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Example sentences for "condoled"

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conditioner; conditioning; conditionis; conditions; condole; condolence; condolences; condoling; condom; condominium
  1. Mr. Jarndyce said that he condoled with him with all his heart and that he set up no monopoly himself in being unjustly treated by this monstrous system.

  2. She had no kind of grace about her, but the grace of sympathy; but when she condoled with the woman, and her own tears fell, she wanted no beauty.

  3. As soon as he saw me he condoled with me in a loud voice for what had happened.

  4. I was condoled with on my swollen hand, and I told the story of my duel.

  5. At supper the countess seemed to unbend a little, she condoled with me on my loss, and I said that I was glad of it as it made her speak so.

  6. Saa had been almost as badly treated by the Charpillon as myself, and we might have condoled with one another, but the subject was not mentioned.

  7. After the usual compliments had passed, and the general had condoled with me on my weak state of health, he said he should like to buy my chaise and exchange it for a commodious carriage, in which I could travel all over Germany.

  8. When I saw her she condoled with me ironically on the mishap that had befallen my friend.

  9. I was listened to, condoled with, and comforted with the remark that he would certainly be obliged to return to his house at night, and then he could not help hearing what I had to say.

  10. Jane called her mother, and they condoled with Ann Lizy.

  11. The other girls condoled with her, all but the big girl who had given the warning.

  12. There condoled with him the loss of my cozen, his wife, and talked about his matters, as atturney to my father, in his administering to my brother Tom.

  13. Thwackum and Square both condoled with Mr Blifil for the loss of his mother, which the one advised him to bear like a man, and the other like a Christian.

  14. In his way he met his old friend Black George, who heartily condoled with him on his misfortune; for this had already reached his ears, and indeed those of all the neighbourhood.

  15. Then, as we continued to discuss this matter, there came others who condoled with my companion, grieving not only for the loss of his wife, but also that they should never see him more.

  16. He condoled with the bereaved man and bade him submit to the will of Allah.

  17. Lige Curtis, whom you once pitied, condoled with and despised!

  18. If we meet a friend during any of the thirty days of his mourning for a deceased relative, we must condole with him but not salute him; but after that time he may be saluted but not condoled with.

  19. Walpole condoled with Hannah thus: 'You are not only benevolence itself, but, with fifty times the genius of Dame Yearsley, you are void of vanity.

  20. Jekyll, the punster of the day, condoled with Sir William at having to 'knock under.

  21. Then he condoled with Mrs. Bernard on a mishap to her child that other people avoided speaking of, for the consequences were likely to be very serious, and she had not yet been made fully aware of them.

  22. I condoled with him, said it was a strange affair, a riddle I could not read, a mystery which time must elucidate, for it baffled all conjecture.

  23. Jane Osborne condoled with her sister Maria during this family feud.

  24. Then they condoled him upon the evil plight of his nose, and seeing some marks upon his shirt, asked with seeming concern, if he had lost any blood in the fray?

  25. And she condoled with herself, by saying, that good parents had not always good children.

  26. The judges are indeed to be condoled with.

  27. Yes,' answered he; whereupon they condoled with him and wept sore for him and said to him, 'Abide here till we dive for thy luck this next time and whatsoever betideth us shall be between us and thee.

  28. I saluted him and condoled with him and sat down by his side and uncovered the face of Nuzhet el Fuad and saw her dead and her face swollen.

  29. The Caliph's eyes filled with tears and he condoled with her; but she ceased not to mourn for her father, till she followed him--Allah have mercy on the twain!

  30. Marchais, and condoled with her upon the death of her lifelong friend and lover, Pont de Veyle, she quietly replied, "Alas!

  31. Parabere, who introduced her at once into her own unscrupulous world and the petits soupers of the Regent, condoled with the young bride upon her marriage, regretting that she had not taken the easy vows of a chanoinesse, as Mme.

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