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Example sentences for "deceits"

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deceit; deceitful; deceitfull; deceitfully; deceitfulness; deceiue; deceiued; deceiuing; deceivable; deceivableness
  1. It is easier to forgive him; there are deceits that smirch the soul of the deceived no less than the deceiver.

  2. There are also deceits practiced by private persons, and other reasons which I have already stated.

  3. In all such supposed cases, the Catholic Church has the proper tests to apply, by which the soul can learn whether she is led by a Divine afflatus, or betrayed by her own disordered imagination, or the deceits of an invisible tempter.

  4. But indeed for deceits thou hast put it to them: when they were lifted up thou hast cast them down.

  5. And they that sought evils to me spoke vain things, and studied deceits all the day long.

  6. And this comes from holding parley With the delusions and deceits of Satan.

  7. Thy deceits Give us clearly to comprehend, Whither tend All thy pleasures, all thy sweets!

  8. His deceits first confounded me with doubt as to whether I was not rash in taking the vow perilous of the monastic life, without consulting parents or friends, when Scripture bids us 'do all things with counsel.

  9. The German poet is driven to a few reflections on the deceits of Eve's daughters, the anxieties of forbidden love, and the crown of worth and joy that a true woman's love may be.

  10. Of the manner in which Locutions of God are perceived by the soul without being actually heard; and of some deceits that might take place in this matter, and how one is to know which is which.

  11. She continues and concludes this last degree of prayer, and says what a soul having reached it feels when obliged to turn back and live in the world, and speaks of the light God gives concerning the deceits (of the world).

  12. Wherever this privilege was denied to Christians, Luther claimed for them the right, by virtue of their universal priesthood, to ordain a priest for themselves, and to reject the ensnaring deceits of mere human doctrine.

  13. If I may use a paradox, sweet lady, the deceits of reality are ten times more dangerous than those of imagination.

  14. The manuals for inquisitors, indeed, make no scruple in instructing them as to the devices and deceits by which they can elude all attempts to appeal when through disregard of rules they have exposed themselves to it.

  15. And thus many deceits can the fiend bring in on this manner.

  16. It was my weak and cowardly acquiescence in Fanny's deceits that was speeding him on his dreadful journey.

  17. Is there any end to the deceits of the little gaby?

  18. How many christian nations are given up to the most gross deceits of popery, and princes and people are enemies to reformation, because they hardened their hearts against the light of truth!

  19. It is the devil and his deceits that fear the light.

  20. And they themselves lie in wait for their own blood, and practise deceits against their own souls.

  21. Put you on the armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the deceits of the devil.

  22. As for the crimes and deceits of the informers, thou hast rightly deemed it fitting to pass them over lightly, because the popular voice hath better and more fully pronounced upon them.

  23. The soldiers commit nowhere fewer insolences upon the burghers, few robberies upon the country; nor the Officers fewer deceits upon the soldiers.

  24. For such deceits are harmless Yet kiss a thousand fold; For kisses may be bold When lovely sleep is armless.

  25. Lastly, they must disbelieve that one of the best accredited chapters in the history of mankind is the chapter that records the astonishing deceits continually practised, with no object or purpose but the distorted pleasure of deceiving.

  26. The deceits and thefts of these were also enumerated in detail, many of which were known to scarcely any in the world except themselves.

  27. Such are the wiles and deceits of men, that they are rarely to be trusted with the most advanced post; give them but footing, though that footing be innocent, and they will work night and day till their wishes are accomplished.

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