roman ring of unquestionable authenticity.

  2. It is set with two diamonds of (probably) a carat each: one a perfect octahedron of considerable lustre, the other duller and irregularly crystallised.

  3. The remainder varied from 2 to 20 carats, a carat being equal to three grains and one-sixth troy.

  4. Not long after the tableau performance had made Myrtle Hazard's name famous in the school and among the friends of the scholars, she received the very flattering attention of a call from Mrs. Clymer Ketchum, of 24 Carat Place.

  5. The guests in whom we may have some interest were in the mean time making ready for the party, which was expected to be a brilliant one; for 24 Carat Place was well known for the handsome style of its entertainments.

  6. A card was sent in bearing the open sesame of Mrs. Clymer Ketchum, the great lady of 24 Carat Place.

  7. Diamonds and other precious stones are estimated by carats and fractions of carats, and pearls, usually, by carat grains.

  8. African mines the diamonds are not only crystals of various weights from fractions of a carat to 150 carats, but also occur as microscopic crystals disseminated through the blue ground.

  9. A price of forty dollars per carat is an average one for a stone of not over ten carats and, as much larger stones are comparatively common, the price does not increase so rapidly as does that of the ruby with an increase in size.

  10. Well-formed, clear crystals up to one-third of a carat in weight are thus produced, which have the hardness and color of native ruby.

  11. The process at first could be applied only to jewellery of high quality, but now 15 and 18 carat gold is coloured.

  12. At date of last report, this, which is a purely chemical process, was done without much intelligence, and nothing lower than 15 carat gold could be with certainty so finished.

  13. But now those who devote themselves specially to this branch of work, can produce a beautiful “color” on 12 carat gold.

  14. The alloys of silver are not calculated on the carat system, like gold, but by certain numbers, or other distinctive features, well understood by the particular firms which trade in silver wares.

  15. He's to be head boss man, and his word goes; but you'll find him twenty-four carat gold.

  16. Horsfal had erred in regard to his man and that it was Jake Meaghan who was twenty-four carat gold.

  17. Mr. Carat was not in the way when they first went in.

  18. Mr. Carat was a Jew, and, though extremely cunning, profoundly ignorant.

  19. And at this instant Mr. Carat entered the shop, bowing and apologizing to his lordship for having been busy.

  20. This defence appearing evidently evasive, the magistrates who examined Mr. Carat informed him, that, unless he could produce the person from whom he had bought the jewels, he must be committed to Newgate for receiving stolen goods.

  21. I wish I had that Jew, that Mr. Carat of yours, here!

  22. The other German states approximated between a 23-carat 6 grs.

  23. The weight and consequent value of the most precious stones are estimated in carats, one of which is equal to four grains troy weight, and the value of each carat is increased in proportion to the size of the stone.

  24. In England, the cost of a cut diamond of the first water is thus estimated: 1 carat is = l.

  25. It is estimated that in ten thousand diamonds rarely more than one weighing twenty carats is met with, while possibly eight thousand of one carat or less may be encountered.

  26. In Benvenuto Cellini's time a perfect ruby of a carat weight cost eight hundred crowns, whilst a diamond of like weight cost only one hundred.

  27. He lifted his Swiss-cheese sandwich in his left hand, holding out the third finger the better to display a five-carat stone, while Abe devoted himself to his veal.

  28. This gold is one carat and three quarters above the standard, and when the first two bars of Australian gold were sent to the Bank of England they were sent back, as their wonderful purity excited suspicion.

  29. Of course, new tables were at once prepared when the new carat was adopted and they afford a rapid means of ascertaining the value of a stone of any weight when the price per carat is known.

  30. The carats of countries not using the metric carat vary considerably, but yet approximate the metric carat somewhat nearly.

  31. The dealer was then asked if there must not be some difference in the real nature of the two lots to justify paying more per carat for small, imperfect stones than per pennyweight for large perfect ones.

  32. It may seem unnecessary to be so careful in this matter, but it is better to be over-careful than to make a mistake where every hundredth of a carat may mean from one to five or six dollars or more.

  33. As the new metric carat is one fifth of a gram and as there are 15.

  34. Thus the metric carat is divided into tenths and one hundredths.

  35. The decimal system of subdivision of the carat makes the figuring of values simpler where no tables are handy.

  36. The change to the metric carat was desirable, as it unified the practice of weighing, which not only varied in different countries, but even in the same country.

  37. Small stones sometimes receive fewer facets, to lessen the cost and difficulty of cutting, but by paying sufficient for them full cut brilliants as small as one hundred to the carat may be had.

  38. The carat in use in this country up to a few years ago was about 2-1/2% heavier than the present metric carat.

  39. With the change to the metric carat the pearl grain was correspondingly changed and its weight is now 1/4 of .

  40. After about a month I had over two hundred carats of smaller diamonds, besides a thirty, a fifty, and a sixty carat stone.

  41. It was a ten-carat white diamond he had in his hand, and one of the partners felt something out of heart when he saw it.

  42. Instead of which I stood round and admired the wonderful five-carat diamond ring which Markheim produced, and behaved like an idiot generally.

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