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Example sentences for "coveralls"

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  1. Clay gasped, dropped the rifles and grabbed the coveralls from her hand and clutched them to his figure.

  2. Clay climbed into the cab and surveyed his grease-stained uniform coveralls and filthy hands.

  3. Clay was into the coveralls and in his seat almost at the instant Martin whipped the patrol car through the hole in the blue traffic and shoved her into high once more.

  4. He pulled up the zipper on his loose blue uniform coveralls and paused to gauge the storm clouds building up to the west.

  5. In the tiny crew quarters, he shut the door to the galley and stripped out of his wet coveralls and boots.

  6. He broke off as a man in white coveralls came pushing into the office.

  7. I’ll have to be extra good today,” he told his roommates, as the three donned their coveralls that afternoon.

  8. At the barracks, while changing into coveralls and new shoes, Barry and Chick were able to exchange a few hurried words.

  9. Fred Marmon had brought six suits of green coveralls to replace their flying togs, and even some burnt cork to blacken their faces.

  10. Hunter opened several lockers and finally found the clothes he sought, heavy fleece-lined coveralls especially designed for cold weather flying.

  11. After dinner alone he walked to his room, found a suit of coveralls and an old cap and bandanna handkerchief.

  12. He was a stocky man in patched coveralls whose only expression was one of intense gloom.

  13. Heavy boots came as high as her knees, her figure was lost in bulky coveralls of some metallic fabric.

  14. A few evenings later, when Stevens came in after his long day's work, he was surprised to see Nadia dressed in a suit of brown coveralls and high-laced moccasins.

  15. Everything ready for the test, Stevens took off his frayed and torn leather coveralls and moccasins and climbed nimbly up the penstock.

  16. Did these coveralls have any pockets in them?

  17. And these coveralls were so loose fitting that it made the pockets hang down?

  18. Sure, and you have a distinct recollection, do you, that there were occasions when you saw this man in the coveralls over at Hutch's Market that he was accompanied by somebody else?

  19. Would you describe these coveralls a little bit further--they were full length?

  20. And what color did you say these coveralls were?

  21. You know, them old combat coveralls that the Army wears.

  22. These coveralls had the sleeves cut off and they were ragged--I mean--they were long sleeves originally but they had just been chopped off.

  23. And even on those occasions when you saw him across the street at Hutch's, he had the coveralls, the military-type coveralls on?

  24. Because these coveralls were so ill fitting?

  25. They had stripped off their shoes and socks to let them dry near the ship's heater, and their damp, mud-stained coveralls were drying on their bodies.

  26. Suppose they make a report that brings in the authorities and--" "But who'd think a man in coveralls just stepped off a spaceship?

  27. They rolled the legs of their coveralls high above their knees, and with many excited squeals and giggles hurried down the ramps and into the cool water breaking on the shore.

  28. A clean pair of coveralls was the extent of her dress-up for the honored place beside Janice Williams at the table.

  29. Nancy kicked off her muddy shoes, and discarded her dirty, painted coveralls and sat cross-legged under her mosquito net.

  30. She was peeling off her coveralls as she talked.

  31. When the nurses came up in their coveralls and G.

  32. The transparent plastic of the coveralls went on easily enough, and his hands found the seals quickly.

  33. The man who had just passed was carrying a lunch basket, and was wearing the coveralls of one of the crop-prospector crews; but the expression on his face had been wrong.

  34. He'd bought a suit of airtight coveralls and a helmet at the field; he had some cash, and a set of reader cards in his pocket.

  35. I'll give you five minutes to get into coveralls and helmet and out through the airlock.

  36. He turned to see a tall, solidly built man in coveralls scowling at him.

  37. They were dressed alike in coveralls with short quarter-length space boots and round plastic crash helmets.

  38. Like all the others, Line-Commodore Vann Shatrak wore shipboard battle-dress; his coveralls were black, splashed on breast and between shoulders with the gold insignia of his rank.

  39. Lanze was now wearing the combat coveralls of an officer of Navy Landing-Troops; he had a steel helmet with a transpex visor shoved up, and there was a carbine slung over his shoulder.

  40. She'd worn coveralls since the catastrophe, saving the dress she'd had on for landing on Earth.

  41. She zipped up the front of her coveralls with a crisp gesture, as if to snap off the vision.

  42. He clipped a heat-gun and audicom pack to the belt of his bulging coveralls and clumped to the port to look outside.

  43. A stunted jungle of thorny brambles and tough, waist-high grasses hampered their passage at first, ripping at coveralls and tangling the feet until they had beaten their way through it to lower ground.

  44. Another damned tropical pesthole," Farrell said, shucking off his comfortable shorts and donning booted coveralls for the preliminary survey.

  45. He began pushing papers aside on his desk, and the girl in the too-ample coveralls brought drinking cups.

  46. With a long way to walk along the rubble-littered highways, he stripped off the impregnated coveralls and boots.

  47. They are great travelers, the young people, in their sweaty coveralls with radiation meters.

  48. What did you think you were doing without coveralls and way over your exposure time?

  49. The destroyer commander had had his civilian suit cleaned and pressed for him and he was wearing it, having discarded the coveralls he had worn in the German shop.

  50. A quick glance showed bulges under their coveralls which looked a lot like army pistols or automatics.

  51. At twelve o'clock he took off his coveralls and slipped several parts into his coat pocket.

  52. A gate opened and a man in coveralls came up to meet them.

  53. Looking down he saw the mechanics with their bulging coveralls crowding in close.

  54. She was clad in coveralls of a yellow that made Winstead blink.

  55. Inside, two youths in coveralls were lounging on wooden chairs of austere design.

  56. Bland helped himself to a pair of new coveralls of Johnny's and tinkered with the motor.

  57. A lean figure in grease-blackened coveralls came out of the shadows, and Cliff climbed down.

  58. Penny had brought the silken ladder, extra rope, a flashlight and a suit of warm coveralls which her father used when he worked on the car.

  59. Once outside the mansion, they paused beside a tree so that Penny might remove the heavy coveralls which she still wore over her frock.

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