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Example sentences for "delightedly"

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delict; delicti; delight; delighte; delighted; delighter; delightest; delighteth; delightful; delightfull
  1. Colonel Wallifarro smiled delightedly as he gave his ready sanction to the plan.

  2. A moment before he had been affable, and her own eyes had sparkled delightedly at the mother-wit of his observations and the quaint idiom and metaphor of his speech.

  3. Some other, long ago, found time dull and so--" Delightedly she shared the flavor of that secret of the vagabond lady of long ago who had devised this cunning entrance for her lover.

  4. She smiled delightedly when she saw the white children and hailed them as gayly as though she were not in pain.

  5. The children laughed delightedly at this, but Laddie suddenly stopped laughing.

  6. He could delightedly involve Mary in his congratulations and happy prophecies now, when but today he had half broken her heart!

  7. Uncle Will made some tea, and the natives drank it delightedly in the cabin, which they entered without invitation as soon as the door was opened.

  8. Roly and David signalled with their caps and soon attracted Uncle Will's attention, and that gentleman waved his arms delightedly the moment he saw them.

  9. She wrote that she wanted to see dear old 'Mahbin again, and delightedly the miller brought her home.

  10. There, at his own table, my grandfather sat down delightedly with his broad-spoken, homespun officers.

  11. One of the cubs put his long thin snout into the pocket of my fur coat, and nuzzled delightedly among the crumbs.

  12. As soon as Mr. Bean learned that Polly was on her way down to the department store, he turned about, and walked along by her side, listening delightedly to her happy chatter.

  13. Polly, remembering the old Ilga and her few school friends, looked delightedly upon the popularity which this subdued, humbled girl was winning.

  14. Roddy delightedly grasped the syringe, and was instructed how to fill and plunge it into the green, dropsical flesh of the plant.

  15. Diana delightedly braced herself for a row, but there was no need for it.

  16. Some of them were talking delightedly and the rising murmur of their approval warmed her trembling heart.

  17. She hobbled delightedly from window to window, staring out at the open space in front of the house, with its descending terraces and the gray jungle of underbrush that hid the edge of the clearing.

  18. She feverishly grabbed a brush herself and slashed about delightedly in kalsomine.

  19. By the Holy Mother, I'll do it," said Pat, delightedly resuming his hoe with fresh vigor.

  20. He asked many questions, and delightedly informed them that only the day before he had actually seen a detachment of American soldiers marching through the village street.

  21. The boys shook his hand and slapped him delightedly on the shoulder.

  22. With an effort she could discern, Jill's tail wagging delightedly from a hole in a ditch, where she was hunting a rabbit.

  23. Then, with a sharp bark of delight, Jill sprang from the hedge to jump delightedly about her mistress.

  24. Both children were listening delightedly to the music.

  25. Yes, there is," answered Heidi promptly, looking up delightedly at grandmamma.

  26. Her elaboration of his night-letter home, which she wrote to her sister, fell later into his hands, and he shook delightedly over it.

  27. This morning they saw an oldish black man step off, doff his hat delightedly to two young men waiting at the platform's edge, pass them a ticket, and move across to a pair of saddled horses.

  28. Now these bowed delightedly from it to the General, while Kincaid and his friend stood close hid and listened agape, equally amused and dismayed.

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    gladly; happily; joyfully