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  1. In the early days of cinematography only simple shows were attempted, but now nothing is too big or too complicated or too expensive for the big concerns making pictures in the United States and Europe.

  2. In the first place our cinematography is just still photography at high speed.

  3. Of the recent developments in cinematography the ones we hear most about are colour pictures and talking pictures.

  4. The first man to take a decisive step toward practical cinematography was Edward (or Eadweard) Muybridge, a photographer who lived in Oakland, Cal.

  5. He was as good as his word, and several days later they were initiated into all the tricks of cinematography at one of the biggest laboratories in the country.

  6. Mr. Eastman, after years of experiment, produced the film that made cinematography possible, in 1889.

  7. Another of the recent developments in cinematography is the di-optic system which aims to show every stage of the motion of figures, instead of the stage of motion every sixteenth of a second, as is in the case with the usual apparatus.

  8. Cinematography is an industry in revolution.

  9. The illumination must be arranged to suit the situation, and as cinematography offers the utmost latitude in this respect, it is unnecessary to rush to violent extremes.

  10. Several inventors have devoted their energies to the evolution of a reliable hand-camera, capable of fulfilling the same duty in cinematography as the snap-shot instrument in still-life work.

  11. Mr. Cherry Kearton, whose pictures of jungle life constitute some of the marvels of the cinematographic art, considers that this branch of cinematography cannot be excelled for thrilling excitement.

  12. It illustrates the fact that cinematography is nothing more nor less than a string of successive snap-shots, for the principle is that which is generally described as "one turn one picture.

  13. One of the difficulties which harassed all the early efforts in micro-cinematography was the control of the light so that the subjects might not be killed by the heat generated by the concentrated rays.

  14. Water is a kind friend in cinematography and should be used ungrudgingly.

  15. For the purpose of introduction to the art of cinematography the beginner can do no better than obtain one of them.

  16. There is an increasing tendency to adopt continuous cinematography in preference to the intermittent motion for many other phases of particular study, especially where very fine results are desired.

  17. The black flash did indeed produce a defect like that which was common in the early days of cinematography and was characterised generally as "flicker.

  18. Micro-cinematography may be either costly or cheap.

  19. So far as cinematography is concerned its advantages were proved most emphatically by Mr. Robert Paul, the first man to bring motion pictures into commercial application in Great Britain.

  20. Cinematography has been of use in spreading the knowledge of the facts of health and hygiene, and now that there are propagandist movements on these subjects the aid of the living pictures will be more than ever appreciated.

  21. Although there is no relation between the experience of cinematography and that of primitive beings on the move after migrating herds of animals, it is worth pointing out the underlying structure of synchronicity.

  22. It can be said from the outset that while cinematography is at the borderline between the civilization of literacy and that of illiteracy, television definitely embodies the conflict between the two.

  23. The convention of cinematography is based on sharing the extended white page on which the projection of moving images takes place.

  24. Cinematography also suggested that this role could be exercised by other means of expression and communication as well.

  25. Cinematography had also to deal with the limited span of its viewers' attention, their lack of any previous exposure to moving images, and the conditions for viewing a film.

  26. The Soviet Revolution hoped that theater or cinematography would substitute for religion, or at least for church.

  27. Cinematography is intrinsically sequential in that it follows the narrative structure and constitutes a closed entity.

  28. What is the issue is the advent of cinematography in the framework in which literacy ceased to support experiences other than those based on its structure.

  29. But we cannot, after all, transcend the limitations of the underlying structure on which cinematography is based.

  30. The generations since the beginning of cinematography learned the new filmic convention while still involved in practical experiences characteristic of literacy.

  31. Cinematography influenced our experience with language, while simultaneously pointing to the limits of this experience.

  32. ETA 8: Cinematography Let's make a symbolic model to understand the subject as follows: - The importance of the symbolic models (thinking e.

  33. Cinematography is one of the responses suitable to this situation.

  34. The film industry fell under the official control of the Bulgarian Cinematography Association, which was under the Department of Motion Pictures of the Committee for Science, Art, and Culture.

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