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Example sentences for "dewdrops"

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devyse; devysed; dew; dewberry; dewdrop; dewe; dewed; dewlap; dewlaps; dewless
  1. He looked no longer on the bare white walls of his cabin, for though it was dark a heaven of blue acanthus-leaves covered them, and the stars shone like dewdrops there, and the sun was the golden heart of the marvellous blue flower.

  2. Or comes it with refreshing power, Like dewdrops to the fainting flower, The miser's heart to bless?

  3. Away over pathways with dewdrops bespangled, Where myrtle and wild morning-glory are tangled, And the violet borrows its velvety hue From the God-given radiance of heaven's own blue.

  4. The glory of the golden sun Fills budding woods with light, The morning dewdrops sparkle on The Easter lilies white.

  5. Its goal the river knows, Dewdrops find a way, Sunlight cheers the rose In her day: Shall I, lone sorrow past, Find thee at the last?

  6. And at least in one place she gives directions as to the proper use of green grass and wet dewdrops upon her grave--implying that dewdrops are sometimes dry.

  7. The Dawn Fairy steps forward and shakes dewdrops from a bluebell over the sleeping children.

  8. The Dawn Fairy shakes dewdrops on the children.

  9. Polly liked her dewdrops and mist-cakes better than any other food, so they all enjoyed an excellent breakfast.

  10. The Rainbow's Daughter found three tiny dewdrops on a crystal plate, and Button-Bright had a big slice of apple-pie, which he devoured eagerly.

  11. We'd like some dewdrops and mist-cakes," said Polychrome.

  12. His thin cheeks glowed and dewdrops hung on the grey bristles on his temples.

  13. The undergrowth seemed aflame and the cobwebs glistened like diamonds; the dewdrops glittered like sparks of fire.

  14. Accordingly we find that wonderful virtues were attributed to it,[255:1] and an especial virtue was attributed to the dewdrops that settled on the full-blown Rose.

  15. Welcome as dewdrops 'at freshen the flaars, Soa has thy commin cheered this life ov awrs.

  16. Dewdrops 'at shine i'th' early morn Are diamons for me.

  17. He suddenly remembered her as she was that night in her little rose-leaf gown with all the dewdrops twinkling on her.

  18. Late dewdrops are our lives that only wait Till the wind blows, the wind of morning blows.

  19. And slow as the autumn dew Tears gather in my eyes, to fall Scattered like dewdrops from a shaken flower On my coarse-woven dress.

  20. She turned sharply off as she concluded, and quitted the room abruptly as she had entered it, leaving Maria motionless, her breath coming in gasps, and the dewdrops cold on her brow.

  21. He wiped the dewdrops which had gathered on his face; he looked round with the beseeching air of one seeking relief from some intense pain.

  22. The dewdrops on the greensward before the cottage door, they suffered not to be polluted with blood.

  23. It is true that we cannot pretend to discover on a greensward so often crossed and re-crossed as the poetic language of England many morning dewdrops still glistening on the grasses.

  24. I'll have fresh dewdrops gathered for your feasting every day and you shall be Queen of all my nomes and pull Kaliko's nose whenever you like.

  25. Polychrome, however, was a fairy wherever she happened to be, and if she sipped a few dewdrops by moonlight for refreshment no one ever saw her do it.

  26. The Rainbow's Daughter found three tiny dewdrops on a crystal plate, and Button-Bright had a big slice of apple pie, which he devoured eagerly.

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