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Example sentences for "defiling"

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defilement; defilements; defilers; defiles; defileth; definable; defind; define; defined; defines
  1. At length, after defiling through, the principal streets and squares, it reached the great cathedral, where the day was devoutly closed with solemn prayer and thanksgiving.

  2. After some days of fair weather, he was caught in a storm and blown along for many days more, until at length the ship was cast ashore on one of the Færoe islands and wrecked, though most of the crew and goods were rescued.

  3. Richard's Farewell to the Holy Land 10 Defeat of the Turks 16 The Christians of the Holy City defiling before Saladin.

  4. Illustration: The Christians of the Holy City defiling before Saladin.

  5. In Pah-sap-pah are two men, and they go here and there breaking her rocks, cutting her trees, defiling her streams.

  6. In a few moments we perceived, through the trees, a battalion of French infantry about to make their soup, and in the distance, on the plain beyond, platoons of Cossacks defiling from one village to another.

  7. What should be prevented from defiling the air in any region where it is to be breathed?

  8. By permitting the drainage into it through the soil of defiling matter.

  9. And hath it been of so defiling a nature, that it hath redounded in all the posterity; and, as unclean things under the law defiled all they touched, so hath that sin subjected all the creatures to corruption?

  10. Such was the mood of the lover condemned to hear another malignant scandal defiling the name of the woman he worshipped.

  11. He is looking down at the white dust which is defiling his patent-leather boots, and smiling slightly.

  12. Sin is of a polluting and defiling nature, and what grace soever it toucheth it staineth, and in staining makes it weaker, than were it not so defiled it would be.

  13. The vileness of his nature had broken out to the defiling of his life, and to the making of him, at this time, base in conversation.

  14. I see so much of the sinful vileness of my nature, and feel how ready it is to thrust itself forth at all occasions to the defiling of my whole man, and more.

  15. The cuadrillas were defiling before the president.

  16. If the lady wished to pass into the chapel-- The defiling of the cuadrillas was over.

  17. Though he does not expressly say so, Jerome seems to have thought that the grove of Adonis had been planted by the heathen after the birth of Christ for the purpose of defiling the sacred spot.

  18. But it is most improbable that the Persians, with their profound reverence for the sanctity of fire, should have thought of defiling the sacred element with the worst of all pollutions, the contact of dead bodies.

  19. In the deepest dejection, and the utmost disorder, they reached the Rhine, scarce twelve thousand strong, on the 25th August, and immediately began defiling over by the bridge of Strasburg.

  20. Of the Arts and Manufactures of the Natives SECT.

  21. I have made this experiment myself, and must say that I never could turn it into vinegar.

  22. After he has swallowed their portions, he makes his acknowledgments by defiling the foot of my seat, and then the ungrateful cynic takes up a sitting position on the asphalt and turns his back on me.

  23. I have come in order to make this rarefied air possible to breathe by defiling it, since the young man cannot bear it, pure.

  24. As Lee's head of column was defiling toward Chester Gap, beyond Front Royal, General Meade struck at it through Manassas Gap, directly on its flank, and an action followed which promised at one time to become serious.

  25. The rebel chief improved his opportunity, and suddenly decamped under cover of night, defiling along the causeway while our weary troops were resting on their arms.

  26. We remember that even the ground was cursed when sin entered with its defiling touch; where flowers and fruits did once abound has come forth a crop of vile weeds, thorns, and poisonous vines.

  27. Say what you will as to causes, this condition is not an accident; we must go far up the turbid stream to find the source of these defiling waters.

  28. For God’s sake, please tell us if we will be bound in conscience to speak in the confessional, to the married and unmarried females, on such impure and defiling questions as are contained in the theologians before us?

  29. I felt in that solemn hour a supreme disgust for my church, which was cruelly defiling me, and all her priests, in the confessional-box.

  30. Will not every text on which the Holy Fathers have differed become as the dead carcass which the Israelites could not touch, except by defiling themselves?

  31. I will do all that religion and honor will allow me to prevent such a dark spot from defiling my name, and the man who does try it, will learn at his own expense that I am not only a priest of Christ but also an American citizen.

  32. I have realized all the strength, the grandeur and the holiness of their motives for being silent on these defiling matters, and I could not but admire them.

  33. But from the top of the donjon, at the first glimmering of daylight, the governor had seen the troop of Imperialists defiling in the direction of the posts that had been taken.

  34. All hearts sink; Latinus goes with torn raiment, in dismay at his wife's doom and his city's downfall, defiling his hoary hair with soilure of sprinkled dust.

  35. For the achievement of such he well knew the advantage of stately show and regal surroundings, nowhere more effective than in the country he was defiling with his presence.

  36. We notice how very specially it is of sins in the body that Paul speaks as defiling God's holy temple; and how it is through the power of the Holy Ghost in the body that he would have us glorify God.

  37. Then shall we discover how much of hateful self is insinuated, like a dark and defiling tissue, into the whole web of our Christian life and service.

  38. Would that we more walked in the solemn apprehension of the defiling nature of all worldly association, and of our own tendency to be defiled thereby!

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