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Example sentences for "clicked"

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clewlines; clews; cleyme; cleyn; click; clicking; clickings; clicks; client; clientage
  1. He appeared in short order, clicked his heels, and inquired whether we had come in regard to the matter of telegrams.

  2. Then after a few minutes he came gravely back, clicked his heels, and announced that there was no telegraph communication with the outside world and that he did not know when it would be re√ęstablished.

  3. He stepped to the front of the cab, leaned forward with his elbows on the deck, and clicked the bolt of his rifle open.

  4. Slowly he drew the weapon, and pulled the hammer back with his thumb till it clicked into position.

  5. Get down close, every mother's son of you," he called out, while the lock of his weapon clicked sharply.

  6. He had changed his coat and shoes for the visit; it was the usual Herr Haase, softish of substance, solemn of attire, official of demeanor, who clicked and bowed to the Baron and Von Wetten in turn.

  7. A switch clicked under the young man's thumb, and he began to move the machine upon its pivot mounting, traversing it like a telescope on a stand.

  8. The latch clicked back under her hand, and she was standing in the entry, confronting the policeman and his backing of citizens.

  9. He was inside, leaving the door an inch ajar, as the switch clicked in the outer room and a narrow jet of light stabbed through the opening.

  10. He laid aside his overcoat in the little hall, conventional with its waxed wood and its mirror, clicked an electric-light switch and passed through a portiere into the salon, which was the chief room of his abode.

  11. I said, Hello several times, and the receiver clicked in my ear.

  12. Dave's heart looped over with pride as the vice-marshal clicked his heels and saluted smartly.

  13. When he saw Dave's uniform he clicked his heels and saluted with his rifle, then quickly brought the gun to bear again on the prostrate Freddy Farmer.

  14. The sergeant clicked his heels, executed a smart about-face and went off down the hall.

  15. The little old dandy clicked away on his high heels, and in a moment Mademoiselle was aware of a truly courtly bow, whilst a thin, shaky voice said gallantly: "We rejoice to welcome Mademoiselle to our society.

  16. The young German clicked his heels and bowed.

  17. The young man came forward and clicked heels in the German fashion, but his way of shaking hands and his easy "How do you do?

  18. He had turned on the course analyzer and it clicked as the battleship's position was correlated with that of its previous appearance.

  19. It was something the prowlers had been taught in their training and Fenrir's teeth clicked short of the commander's throat while his paw sent the blaster spinning across the room.

  20. The driver clicked his "For Hire" sign into the upright position and chugged away to join the flow of traffic which thumped orchestrally past the end of the Square.

  21. The door clicked discreetly as Porter left them.

  22. Then a blackness blacker than that of the night heaved suddenly against the grey of "the sky, close in upon him, and a pebble clicked beneath a shod hoof.

  23. A pebble clicked under foot, a sword struck faintly against a rock.

  24. Up and up they went, and the indicator almost laughed with joy as it clicked out the figures: "Two thousand, two thousand five hundred, three thousand feet!

  25. The shuttle of Fate clicked and clicked as she wove and crossed and tangled the threads of these wandering, sun-brown nomads.

  26. The lock clicked a hint which she could not fail to hear and understand.

  27. But if you don't understand what I mean--" Her teeth clicked suggestively.

  28. A few minutes later Gaston clicked his tongue against his teeth.

  29. He clicked his neat heels so that his spurs jangled, and bowed us out into the dark.

  30. Then the nipa clicked back to position as a box is shut; a breathless silence, a heavy immobility petrified the world.

  31. Then he rose suddenly, clicked his heels together, and stalked off, seemingly unaffected.

  32. He drew it about her; he led her through the door; it clicked shut; they were alone with the sweet, frosty air about them.

  33. Then they began to make wagers of their own, and there were faint whispers of wrath and astonishment as the dice clicked out and each time the winnings of Pierre doubled.

  34. The contact broke for a moment, then clicked on again.

  35. Outside, an elevator was buzzing, and a typewriter clicked monotonously somewhere in the building.

  36. The two halves of Ross's memory clicked together for an instant as he examined that cut.

  37. The enemy may come at us;" and the little, dagger-like weapons clicked and clicked as they flashed in the sunshine.

  38. And the paddles clicked and dipped, as the paddlers began to feel the energy rising in their systems.

  39. The crew were in fine practice by this time and the paddles rose, dipped, cross rested, clicked and water wheeled all as one in obedience to the commands shouted by Uncle Teddy.

  40. He sat up in bed with a sudden movement as the train of thought clicked back into its own beginning, clasped his hands round his knees and stared round the room.

  41. He clicked four pence together on the counter.

  42. The trunks disappeared, the door shut, the heels clicked down the passage, and I was left scratching my head in wonder.

  43. The man clicked and choked and gasped in his desperate desire to make the Sahib understand.

  44. The light clicked out, and a pair of lean hands almost closed on Larry's wind-pipe.

  45. The instant her "Good-bye" was out of her mouth Joe clicked the receiver upon its hook, and stood regarding the breathless Maggie.

  46. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "clicked" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.