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Example sentences for "detaches"

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desyryng; det; detach; detachable; detached; detaching; detachment; detachments; detail; detailed
  1. At Vesuvius, at three hundred and seventy toises high, the cone detaches itself from the plain of Atrio dei Cavalli.

  2. With one finger of her right hand she detaches the yarn from the distaff that lies inert in the little iron rut before her.

  3. It ceases to be aristocratic; it detaches itself from persons and takes possession of us all.

  4. One gentleman who detaches himself and comes up wears a soft hat and a loose tie.

  5. Down below, one's foot detaches itself from a matrix of blood, stiffened with French bayonets that have been bent, doubled, and twisted by the force of the blow.

  6. With their eyes fixed on the ground level, they see the darkness moving on the right, and then a shadow with legs detaches itself, approaches, and passes.

  7. The male is wholly ignorant of the female for whom he detaches a limb, and the female knows nothing of her fecundator save the sole organ which fecundates.

  8. Man's first inventions are fire and the club, that is to say he detaches his digestion, he finds a means to get heat without releasing the calories of the log by internal combustion inside his own stomach.

  9. Came a great uprush of ghostly light above the black rim of rocks, and then like a bubble that is blown and detaches itself the moon floated off clear into the unfathomable dark sky.

  10. The executioner leans over the victim, and with his knife detaches the skin from the flesh.

  11. In certain cases he also proceeds to scarification of the gums, or else he detaches them all around from the tooth, by means of a special instrument called a pericharacter.

  12. The individual only detaches himself with difficulty from the maternal breast; he only isolates himself by an effort from the nature around him, from the love which enwraps him, the ideas in which he floats, the cradle in which he lies.

  13. His Calvinistic training lingers long in him; and what detaches him from the Hegelian school, with which he has much in common, is his own stronger sense of personal need, his preoccupation with the idea of "sin.

  14. Their violence does not wear them, but it wears the reef, and detaches in atoms the lime on which they live and with which they build.

  15. A single bee again detaches herself from the crowd, and with her horny tongue, teeth, and paws, she contrives to hollow out the solid matter like a reversed vault.

  16. He orders Wilkinson to cross at a ford two miles above, and detaches King's and Logsdon's companies, under conduct of Major Barbee, to cross the river below.

  17. He now detaches Colonel John Hardin with sixty mounted infantry and a troop of light horse under Captain McCoy, and they swing to the left.

  18. To forget that Browning is a preacher may suit a dainty kind of criticism which detaches the idea of beauty from the total of our humanity addressed by the greater artists.

  19. In travelling over the coffee, it bursts and detaches the coriaceous or parchment-like skin which surrounds each hemispherical bean.

  20. To give an idea of the quantity of earth which the rain detaches from mountains and carries into the vallies, we shall quote a circumstance related by Dr.

  21. While the Carpet Moth only detaches from the various stuffs the wool it requires for clothing and nourishment, the Fur Moth causes much more considerable and more rapid damage.

  22. When the wax is sufficiently elaborated in its organs, one of them detaches itself from the group of which it forms a part.

  23. Each blow detaches a small portion of the substance of the leaf.

  24. Utica, 36; detaches a part of his troops to sustain Sabura, 40; defeats Cario, ii.

  25. After stating these particulars, he gives the signal for action, and detaches the Aedui at the same time by another ascent an the right.

  26. The mechanistic explanations, we said, hold good for the systems that our thought artificially detaches from the whole.

  27. It detaches these events from the whole, which at every moment puts on a new form and which communicates to them something of its novelty.

  28. Adheres but detaches with difficulty (b) Pliable but not strong 24 “Parresine,” 46.

  29. Adheres well; Waverly Oil Works, detaches well Pittsburgh (b) Pliable and strong 10 “Paraffin No.

  30. From so much that is coarse, dreadful, and revolting, the romance of Masuccio's more genial tales detaches itself with charming grace and delicacy.

  31. One of Jacopone's authentic poems so far detaches itself in character and composition from the rest, and is so important, as will shortly be seen, for the history of Italian dramatic art, that it demands separate consideration.

  32. Then comes a frantic waving of antennae, (or are they handkerchiefs), and finally part of the wharf detaches itself and is slowly separated from the city.

  33. So as I listen languidly the scene before me detaches itself from actuality and floats away on the stream of art.

  34. From these mysticisms and technicalities of Troubadour and all other poetic guilds Browning decisively detaches his poet.

  35. Wordsworth sometimes recalls it, but he is apt to invest his lonely beings with a mystic glamour which detaches them from humanity as well as from their fellow-men.

  36. But presently the luminous haunter detaches herself from the mortal, and leaves her dupe to wonder at the mockery of sense.

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