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Example sentences for "consulates"

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consul; consulado; consular; consulars; consulate; consulatum; consule; consulem; consules; consulibus
  1. The new consulates at Erzerum and Harpoot, for which appropriation was made last session, have been provisionally filled by trusted employees of the Department of State.

  2. Then in the evening Mrs. Brennan took me for a walk round the European Concession, down Consulate Road, where the consulates of the various nations are situated, to the Gordon Hall and Victoria Gardens.

  3. At the head of the bay we see the town and the handsome houses of the consulates on the Bund, and above that again many more pleasantly situated houses, equally handsome and belonging to missionaries.

  4. The danger can easily be imagined when we remember that they have in China the Austrian Legation, Austrian Consulates and Austrian concessions as their bases of operation for intrigue and plotting.

  5. Cuban consulates are situated in the United States and its possessions as follows: Atlanta, Ga.

  6. I want to tell you that I am employed by the Central American consulates in this city," blustered Drummond.

  7. Ramon Santos, terror of the Washington State Department and of a half dozen consulates in New York, stuck a pin in a map of Central America spread out on a table before Constance.

  8. Then he thought of exchanging his consulship for one in southern Europe, although the salaries of the more southern consulates were hardly sufficient to support a married man.

  9. Well, why not be frank about it, that is what most consuls and consulates do!

  10. Not all of them have business to transact, but still they are there, the consulates of all nations under the sun.

  11. Without consulates such a result could not have been attained.

  12. Let us consider, first, what is the extent of jurisdiction which the consulates of France may rightfully exercise here.

  13. The consulates of France, then, cannot take judicial cognizance of those questions here.

  14. In connection with this subject I earnestly reiterate the practical necessity of supplying some mode of trustworthy inspection and report of the manner in which the consulates are conducted.

  15. In many parts of the world the lack of suitable quarters for our embassies, legations, and Consulates detracts from the respect in which our officers ought to be held, and seriously impairs their weight and influence.

  16. The appropriations both for the offices of the Consuls and for the office forces in the consulates should be increased.

  17. At a large part of our Consulates the office quarters and the clerical force are inadequate to the performance of the onerous duties imposed by the recent provisions of our immigration laws as well as by our increasing trade.

  18. I should confer on such a consul a superintending power over the consulates for the States of Tunis and Tripoli, especially in respect to pecuniary engagements, which should not be made without his approbation.

  19. While the present salary of $2,000 a year appears adequate to the consulates of Tunis and Tripoli, twice that sum probably will be requisite for Algiers.

  20. Our national prestige in the East rests chiefly on our dominance in India; and this is reflected in the fact that our Indian consulates in the south are much better maintained than those in the north, which are controlled from Europe.

  21. Such an open war as this roused even the Ottoman Government to asking questions; though to do the officials justice, they would have been glad enough to leave the matter alone if only British Embassies and Consulates had left them in peace.

  22. But this is not all: the subordinate officers in some of the European Consulates are guilty of equally gross offences.

  23. The roadstead presents a gay appearance on Sunday, when all the different vessels display the ensigns of their respective nations, and corresponding flags are hoisted from the tops of the consulates on shore.

  24. The new distribution, which has just been made of Consulates and Vice Consulates requiring a particular attention, the undersigned desires Congress to be pleased to appoint a committee, empowered to treat with M.

  25. Owing to the carelessness of the postal officials, legations and consulates employ special couriers.

  26. Several missionaries and members of the consulates had gone out in carriages, and formed a little group by themselves.

  27. Between the rival hospitality of the Russian and English consulates our health was now in jeopardy from excess of kindness.

  28. Apparently the prizes had to be adjudicated at the consulates established by the merchant leagues.

  29. The heads of the Consulates and Legations called and paid their respects to the King, the Japanese Minister being the last to do so.

  30. Shortly before the boat started an American came on board and shouted: "They've got news at the consulates that your people are in it, too.

  31. All were protected by various consulates which insisted on opening new schools and protested when any were interfered with.

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