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  1. He heats his houses in winter and cools them in summer so as to have the amount of heat most acceptable to him, i.

  2. Then the needle, which cools very quickly, is dipped in a colony containing the bacteria we wish to study.

  3. The gradual evaporation of water through the stomata of the leaves cools the atmosphere, and this tends to precipitate the moisture in the air.

  4. Small brownish-grey crystals, which sparkle in the sun; entirely soluble in 130 parts of boiling water, and deposited as the solution cools under the form of beautiful pearly spangles.

  5. As it cools and on repose it coagulates, owing, according to some, to the spontaneous solidification of the fibrine.

  6. The crystals deposited as the liquid cools are cubebin.

  7. Why have some medicines of one kind contrary effects, as experience proves; for mastich doth expel, dissolve and also knit; and vinegar cools and heats?

  8. Because then the pores are open, and the heat dispersed through the body: for after bathing, it cools the body too much.

  9. As soon as it cools it hardens into an impervious glossy layer that I should think eminently adapted to this purpose.

  10. When the mass cools it becomes a yellowish, transparent, glacial substance, tough and deliquescent.

  11. As the vapor rises from the mixture and goes into the worm, it cools and condenses.

  12. If you get them very hot the moisture in them will boil and turn to steam, of course, but the steam will all turn back to water as soon as it cools a little and the drops will cling to your clothes and to everything around the room.

  13. Then when this air passes over a cold current, the cold current cools the air so much that the moisture in it condenses and forms fog.

  14. It cools as it expands, and when it gets cool enough the water vapor begins to condense.

  15. The air may be cooled by blowing in from the warm lake or ocean in the early morning, for at night the land cools more rapidly than the water does.

  16. Explain why air usually cools when it rises; why high mountain tops are always covered with snow.

  17. Yet, if you enter the woods Of a summer evening late, When the night-air cools on the trout-ringed pools Where the otter whistles his mate.

  18. When your heart is young and gay And the season rules it-- Work your works and play your play 'Fore the Autumn cools it!

  19. Who loveth not the elm tree fair, A fountain green in summer air, Whose tremulous spray cools the faint meadow, And croons to all of a careless care?

  20. When the lamp is removed the air in the bulb cools and therefore contracts, by which means the mercury is forced up the fine tube, very nearly filling the bulb.

  21. From which I learn that the law of the progress of heat in bodies was not proportionable to their density, since lead, which is more dense than iron or copper, nevertheless heats and cools in less time than either.

  22. Hard pitch must, therefore, always be run into an iron or brick cooler where it cools down out of contact with air, until it can be drawn out into the open pots where its solidification is completed.

  23. The former warms and cools readily, and to a considerable degree; the latter, slowly and but little.

  24. O, the wound of conscience is no sear, and time cools it not with his wing, but merely keeps it open with his scythe!

  25. The former are an eclipse of the moon, by which the dark night becomes still blacker and wilder; the latter are a solar eclipse, which cools off the hot day, and casts a romantic shade, and wherein the nightingales begin to warble.

  26. It cools and still cools and condenses, but still fiercely glows.

  27. After several days of progressive heat here, on the hottest of which the thermometer probably reaches 103 degrees in the shade, a break occurs in the weather, and a thunderstorm cools the air for a time.

  28. Illustration: 0251] While the General is fuming with ink and paper against those distinguished warriors, he cools at intervals sufficiently to build the blooming Rachel a little church.

  29. As the General's horse cools his weary muzzle in the Mississippi, the English fleet has been two days on its course.

  30. Those indeed work violently, and forcibly condense, but wine cools by degrees; it gently stops the motion, according as it hath more or less of such narcotic qualities.

  31. Thus the nurse in the tragedy, In garments thin doth Niobe's children fold, And sometimes heats and sometimes cools the babes.

  32. It is well known that mountain chains are but ridges or foldings in the crust upheaved as the interior cools and shrinks.

  33. It cools my blood; it cools my brain; Thy lips, I feel them, baby!

  34. Franklin, who remarked also, that the water in it having been originally heated in the torrid zone, cools so gradually in its passage northward, that even the latitude might be found in any part of the stream by means of a thermometer.

  35. Caloric has always a tendency to equilibrium; therefore, if the temperature of the air be lowered, the earth cools in proportion: but when the atmosphere is reduced to 32 deg.

  36. As the egg cools the contents shrink, and the two layers of membrane separate in the large end of the egg, causing the appearance of the bubble or air cell.

  37. A more reasonable theory is that the hen cools the eggs from necessity, not from choice.

  38. The incandescent fuel is carried on a bed of ashes several feet thick, so that the coal gradually burns out and cools before its ashes are discharged.

  39. It is very agreeable during the summer-time to have the streets of cities sprinkled with water, and it is also very healthy, because the evaporation of the sprinkled water renders heat latent, and thus cools off the air.

  40. This latter modifies the temperature of the atmosphere; for the cold air from the poles of the earth, in coming to the equator, cools the torrid zone; again, the hot air going from there to the poles heats the colder regions.

  41. We all know that in this case the water cools down by degrees.

  42. If the liquor in which the Kermes is dissolved be filtered while it is very hot, and almost boiling, it leaves nothing on the filter; the Kermes passing through with it: but as it cools it grows turbid, and gradually deposites the Kermes.

  43. This piece serves to keep cold water in, which incessantly cools the head, and therefore it is called the Refrigeratory.

  44. For that purpose a very great quantity of water is necessary, and moreover it must boil; for as it cools most of the dissolved Selenites takes a solid form, and falls in a powder to the bottom of the vessel.

  45. He observed, that when the liquor impregnated with Kermes cools too fast, the Kermes that precipitates is much coarser.

  46. As it cools it will acquire a red colour, grow turbid, and leave a red powder on the filter.

  47. Land heats and cools rapidly; water heats and cools slowly.

  48. The body gradually cools to the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere.

  49. After death the chemical changes upon which the maintenance of this temperature depends rapidly diminishes, and the body gradually cools to the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere.

  50. As the tire cools it contracts and fits the wheel closely.

  51. The flatiron heats slowly and cools slowly, and, because of its high specific heat, not only supplies the laundress with considerable heat, but eliminates for her the frequent changing of the flatiron.

  52. The hot water in the radiators cools and, in cooling, gives up its heat to the rooms and thus warms them.

  53. In the summer the water cools the region; in the winter, on the contrary, the water heats the region, and hence extremes of temperature are practically unknown.

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