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Example sentences for "detecting"

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detarmined; dete; detect; detectable; detected; detection; detective; detectives; detector; detectors
  1. On the contrary, I am cheered by the recollection, that a great part of my life has been spent in detecting his tricks, and in thwarting his wicked designs.

  2. The circumstance of the water mark has at various times been the means of detecting frauds, forgeries and impositions in our courts of law and elsewhere.

  3. As the importance of logick is to be shown by detecting false arguments, the excellence of morality is to be displayed by proving the deformity, the reproach, and the misery of all deviations from it.

  4. Nor had Shakespeare any interest in detecting the imposture, as none of his fame or profit was produced by the press.

  5. This device, at any rate as far as detecting was concerned, had been anticipated by the patent of Thomas Ruxton in 1816.

  6. The police have the right of entry to licensed premises at any time for the purpose of preventing or detecting offences.

  7. I could have struck him for his pretence of ingenuousness, and his seeming unconsciousness that he was detecting me.

  8. Nevertheless the great difficulty of detecting them, and the still greater difficulty of conceiving how such things can be, has led many not versed in the subject to disbelieve and from that to attempt to explain the sight as illusory.

  9. She deludes herself," spoke the father shortly, detecting the hint of faith underlying Lassois' tone.

  10. The Clover, if it has four leaves, is a magical plant, enabling him who carries it on his person to be successful at play, and have the power of detecting the approach of malignant spirits.

  11. Frequently the adulteration is most skilfully effected, and every fresh advance in the chemical methods of detecting foreign ingredients is scientifically met by the adulterator.

  12. There is, therefore, little difficulty in detecting and identifying it in a body years after a crime has been committed.

  13. Some thirty years ago a patent was taken out by Kromer for the use of a sympathetic ink in detecting any tampering with envelopes.

  14. With the more refined methods of analysis now available, such evidence would probably have been corroborated, seeing that the tests are capable of detecting arsenic even in the minute proportion of one part in sixty millions.

  15. Of recent years photography has supplied another valuable means of detecting alterations in documents, and it has been found particularly useful for demonstrating to a judge and jury the results of a microscopical examination.

  16. The most valuable methods of detecting forgery have been based upon the use of the microscope, which will frequently reveal alterations that are quite invisible to the naked eye.

  17. Belgium has also adopted the same plan of earmarking the margarine produced in the country, and has thus simplified in one direction the problem of detecting petty adulteration.

  18. Owing to the difficulty of detecting such small additions of margarine to butter (which, as was explained above, is due to the variations in the natural product) a most ingenious device has been adopted in some countries.

  19. The value of sympathetic inks in detecting an offender was strikingly shown in the recent Sutton libel case, in which a woman was found guilty of sending offensive cards through the post.

  20. Baron Japhet applied the nervous fibres of his tongue to the skin; he had skill in thus detecting salts, acids, alkalis, and gases.

  21. You reverse your phraseology for their benefit, and you are as keen in detecting their faults as you were before adroit in bringing out the virtues of your friends.

  22. There was no deceiving this man, who seemed to possess a power of detecting the secrets of the wariest heart.

  23. Accordingly, this instrument, when developed, can be used as a radiation dosimeter in civil defense by swiftly detecting the degree and type of chromosomal aberrations in blood cells.

  24. It is through what is called the development of intellect, judgment, and reasoning that the faculty of truth-detecting or truth-selecting comes.

  25. He was the first to use the pulse as a means of detecting physical condition.

  26. That in which he specially excelled all the men I ever knew was the power of detecting and establishing occult resemblances.

  27. Sidenote: Another way of detecting the sorcerer.

  28. Another way of detecting the culprit is to attach the feather of a bird of paradise to a staff and give the staff to two men to hold upright between the palms of their right hands.

  29. How many of us scrutinise the reasons of our conduct with the view of detecting and eliminating any latent inconsistencies in them?

  30. We are practically skilful in detecting elements for which we have no place in our theory, and no name.

  31. Man is fallen; nature is erect, and serves as a differential thermometer, detecting the presence or absence of the divine sentiment in man.

  32. Having been engaged, for now nearly twenty years, in a thorough study of Bramante's life and labours, I have taken a particular interest in detecting the distinguishing marks of his style as compared with Leonardo's.

  33. Well, my name is Miss Petunia Scroggs, and I want to talk to you about detecting something for me.

  34. Now, this combination of paper-hanging and detecting has its advantages," said Billy Getz, with a wink at the Sheriff.

  35. It was a proof that the methods of our Correspondence School of Detecting were not short of the best.

  36. And what a boy, untrained, could do, a graduate of the Rising Sun Correspondence School of Detecting ought to be able to do!

  37. Well, I suppose you've got to do your little bit of detecting just the same.

  38. Manufactured and Sold by the Rising Sun Detective Agency's Correspondence School of Detecting Supply Bureau.

  39. So Gran'pa Higgs he lent me enough money to go to London and take lessons in detecting from Shermlock Hollums, and I did.

  40. And then I want you to find Henry," she said, "because I've heard you can do so well in the detecting line.

  41. The formal couple are always sticklers for what is rigidly proper, and have a great readiness in detecting hidden impropriety of speech or thought, which by less scrupulous people would be wholly unsuspected.

  42. And presently Mr. Alibone, detecting his friend's meaning when he said he was deadly sleepy somehow to-night, took his leave and went away to finish his last pipe at The Sun.

  43. Without further ado he turned on his heel, as if preparing to make a hurried exit, but in a moment Sonia, detecting his intention, sprang towards the door and prevented him.

  44. The stories told of his amazing ingenuity in detecting crime were legion, though many of them were perhaps fabulous; yet there was no doubt that he was one of the most experienced police officers in Europe.

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