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Example sentences for "chiseled"

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  1. Into these, the concrete was tamped, made very wet, and after the concrete had hardened, the plaster cast was chiseled away.

  2. The concrete is poured into the plaster mold and after the cement has become hard, the plaster is broken or chiseled away, leaving the concrete exposed.

  3. The women sat as if chiseled out of granite, gray to the lips.

  4. I even fancied again and again that her lips moved her exquisitely chiseled mouth, and that a faint breath played with her abundant, waving, shining brown hair, as it does with yours.

  5. Can't you tell that from my well-chiseled features?

  6. He was an imposing man, over six feet in height, of dignified carriage, serious mien, and finely chiseled features.

  7. The surface of the stone has been decided by experts to be bent down, not chiseled out.

  8. He was supple and beautifully built, his bones were small and finely jointed, his features chiseled with classic regularity--later on his lips might grow coarse, but as yet they were merely full.

  9. The silver breakfast service belonged to a time when such things were chiseled only for great personages and by master craftsmen.

  10. Even in her shaken state, she marveled at the contrast between Giovanni's finely chiseled features and the elastic strength that must have been necessary to overpower the bull force of the duke.

  11. But look again: behold the magnificent statue, the monument, chiseled into grace and beauty, telling its grand story of valor in the public square for centuries.

  12. Who has not observed the patience, the calm endurance, the sweet loveliness chiseled out of some rough life by the reversal of fortune or by some terrible affliction?

  13. Chiseled upon the tomb of a disappointed, heart-broken king, Joseph II.

  14. Often we can not see the angel in the quarry of our lives, the statue of manhood, until the blasts of misfortune have rent the ledge, and difficulties and obstacles have squared and chiseled the granite blocks into grace and beauty.

  15. It was in the form of a chaste and lovely female figure, from whose chiseled fingers a shower of glittering drops continually poured.

  16. The building, somewhat isolated, reared itself before us, a grand conception in chiseled marble, glinting in the brilliant lights shot upon it from various high points.

  17. Most are still and motionless, helmeted, and with bayoneted rifles, like figures some Bartholdi or Rodin might have chiseled from bronze.

  18. Stuart studied the finely chiseled face with a new reverence.

  19. And the finely chiseled lines of character, positive, clean-cut, vigorous.

  20. He had a little moustache and peculiarly chiseled lips--too chiseled for a man, she thought for a moment, until she noticed the firm jaw.

  21. His nose was short and rather square, while those too beautifully chiseled lips of his had an expression of extraordinary charm.

  22. While her figure and manner had changed but little I could not help but notice the sharpness of feature which the eight years had chiseled upon her face.

  23. And yet it was a battle fought by two of the most magnificent specimens of humanity ever chiseled by nature's journeymen!

  24. The only way to reach it is by a zigzag road chiseled out of the cliff, which leads to a massive gateway.

  25. The divisions and frame work, the base and frieze are chiseled with embroidery in stone such as can be found nowhere else.

  26. Around the walls of the cave are other gods of smaller stature representing several of the most prominent and powerful of the Hindu pantheon, all of them chiseled from the solid granite.

  27. One of the several thrones used by the Moguls on occasions of ceremony was a stool eighteen inches high and four feet in diameter chiseled out of a solid block of natural crystal.

  28. The result of this process is a clear cut, chiseled effect, which cannot be obtained by moulding or casting, a moonlight effect of fairy like character, most beautiful in conception, and possessing marked originality.

  29. No one can imagine that the great men who chiseled the statues of antiquity intended to teach the youth of Greece to be obedient to their parents.

  30. The greatest pictures and the greatest statues, the most wonderful and marvelous groups, have been painted and chiseled with words.

  31. I felt that if she raised her rifle and shot me through she would do so delicately--she could not be vulgar, her straight-chiseled nose settled that.

  32. There was decision in the square, cleft chin and strong character in the cleanly chiseled features.

  33. After this thin coat has hardened, anoint the surface of it with lard oil or clay water, so that the plaster which is to be put upon it will not stick to it, but separate readily when the outer case of the mould is chiseled off.

  34. Let this harden, then put on the thick coat of white plaster, which is to be chiseled off, as this is supposed to be a waste mould.

  35. Nor Peak of Piko, nor Teneriffe, were chiseled into obelisks in a decade; nor had Mount Athos been turned into Alexander's statue so soon.

  36. In the distance, above Curious Corner, chiseled in the greenness of the hill the white cross glistened.

  37. Tears came readily to the limpid pools of her eyes, and the delicately chiseled lips trembled, though they bravely tried to smile.

  38. John looked again at the form in the chair, so frail and orchid-like, with its delicately chiseled face and its expression of courageous spirituality.

  39. That was to lean low, his face chiseled in lines of gravity and devotion, and taking the delicate hand of Mrs. Burbeck, that in its weakness was like a drooping flower, lift it to his lips and kiss it.

  40. These are best turned on a lathe, although they may be cut with a turning saw and chiseled to the line and finished with a file.

  41. Each vane is chiseled at an angle, sloping in one direction at one end and in the opposite direction at the other, allowing at least 1/8" for the thickness.

  42. A groove of the proper length and depth, to fit these hinges, can be drilled and chiseled out in the front brace.

  43. This outline should now be carefully sawed and chiseled to the correct shape.

  44. The steps of the altar, the friezes and the capitals of the little temple are ornamented with chiseled copper.

  45. It is built of stone and brick, worked and chiseled like the jewels of the French Renaissance.

  46. Robbed of its light, its coloring, its bloom, its perfection still showed supreme, like the beauty of a perfectly chiseled statue.

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