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Example sentences for "detectives"

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detectable; detected; detecting; detection; detective; detector; detectors; detects; deteined; detent
  1. It is an undisputed fact, railroad detectives as authority, that a majority of the young men arrested for stealing merchandise from freight cars were once boys who sold or waited for newspapers at the stations of our railroads.

  2. The officers of the Boyville Association have on file congratulatory letters from prominent railroad detectives heartily approving of the work accomplished in trying to teach the boys who sell or wait for papers at the stations, honesty.

  3. I thought this was queer until I remembered you told me that detectives usually hunt in couples, and I thought he was another officer from headquarters.

  4. Then I'll hire the best private detectives to be had!

  5. But the fact is the detectives are trying to find out about those men and every bit of information helps.

  6. If Ben did not know of the visit of the detectives she was not going to tell him.

  7. The two detectives lost no time in searching for it.

  8. Finally, though he had once before visited the hiding-place of the tin box, he decided to go again, and started at such a time that he arrived about an hour after Harry and the detectives had unearthed and removed it.

  9. Then I shall send you at once with a note to a police officer, requesting two detectives to accompany you back.

  10. As soon as the detectives have returned, you must go back at once to Waybridge with them, and lead them to the place where the box is concealed.

  11. Half an hour later Harry and the two detectives were passengers on a train bound for a town not far from Waybridge.

  12. And had I not been the person I am, with detectives at my heels to vouch for me, I should have been doing a fortnight hard for interfering with the police in the execution of their duty.

  13. When he was picked up by the detectives he gave a certain address.

  14. Two detectives were standing mattock in hand.

  15. Masseron and his detectives devoted all their ingenuity and all the painstaking patience of which they were capable to the task of searching every corner of this cellar.

  16. The detectives were distributed at the two entrances to Berthou's Wharf.

  17. In the hotel office they met two detectives sent by Mr. Rand.

  18. The detectives have faith in the steamship story.

  19. The detectives with Mr. Rand were pressing on.

  20. These detectives are composed of picked men devoted to their duty, chosen for their known loyalty, courage, and discretion, not one of whom but would lay down his life if called upon so to do in order to protect that of the Emperor.

  21. If he had merely stuck to business, not a thousand detectives would ever have queered his pitch.

  22. An hour later the detectives saw Signor Poggi to his boat and then walked home with Mr. Redmayne.

  23. I read story-books of crime in which the detectives are 'sleuths.

  24. He was then arrested by the detectives and locked up.

  25. His assistant, in pursuance of the agreement, started for Mr Alexander's house, followed by the detectives and representatives of the ring.

  26. At the opening of the Crystal Palace, a party of detectives distributed among the crowd, observed several foreigners looking about them in a manner calculated to rouse their suspicions.

  27. If he does, he ought to hire a couple of detectives to keep track of him when he goes wandering out in the night!

  28. Upon his return to his home, Mr. Carson immediately made good the two hundred thousand dollars taken from the Night and Day bank and employed detectives to look up the missing coin.

  29. They are heartbroken, and they have hired private detectives to find him if possible.

  30. Two other detectives were guarding the prisoner.

  31. Fu-Manchu was the greatest fungologist the world had ever known; was a poisoner to whom the Borgias were as children--and I knew that the detectives blindly were walking into a valley of death.

  32. As it seemed probable that he was the victim of foul play the detectives set to work and in due time arrested George March, the dairyman on the farm, and Roland Pennington, a farm laborer.

  33. When he had displayed uneasiness about an open window, the detectives told how they closed it and sat between him and the window to assure him that no one in the street would harm him.

  34. He appeared guarded by two detectives of the regular police department,[104] and a body-guard of partisans.

  35. Detectives were sent out to notify Blake that he was wanted in court.

  36. He asked that detectives be ready when the ship came into quarantine on the St. Lawrence River, for she was bound for Quebec.

  37. A crime had been committed in London, and the search for the man who did it was carried on by an immense corps of police and detectives all over Europe working in harmony.

  38. Still the moonlight whisky is made up in the mountains, and still the revenue detectives are shot.

  39. The mountaineers and the detectives might fire at each other as long as they enjoyed the pastime; but let them not dare to aim at an army-officer--let them not dare!

  40. Finally, there was the evidence of the detectives who originally arrested him at Liverpool Docks in view of his suspicious demeanour.

  41. He found conversation with detectives as lively as playing at skittles with bombshells.

  42. Like kings and editors, detectives are difficult of approach--unless you are a criminal, when you cannot see anything of them at all.

  43. One of the detectives attached to the staff.

  44. The detectives stood by, indifferent spectators of the scene.

  45. The Inspector was telephoning here and there; detectives were coming in and whispering, as if receiving secret orders; and at last, at midnight, two detectives came in and whispered a message to the Inspector.

  46. I hurried myself as fast as I could into the station-house, thinking that would protect me; all this time I was being assaulted, the two detectives stood over me.

  47. On their way down to the police-station one of the detectives said to Stanley, “You get away!

  48. Did the detectives provide you with the custom; did they give you custom?

  49. As we walked slowly up the street, the sheriff went on, just to show that country as well as city detectives knew a thing or two.

  50. When the necklace was stolen," she added tremulously, "it must have been an inside job, as you detectives call it.

  51. You and I can hardly expect to be as shrewd as the detectives of romance.

  52. You told me that the regular detectives are considering the theory that I instigated this affair.

  53. Why, Mr. Barnes, have you not had evidence of my ability to thwart detectives before to-day?

  54. Detectives were sent to investigate, and after dragging the locality for half an hour the body of a man was drawn out of the water.

  55. Say, you're not a bad sort, as detectives go.

  56. Then a force of five hundred detectives were rushed into the mills, and a high fence was put up, with loopholes.

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