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  1. The four colours worn by the four parties of charioteers denote the seasons: green for verdant spring, blue for cloudy winter, red for flaming summer, white for frosty autumn.

  2. In fact, to compel the charioteers to start fair.

  3. Therefore let your Sublimity enquire into the petition for largesse presented by the charioteers of Milan; and if their statements are correct, let them have whatever it has been customary for them to receive.

  4. Footnote 317: The number of times that the charioteers had rounded the goal was indicated by large wooden eggs, which were posted up in a conspicuous place on the spina.

  5. And Prahasta came and killed at the same time the charioteers of all, and Kunjarakumara slew their horses.

  6. In the races he did not give the signals to the charioteers in person, but viewed the spectacle from a front seat with his brothers and his fellow-priests of the Augustan order.

  7. For Tiberius always held the power in his own hands and used other people to help him carry out his wishes: Gaius, on the other hand, was ruled by charioteers and by gladiators; he was the slave of dancers and other theatrical performers.

  8. As a wave of the sea that whelms A rock, and its crest uprears, Through the wreck of the trampled wheat The charge of the charioteers Thundering broke.

  9. Sound the loud hooves, and all abroad the sky The lusty charioteers their stations take; Planet to planet do the sweet Loves fly, And in the zenith silver music wake.

  10. Among the charioteers he instituted two more parties, calling one the Golden and the other the Purple.

  11. Then away and away as hard as they could go, while the more active of those who were not hurt, recovering themselves a little from the shock and scare, came after the charioteers in chase with levelled spears.

  12. Behind them came the unsuccessful riders and charioteers who closed the procession.

  13. During this particular battle, he became separated from his body guard and suddenly found himself facing 2,500 charioteers alone.

  14. In the later Roman Empire the charioteers were hired by factions, which were distinguished by different colours, and excited violent enthusiasm among all classes of Roman society.

  15. Successful charioteers were transferred from one faction to another like modern football-players.

  16. Cul and Frecul and Forcul, the three charioteers of the King: three of the same age: three sons of Pole and Yoke.

  17. And having arrived at that excellent mountain furnished with trees bearing blossoms, those mighty charioteers were exceedingly delighted, even as the Marutas, on arriving at the celestial regions.

  18. Thereupon, entrusting Draupadi to the charge of Arshtishena and equipped in their arms, those valiant and mighty charioteers together began to ascend the summit of the mountain.

  19. Thou art born in the race of charioteers and trained to thy craft!

  20. Then going to the south, Karna vanquished the mighty charioteers (of that quarter) and in Dakshinatya, the Suta's son entered into conflict with Rukmi.

  21. And others accoutred in bows, being deprived of life, and having their charioteers slain, were carried about by the horses.

  22. With Indrasena and other charioteers skilled in arms, for guiding them, ride ye on these everfurnished cars of deep rattle!

  23. And as soon as the dark fortnight set in immediately after, the sons of Pandu entered the forest named the Kamyaka, accompanied by Dhananjaya and their charioteers and cooks.

  24. And seeing those mighty charioteers the son of Pandu, possessed of great strength, equipped with bows and swords, Kuvera also was delighted; and he was pleased at heart, keeping in view the task of the celestials.

  25. When Karna had thus vowed to slay Phalguna in battle, those mighty charioteers and bowmen, the sons of Dhritarashtra, sent up a loud cheer; and Dhritarashtra's sons thought that the Pandavas had already been conquered.

  26. The Brahmanas had better return with our servants, charioteers cooks and whomsoever else thou mayst command.

  27. The charioteers drove near by their horses with beautiful manes, and the wide earth rang with the beat of their hoofs as they rushed along.

  28. The charioteers standing on their well-woven cars, urged on their swift horses with loose rein; the jointed cars flew along clattering and the naves of the wheels shrieked loudly.

  29. Their horses were not in one field that night, Their charioteers were warmed not at one fire.

  30. Their horses fed in the same field that night; Their charioteers were warmed by the same fire.

  31. Their horses fed in the same field that night, Their charioteers were warmed at the same fire, Their charioteers beneath their bodies spread Green rushes, and beneath the heads the down Of wounded men's soft pillows.

  32. Their charioteers beneath their bodies spread Green rushes, and beneath their heads the down Of wounded men's soft pillows.

  33. Let then our charioteers our horses yoke Beneath our chariots, so that we to-day May from our horses and our chariots fight.

  34. When evening came, their very steeds were tired, Their charioteers depressed, and they themselves Worn out--even they the champions bold and brave.

  35. Cuchulain, "for our horses are weary, and our charioteers are weak; and now that these are weary, why should not we be weary too?

  36. Their horses were not in the same paddock, their charioteers were not at the same fire, and there they stayed for that night.

  37. The people there were as mad as were most of the citizens of the larger towns upon the sports of the amphitheatre, and were vehemently fond of the charioteers whom they admired on either side.

  38. His name was Belisarius, and strange to say, both he and the Emperor had married the daughters of two charioteers in the circus races.

  39. The earth looked beautiful with large cars crushed to pieces, and with their warriors and charioteers and ornaments and steeds and standards and banners crushed, broken and torn.

  40. The cars of both of those warriors, O king, their steeds, and their charioteers pierced with shafts of golden wings, became beautiful to behold.

  41. Duryodhana also, O monarch, then slew the four steeds as also the two Parshni charioteers of Uttamaujas, the prince of Panchalas.

  42. Slaying Aswatthaman's steeds and two Parshni charioteers with that mace of his, Subhadra's son, pierced all over with arrows, looked like a porcupine.

  43. The angry Drona, O Bharata, beholding those princes stupefied, smilingly deprived them of their steeds and charioteers and cars in that battle.

  44. The charioteers are unable to check their steeds as these are rushing wildly.

  45. The son of Subhadra then slew six of Karna's brave counsellors, conversant with all modes of warfare, with their steeds and charioteers and cars.

  46. And then with a number of keen arrows he slew both the Parshni charioteers of thy son.

  47. Hundreds upon hundreds of arms with bows and arrows and bowstrings in grasp, cut off from trunks, and hundreds upon hundreds of standards and steeds and charioteers and car-warriors, fell down on the ground.

  48. The charioteers were distributed into four parties, distinguished by the colour of their dress.

  49. He was so extravagantly fond of the party of charioteers whose colours were green [461], that he supped and lodged for some time constantly in the stable where their horses were kept.

  50. Their horses were in the same paddock that night, and their charioteers at the same fire; and their charioteers spread beds of green rushes for them, with wounded men's pillows to them.

  51. That night their horses were not in the same enclosure, nor did their charioteers rest at the same fire.

  52. Go forth then with me,' said Cuchulainn, 'for I do not kill charioteers at all.

  53. It rose against them then, and it carries a hundred charioteers of them to the sea; this is the name of the land in which they were drowned, Cluain Carptech.

  54. My bowmen and charioteers came at the hour of evening from their camp: they found the whole region covered with dead bathed in their blood.

  55. The chariots of Pharaoh and his might he threw into the sea; his chosen charioteers were drowned in the reed-sea.

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