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  1. In Normandy, where apples were common and cider a familiar drink, cider was considered to be much better for men than wine.

  2. The practice here recommended may, with equal success, be applied to cider and perry.

  3. And as Paul said he would eat no meat (a thing good in itself) if his doing so caused his brother to offend, so we have agreed to deny ourselves cider and wine, for the sake of our fellow-men.

  4. We will accept it gladly, and doubt not it is as good cider as any in Vermont; he no doubt will suffer us to use it in any way we please.

  5. Martel, whom he persisted in not thinking of as a wife, always calling her a "cider apple," in allusion to her red cheeks.

  6. What if the Christmas cider should freeze and burst!

  7. Hard cider broke the plans of Arnold, it hung Andre, and it saved West Point.

  8. We wished each other a good journey, and Mr. Proctor, the doctor, and I drank a cup of cider together.

  9. The doctor had nothing but a pint of cider for his supper.

  10. His cider in a brown mug seemed more like home than any thing I have met with.

  11. They washed the food down with a glass of cider apiece, and stumbled out on the board walk toward home.

  12. When she had drained the last drop of cider from the glass and dropped the pasteboard pie plate on the floor, John kicked it under the seat with his heel and leaned over to her.

  13. A keg of hard Ontario cider had been provided for their refreshment, and it was open to anybody to ladle up what he wanted with a tin dipper, while a haze of tobacco smoke drifted in thin blue wisps beneath the big nickelled lamps.

  14. The log cabin was furnished with a cider barrel at the door, and the emblematic barrel was seen on cane heads and breast pins.

  15. The unfortunate remark was made by a writer or speaker that if Harrison had a log cabin and plenty of hard cider he would be content.

  16. As a general rule, the farmers used rum daily during the summer season, and drank freely of cider during the winter.

  17. Washington rode out there on horseback, and while his aide held his horse, he visited and drank mulled cider and ate doughnuts within.

  18. CIDER EGG NOG Break six eggs, put the yolks in one dish, the whites in another.

  19. Add half a pint of good cider vinegar and a tablespoon of tarragon vinegar to each quart of syrup, and when the syrup just comes to a boil after adding the vinegar pour it over the peaches.

  20. He elaborately linked arms with the now comatose Donkin, and each thereupon absorbed, without drawing breath, about a pint of cider apiece.

  21. He made a cider mill, to replace his white oak beam and wooden maul.

  22. When he went to Thomaston to see General Knox’s mills, he saw a cider press, in which the cheese was pressed with wooden screws.

  23. What do you think now about making cider on Elm Island?

  24. Serve with a sauce made of one part sweet cider and two parts grape juice, thickened with a little corn starch.

  25. Grape Juice and Cider [Illustration] Our Grape Juice is made from the best California grapes carefully selected, filtered, and put up by a process that keeps the juice from fermenting.

  26. Apple Cider is made from sound ripe apples cored, washed and free from worms.

  27. It took but half a day's work to make this cider press, and the only tools used in its construction were an ax, a mattock in lieu of adze, an auger, and a jackknife.

  28. Out in the yard you see an ash hopper for running the lye to make soap, maybe a few bee gums sawed from hollow logs, and a crude but effective cider press.

  29. As good cider as ever I drank was made in a hollowed log fitted with a press-block and operated by a handspike.

  30. Fill the jar with cider vinegar, put on the rubber, and turn the cover tightly.

  31. Add good cider vinegar to cover and stand in sun during the day and in the cellar at night, stirring occasionally.

  32. From which it appears that the making of cider had become quite a business at that time, and, as it was no salable article, it was generally all drank by the family and visitors and by the Indians.

  33. It was said by certain Tories, who returned after the war ended, that the enemy had such a good feast of victuals and cider at this house that they concluded not to burn it.

  34. After some altercation respecting it, he got a pail of cider and gave them as much as they would drink, which cheered them all up and they went off in good humor, laughing at those who fared the worse.

  35. From all of which, it appears, they could drink more cider than the white people and enough to make them drunk, against which the latter had to guard to evade the trouble of their intoxication.

  36. Rum and cider were also used to treat people for their services in assisting in raising buildings after the war had ended.

  37. And in process of time distilleries were numerously erected in this part of our country, and cider and rye whisky, peach brandy, &c.

  38. Cider had been a very plentiful and common drink in this neighborhood for many years.

  39. The girl Megan seemed the only active creature-drawing cider and passing with the jugs from cask to table.

  40. I took the cider and drinkt it down, and, to tell the truth, it was capital good cider.

  41. The morning was noisy, till the little boys had gone to school; for they had begun again upon their regular course, with the plan of taking up the study of cider in October.

  42. We have not alluded to various anecdotes told about Churchill's journey to Wales, about his setting up as a cider merchant, &c.

  43. Between Hesdin and Arras the geometrically planted cider apple trees and poplars growing in parallel lines are without beauty, but by the railway are bits of waste ground covered with cowslip, wind flowers, cuckoo-pint, and dandelion.

  44. The cider apple is also an important product.

  45. Much more graceful are the little orchards of these homesteads than the mathematically planted cider apples seen here in all stages of growth.

  46. So agreeable was found this drink that cider apples are now largely exported to Germany, and just as a Frenchman now demands his Bock at a café, so in his Biergarten the German calls for cider.

  47. Cider is said to render the imbiber gout-proof and rheumatism-proof, but requires a long apprenticeship to render it palatable.

  48. At a long wooden table in one sat a blue-bloused group drinking cider out of huge yellow mugs--scene for a painter.

  49. The cider was given, according to the commandment, and appeared to have a restorative effect.

  50. I had been brought up, as I have before intimated, to a pretty free use of cider and tea; but not of ardent spirits or coffee.

  51. Then there were in various parts of the cellar remnants of cider and vinegar, and cider lees--the latter in a most offensive condition.

  52. Many a farmer will tell you that it is a matter of economy to give his laborers cider or coffee, since they will not eat so much.

  53. His cider and perhaps his tobacco, having leagued together, took away his appetite.

  54. But I had abandoned cider long before this time, because I found it had a tendency to produce, or at least to aggravate, those eruptive diseases to which I was greatly liable.

  55. My drink was water and a little tea; for cider I had long before abandoned.

  56. He was almost always steeped in cider or spirits.

  57. Oh," said they, "the cider will work itself clean!

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