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Example sentences for "coiled"

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coiffures; coifs; coign; coigne; coil; coiling; coils; coin; coinage; coinages
  1. An eagle swept through the air in wide circles, and on it hung a serpent, not like a prey, but like a friend: for it kept itself coiled round the eagle's neck.

  2. The sun of knowledge stands once more at midday; and the serpent of eternity lies coiled in its light--: It is YOUR time, ye midday brethren.

  3. No garden of Eden, where the serpent lay not coiled beneath the flowers!

  4. The coiled serpent is not visible amid its luxurious foliage.

  5. All reeds in the coiled basket are wound twice with the raffia.

  6. He was not long in giving me indication of his locale, for I soon distinguished him, coiled round a branch almost at its extreme end; with his head and about a foot of his body protruding.

  7. I twice or thrice shook him in his position, but could not dislodge him; for he had got himself too firmly coiled round the bough: then I thought of our fellow's gun.

  8. The typical form was closely coiled like a nautilus.

  9. She glided to her knees and coiled her arms about his waist, looking up at him.

  10. This evaporation being largely surface action, it is possible for the plant to check this by reducing the surface, and the leaf is coiled or folded.

  11. His work was now to secure the fish as he gradually drew in the net and coiled it at his feet.

  12. She was grown up, certainly; her skirts, her size and her coiled hair proved that conclusively, and the servants obeyed her without question.

  13. There was an assortment of hair-ribbons, more or less the worse for wear, from Kate, whose braids were coiled around her head these days.

  14. If contact between the battery wires and the coiled wires be broken, the iron loses all magnetic power, and the nails, etc.

  15. The knob has a rather long shank bar, around which is coiled a pretty stiff spring.

  16. Magnets coiled with silk-covered wire admit also of better finish, but for most purposes cotton-covered wire will give satisfaction, especially if well paraffined.

  17. The free ends of the helically coiled electro-magnet wires should now be inserted into short lengths of small indiarubber tubing (same as used for feeding bottles), the extremities being drawn through and 1 in.

  18. I killed two of a very abundant species--big-headed, and of a bright green colour, which lie coiled up on leaves and shrubs and can scarcely be seen until one is close upon them.

  19. XVI opens in front of ventralmost pair, p coiled glands opening on to XVIth and XIXth segments, sc.

  20. At the bottom of that gorge untrodden by man, borne by the dark flood that untouched by sunlight coiled snakelike along, we seemed adventured on some unforgotten Styx.

  21. He unwound the lasso, which was coiled round his body, and, as the young bull flung up his heels, he cast, it and caught him by his hind legs.

  22. I hadn't finished speaking when I heard the warning hiss, and there, poised ready for the stroke, the snake was coiled before the door.

  23. There on the rug, coiled in readiness to strike, was a three-foot cottonmouth, head swaying viciously from side to side, wicked eyes shining in the bright light from the chandelier.

  24. On the marble pavement of Canal Street, with half a thousand people bustling by, lay coiled a three-foot water moccasin.

  25. These are the tentacle sacs, in which are coiled up the tentacles, which we shall describe presently.

  26. You will then see that it is dotted over with cells, in which are coiled fine threads.

  27. No wonder li'l Urgo's all coiled up for the strike, you aimin' to run him out on his girl.

  28. The girl's bared head attracted his appreciative eye; it bore a glory of wondrously burning red hair, coiled in great masses, vividly alive.

  29. Hate was the only passion which survived, and that was but a deaf intransitive emotion coiled in his nature's depths.

  30. Prom tinkling bridle chain and jingling spur, to the coiled riata, his equipment showed the unmistakable marks of use.

  31. Then he moved toward the corral gate, the coiled riata in one hand, the bridle rein in the other.

  32. Without a word the cowboy turned back to his horse, and proceeded methodically to tie the coiled riata in its place on the saddle.

  33. We tried to straighten him out, but it was no use; he just stayed coiled up like a spring and the boys rolled him around as if he were a barrel.

  34. A half-naked bhisti splashed water over the dusty roadway; at one corner a street-juggler sat with a torpid python coiled in his lap.

  35. A deadly inertia coiled about Trent's brain and body.

  36. It relaxed and the sun-helmet fell to the ground, releasing a wealth of hair that rippled down and showered the shoulders with coiled strands that in the fading light gleamed like molten copper.

  37. At the doorway she paused--for the blue turban-cloth lay coiled upon the threshold where she had tossed it.

  38. Dark caves of carpet shops, big man, Turko the terrible, seated crosslegged, smoking a coiled pipe.

  39. Rumbold, master barber, in a bloodcoloured jerkin and tanner's apron, a rope coiled over his shoulder, mounts the block.

  40. Silently at the gravehead another coiled the coffinband.

  41. He plunges his head into the gaping belly of the hanged and draws out his head again clotted with coiled and smoking entrails) My painful duty has now been done.

  42. Oh, yes, I remember it because the bun is formed of twisted dough like a snake coiled up.

  43. In the meantime, foolish Judy carefully coiled up the rope ladder and hid it in the bottom of her trunk.

  44. I coiled it round and round, weaving airy circle within circle; quicker and quicker I wove my spell, and at last shot the whole hand at him, as though I would run him through.

  45. The loose sleeves of their dresses were caught up at the shoulder, exposing arms of almost perfect symmetry, while their bare throats were scarcely hidden by the necklaces of jasmines that coiled about them.

  46. Each of the sections of wire coiled upon the cylinder consists of two separate coils, leaving four ends; two of these ends are connected to each of the segments of a circular commutator divided into parts.

  47. The tallow is melted by means of steam admitted through a pipe coiled round the bottom, and the whole kept at the boiling heat for an hour, during which a current of sulphurous acid is forced in.

  48. The white specks come out clearly and the worm will be seen coiled up.

  49. On the exterior of the tube is coiled a similar wire over the path of the preceding.

  50. With a sailor's caution the four strings leading into the can had been nicely coiled upon the tanks ready to pay out of themselves as the can should descend into the hold of the vessel through the open hatchway.

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