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Example sentences for "differentiates"

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differential; differentially; differentials; differentiate; differentiated; differentiating; differentiation; differentiations; differently; differents
  1. We should then have to assume that it is matter, not the form or soul, that differentiates individuals.

  2. Therefore it would seem that nothing differentiates a man's state, except that which refers to freedom or servitude.

  3. Since this difference of aspect in the object differentiates the species of virtue, it seems that dulia is divided into specifically different virtues.

  4. He rather differentiates himself from those who practised the rite.

  5. At this point in the Epistle we do come upon a state of things which differentiates the primitive Church from our own; but here too the superior advantages of those early Christians were sadly abused by ignorance and envy.

  6. Yet the upshot of all these narratives is to emphasise a point which profoundly differentiates the scientific from the superstitious view of spiritual phenomena.

  7. For our present purpose the most important fact is that ethnocentrism leads a people to exaggerate and intensify everything in their own folkways which is peculiar and which differentiates them from others.

  8. A group of groups may have some relation to each other (kin, neighborhood, alliance, connubium and commercium) which draws them together and differentiates them from others.

  9. They begin by the same process, but the process differentiates and improves in their hands.

  10. Then the cerebro-spinal again differentiates into voluntary and reflex systems.

  11. The cell-aggregate then differentiates into layers, and forms, in fact, a two-layered sac called a gastrula.

  12. Following out any one of these groups in higher animals, say the nervous system, it quickly differentiates again into two sub-systems, viz.

  13. There is a very common use of the dash that is commended by all writers on punctuation; but not one of these writers has formulated a rule that differentiates the dash so used from marks of parenthesis.

  14. This use is wholly one of rank, and clearly differentiates the use of the mark.

  15. But if one stays long enough this confusion fades happily away, and one differentiates between the antique personalities of Ancient Egypt almost as easily as one differentiates between the personalities of one's familiar friends.

  16. The second point in which the law differentiates is in the matter of exacting personal service for the State.

  17. In the matter of divorce the law of a minority of man-governed States differentiates in favour of man.

  18. What differentiates an Edison or a Marconi from the apprentice who knows only how to fit up an electric bell by rule of thumb?

  19. Individualization differentiates within the types, running from broad distinctions to presentation of very subtle differences.

  20. The relative space granted novelist and dramatist is the first condition which differentiates their technique.

  21. It is the inner reality which comprehends things, throws light upon the mysteries of life and being, discovers the heavenly Kingdom, unseals the mysteries of God and differentiates man from the brute.

  22. This is a proof that the spirit of man differentiates and distinguishes him above all the lower kingdoms.

  23. This is a higher degree of attraction which differentiates the plant from the mineral.

  24. It is the combination of the two Forces working together simultaneously on and in the soul which differentiates ecstasy and rapture from all other degrees of God-Consciousness.

  25. When put in that form, they seem to lose the direct reference to action which, Dewey says, differentiates them from the 'descriptive' judgment of the form S is P.

  26. In dealing with the relation of subject to object, the psychological method will attempt to show how consciousness differentiates itself, or 'specifies' itself, into subject and object.

  27. These migrations became more and more regular and on a larger scale as the demand for labour increased, and they constitute to-day the feature which radically differentiates the problem of Indian labour from that of British labour.

  28. The upper layer differentiates into a medullary plate and an epidermic plate (Remak's Hornblatt), and gives origin to the medullary tube with all its evaginations, and to the skin with all its derivatives and pockets.

  29. The uppermost layer will form the external covering of the embryo, and also the amniotic folds; from it there differentiates out at a very early stage the rudiment of the central nervous system, forming a more or less independent layer.

  30. The infinite variety which differentiates individual men can only be explained by this twofold existence, which, again, is proved and made intelligible by that variety.

  31. Now you call it time, anon you call it space; by number only does anything exist; but for number all substance would be one and the same; it alone differentiates and modifies matter.

  32. Spatial figures, we shall now say, are relations between the matter which differentiates empty space.

  33. But the second way of regarding divisibility is the better way, since it introduces a reference to the matter which differentiates empty space, without which, spatial figures, and therefore Geometry, could not exist.

  34. One thing that differentiates the other Elizabethan and Jacobean dramatists from Shakespeare is their comparative indifference to human nature.

  35. It is this that differentiates him from other great poets or critics.

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