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Example sentences for "chloroformed"

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  1. The papers mentioned that Sir Roland's boy had been chloroformed by the thief or thieves--that was all so far as I remember.

  2. Jack, this is the boy I told you about who was chloroformed by the thieves at Holt.

  3. September 8 the man was chloroformed again and the same phenomena were exactly reproduced.

  4. In January he was chloroformed again and two long incisions were made along the internal border of the supinator longus and along the ulnar border of the forearm.

  5. In another case chloroformed 17 months after recovery from tetanus no such phenomena appeared.

  6. All that the household knew was that Miss Alice Manisty had escaped from her room in the night, after pinioning Dalgetty's arms and throwing a chloroformed handkerchief over her face.

  7. When he had been insensible, yet out of pain, nearly eight minutes by the clock, Sampson chloroformed him again.

  8. However that might be, he had had her room entered, Margery chloroformed in the connecting room, and her papers were taken from under her pillow while she was pretending anesthesia.

  9. Do you know why you were chloroformed last night, and who did it?

  10. And because you're a decent fellow and don't have to be chloroformed to have an idea injected, I'm going to tell you something.

  11. Why, I allowed you to be chloroformed within an inch of eternity, before I found you.

  12. Instead of being chloroformed or otherwise exterminated Kaiser is going to get a new collar now, dad's especial gift.

  13. You think Goddard stepped into that bedroom, chloroformed Lloyd, and then stole the wallet containing that despatch?

  14. State to the court the exact day, and why, you chloroformed her.

  15. Take two animals, one chloroformed, the other curarised; both are equally inert; but the chloroformed animal is insensible, whilst the curarised animal retains sensibility.

  16. The second restriction is that the animal thus chloroformed or anaesthetised should never be permitted to awaken.

  17. When the old lady of the house, hearing him fall, had come out and found him, there had been no trace of either his assaulter or of the chloroformed towel.

  18. On the top step, in the darkness of a narrow passage, a chloroformed towel was flung and held tight over his head and face, and he was borne to the ground.

  19. They boldly kidnapped their victim, chloroformed him and took him away in Tom's airship, which Boylan and some of his tools daringly stole a short time previously.

  20. Now if I tell him I was chloroformed again to-night, and that I think it was Burke and his crowd, he'd be sure to get ill over it.

  21. Tom made a diligent effort to find out who it was that had chloroformed him in the telephone booth that time, but learned nothing definite.

  22. Early in December, 1909, he believed that he had been chloroformed by the prison officials for five days; he was not certain how this was done but believed that it might have been poured through the keyhole.

  23. Stated that he had been chloroformed at night and that his body was lined with electric wires through which electricity was running all the time.

  24. He came up from behind with a chloroformed handkerchief.

  25. Yes; I had a struggle with them before they chloroformed me.

  26. Either at this point, or at the very start, the burglar must have chloroformed her.

  27. But he overstepped the mark when he chloroformed the maid.

  28. But all his knowledge of her cried out that she could never have chloroformed him, tied him up, then taken his life while he was helpless.

  29. She was chloroformed once and the sneezing ceased, but was more violent on recovery therefrom.

  30. Discharge from the ear commenced, intense fever and delirium ensued, and the patient had to be chloroformed to facilitate the operation of extraction.

  31. He was chloroformed and placed in the lithotomy position, his buttocks brought to the edge of the bed, and after dilatation of the sphincter, by traction with the fingers and tooth-forceps, the horn was extracted.

  32. Mrs. Davis had no fear of Mr. Whitman; he never gave her cause to tremble, but he quietly chloroformed her times without number.

  33. He was the only person Walt Whitman never chloroformed with one of his "Ahs!

  34. I was so interested in this that I slightly chloroformed the female, and made a study of the pair.

  35. The fact that some unknown party on the cars chloroformed us leads us to suppose it was Mason, who may have been on the cars disguised.

  36. Further experiments, however, on a larger scale, went to show that chloroformed ants were treated as dead, i.

  37. So complete was the blank between the time he had been chloroformed and his awaking that he had not the faintest idea whether he had lain on the couch on which he found himself for hours or days, or even weeks.

  38. Surely it would be more reasonable for you to ask why you were chloroformed and brought here.

  39. These over, the man with the injured hand is chloroformed and the wound stitched up, except for two fingers, which were so damaged that they had to be removed altogether.

  40. Mir Jahan is chloroformed at once, the bandages unbound, and a terrible sight we see; the hand has been crushed into a pulp, but the thumb is only a little cut.

  41. The man who had brought me shut the door quickly and, rushing forward, pressed a chloroformed cloth over my mouth and nose.

  42. Do you think you would, if you had been chloroformed to wake up on a lonely road in the dark miles away from anywhere.

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