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Example sentences for "chiselled"

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chirurgien; chirurgion; chisel; chiseled; chiseling; chiselling; chisels; chissel; chist; chit
  1. The whole of the upper part, the clear forehead, as smooth as a polished mirror, the small nose, with its delicately chiselled and nervous nostrils, denoted great kindliness and gentleness.

  2. Some crowns of yellow immortelles shone out like freshly chiselled gold.

  3. The boy had Min's dark eyes and perfectly chiselled features, refined by suffering into cameo-like delicacy, and the silken hair fell in soft, waving masses about the spiritual little face.

  4. Her skin was tanned and coarsened, but the warm crimson blood glowed in her cheeks with a dusky richness, and her face was a perfect oval, with features chiselled in almost classic regularity of outline.

  5. What a picture is this of the wild luxuriance of nature devastating the trim and chiselled glories of art!

  6. To his sister, watching him as he watched Hugh, came the unaccountable impression that his sure and chiselled surface covered a nervous anxiety.

  7. He said to himself that there was some faint resemblance between this chiselled loveliness and the vivid charm of the pretty child he had met on the boat.

  8. On the platform stood the girl with uplifted arm, holding her cup, now, to catch the wine of sunrise; and on the delicately chiselled face was a faint smile which seemed to hide a secret.

  9. They were almost stone white in the lamp-light--white as his delicately chiselled face and hands.

  10. I brushed aside a pile of papers in the drawer and drew out a big gold crucifix, marvellously chiselled from a lump of the solid metal.

  11. James was standing in the middle of the box, tall and gaunt, with his chiselled face and his dark smooth hair parted at the side.

  12. He is handsome, that chiselled face, those cold grey eyes which look shrewd and straight into the world, a young Englishman.

  13. Ganymedes is represented as a youth of exquisite beauty, with short golden locks, delicately chiselled features, beaming blue eyes, and pouting lips.

  14. Carved acanthus foliage, bulging legs and surfaces, artistic carving and marquetry, and chiselled metal-mountings must be the work of trained sculptors.

  15. These two processes are distinct, but marquetry furniture has often portions decorated with inlaying, as also carved ornaments and decorations of beaten, cast, or chiselled metal-work.

  16. Mary Barclay, Mother of the Same, must have her limbs trimmed gaunt, and her face chiselled strong and indomitable.

  17. That piece, and the vambraces, are exquisitely chiselled with floral designs.

  18. It was very elegantly decorated with bands of gold and silver, chiselled by hand in zig-zag fashion.

  19. It is blued and decorated at the borders with bands on which are chiselled flowing scrolls, animals, grotesques, &c.

  20. These extra pieces are of plated steel, chiselled with the outlines of leaves and arabesques in niello, and the whole design beautifully shaded.

  21. The shield D6 is in seventeen pieces screwed together, and is beautifully chiselled and decorated.

  22. The singing Memnon are as songless from their chiselled lips as the tongueless Sphynx half buried in the yellow sand.

  23. Was that pure chiselled face indeed the messenger of evil?

  24. The tomb of Florinda, white and glistening by the side of the others, displayed her effigy in polished marble, a delicately chiselled form--this at once attracted the attention of the Fakir.

  25. The shrubs and flowers about the ancient well were blooming away in the intense light, and the twisted pillars and chiselled capitals of the perfect little colonnade seemed to enclose them like the sculptured rim of a precious vase.

  26. His features seemed as if chiselled out of stone by pain, such calm and cold came from them.

  27. God knows of what they were thinking--as little probably as the smoke they blew through their chiselled nostrils--but their beauty and grace were unsurpassable.

  28. Screened lamps and wax torches shed changing tints of gold and yellow on the fine linen, and the deep-chiselled dishes and vessels of silver, and the tall glasses and beakers of many hues.

  29. Well then, so much the more is it indifferent whether the inanimate vessels we use are chiselled by a saint or an unbeliever.

  30. Great brass castings were chiselled and finished according to his designs without his touching them with his hands.

  31. Beside the table also stood a great lamp, taller and more cunningly wrought than the rest,--the foot of rare marble and chiselled bronze and the lamp above of pure gold from southern Ophir.

  32. It would be the height of superstitious folly to suppose that any evil principle could be attached to the silver and gold because they were chiselled by impious hands.

  33. They welcome Guariento and Gentile da Fabriano, they set themselves to learn from Veronese or Florentine, the Paduans contribute their chiselled drawing, their learned perspective, their archeological curiosity.

  34. Mouldings were discovered of incomparable elegance; the figures on entablatures were found to be chiselled accurately from nature; the pillars were of matchless proportions, the capitals of graceful curvatures.

  35. She was so thin that the bones of her face and neck were visible beneath the exquisite texture of her flesh, yet the modelling was as perfect as if her head and shoulders had been chiselled in marble.

  36. Her face was pale, and in the fading sunlight he could see the little blue veins on her temples and the look of stern sweetness that sorrow had chiselled about her mouth.

  37. Several fossil skeletons of these animals have been chiselled out of the solid rocks and mounted in museums, the work entailing a vast amount of labor and expense.

  38. Tasmania was once one vast plateau, but in time nature worked away on its broad surface; mountains and valleys were chiselled in its face, making it a picturesque and diversified island.

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