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  1. In the empirical characterisation of a normal cellulose, therefore, we may include the property of quantitative regeneration or recovery from its solution as sulphocarbonate.

  2. To picture the object of Chopin's artistic admiration a little more clearly, let me recall to the reader's memory Schumann's characterisation of Mdlle.

  3. But some work of more or less (generally less) originality, in at least adaptation, calls for a little individual notice: and some general characterisation may be added.

  4. Tabitha and Winifred would still be triumphs of characterisation of a certain kind if they wrote as correctly as Uncle Matthew or Nephew Jery.

  5. Such a characterisation is possible because we have recognised as the inner nature of the world something thoroughly real and empirically given.

  6. To all such rhetoric the fitting answer is the characterisation of it as false passion.

  7. The lack of characterisation would seem to have encouraged multiplication.

  8. I am, as you know, a very prosaic person," writes Reinhard to a friend, and in these words he has given an admirable characterisation of himself.

  9. That was one of the bad habits which the author of this characterisation of Jesus brought with him from his earlier dogmatic training.

  10. In order to give the Gospels the true literary flavour, a characterisation is tacked on to each of the persons of the narrative.

  11. And the best characterisation it is possible to give of M.

  12. A large part of the three volumes is taken up with a characterisation of Adrian and Lord Raymond, the latter of whom falls when fighting for the Greeks.

  13. It combines the humour and irony, the vivid characterisation and lively dialogue of his earlier works, with the larger and more serious view, the more constructive and statesmanlike aims of his later life.

  14. It bears traces of its later origin in the less artful juncture of its parts, in the absence of humour, in the greater overloading of details, in the less graphic and appropriate characterisation of the speakers.

  15. I stick to my thesis that the complicated social organisation of to-day cannot get along without the amount of mutual understanding and mutual explanation such a range of characterisation in our novels implies.

  16. How true this characterisation was of the old German noble, Schweinichen's memoirs show; it is a record of drunken bouts at small intervals.

  17. The characterisation given in this paragraph of the transcendental object deserves special notice, for in it Kant goes further in the sceptical expression of his position, though not indeed in the modification of it, than in any other passage.

  18. He proceeds, however, to give a definition of actuality which entirely omits all reference to the Analogies, and which is open to the same fundamental criticism as his characterisation of possibility in the first Postulate.

  19. There is a freshness of characterisation that suggests Chaucer to me.

  20. Few men, notably few artists, have preserved that continuity of moral, intellectual, and physical development in one unbroken course which is the specific characterisation of Michelangelo.

  21. This is probably due to the fact that Michelangelo here studied expression and felt the necessity of dramatic characterisation in this part of his work.

  22. Incisive, graphic, ornate, and with no less unheard-of power of characterisation is Richard Strauss in his music than those other masters in their graphic or plastic achievements.

  23. Attention may be drawn specially to the characterisation of the three Apostles, John, Peter, and Judas, expounded mainly on pages 13 and 15.

  24. In addition to this characterisation of the artist Chopin, Moscheles' notes afford us also some glimpses of the man.

  25. And here I must remark that I have had no intention of providing the technical musician with a theoretical analysis of separate works, but that my characterisation has been limited by the position of its object in the whole representation.

  26. This opera takes an unquestionably higher rank both as to originality, technical skill, and vivid characterisation than any that had preceded it.

  27. The ensembles are of a far higher character than the solos, both as regards characterisation and musical execution.

  28. Gissing now turned to the submerged tenth of literature, and in describing it he managed to combine a problem or thesis with just the amount of characterisation and plotting sanctioned by the novel convention of the day.

  29. There may be a perceptible lack of virility, a fluctuating vagueness of outline about the characterisation of some of his men.

  30. All that is now wanting to complete the picture of the Romantic group, is a characterisation of the men who transferred the principles of Romanticism from the domain of literature into that of practical life and politics.

  31. It is unnecessary to criticise this characterisation in detail and point out how naïve and excessively Romantic it is.

  32. Our Lord adds a brief characterisation of the effect of John's ministry.

  33. First comes the stern characterisation of the man.

  34. While the prayer "Draw me not away with the wicked" and the characterisation of these are alike in both, the further emphatic prayer for retribution here and the closing half of this psalm have nothing corresponding to them in the other.

  35. There remains a penetrating characterisation of the enemy in the sensuous limitations and mistaken aims of his godless being, which may be satiated with low delights, but never satisfied, and has to leave them all at last.

  36. But the stress of the characterisation of these guarded and nourished favourites of heaven is now laid not upon a Divine act of choice, but upon their meek looking to Him.

  37. They had a trenchant characterisation and an unforced pose which were striking even in England.

  38. Millais is perhaps the first master of characterisation amongst the moderns.

  39. The representation here reaches a depth of characterisation which recalls Jan van Eyck's little pearls of portrait painting.

  40. Lenbach has no need of all that characterisation by means of accessories in which Bonnat delights.

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